2005 Honda Accord Tire Size

The 2005 Honda Accord was available in multiple trim levels ranging from the basic DX to the more premium EX and EX-L models. Each trim came equipped with specific tire and wheel sizes optimized for that particular model.

In this article, we will look at the different 2005 Honda Accord tire sizes and wheel sizes offered for each trim level. Having this information can help owners ensure they purchase the correct replacement tires and wheels when the time comes.

In total, there were 5 different 2005 Honda Accord tire sizes used across the various trims. Wheel sizes ranged from 15″ to 17″ inches. Understanding which tire and wheel sizes apply to your specific Accord will make maintenance and upgrades straightforward.

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2005 Honda Accord Trim Levels

Honda offered the 2005 Accord in a variety of body styles and trim levels. Here is an overview of the different trims:

  1. DX – The base DX came as a 4-door sedan only. It was equipped with a 4-cylinder engine.
  2. LX – The LX was available as both a sedan and coupe. The coupe offered a choice of 4-cylinder or V6 engines, while the sedan was 4-cylinder only.
  3. EX – The EX was offered as a sedan or coupe with 4-cylinder or V6 engines. It added more features over the LX.
  4. EX-L – The top-level EX-L came only as a V6 sedan or coupe. It was the most luxurious Accord offered that year.

2005 Honda Accord DX Tire Size

The entry-level 2005 Honda Accord DX came equipped with the following tire and wheel specifications:

  1. Tire Size: P195/65R15
  2. Wheel Size: 15 in.

The DX was only offered as a 4-door sedan with a 4-cylinder engine. Honda equipped this base model with a modest 15-inch wheel and all-season 195mm tire. This configuration provided a smooth and comfortable ride, decent handling, and good fuel economy.

Owners of the DX looking to upgrade to larger wheels will need to ensure any replacement tires match the OE spec of P195/65R15. Overall, the DX was a simple and affordable Accord equipped with capable 15-inch tires.

2005 Honda Accord LX Tire Size

Moving up to the 2005 Honda Accord LX adds slightly larger tires and wheels:

  1. Tire Size: P205/65R15
  2. Wheel Size: 15 in.

The LX was available as both a 4-cylinder sedan and coupe. Honda fits this mid-range model with 15-inch wheels and a bit wider 205mm tire. This provides a small upgrade in performance and handling over the entry-level DX model.

Drivers looking for more aggressive tires for their LX sedan or coupe will need the P205/65R15 size when purchasing replacements. Overall, the LX gets a minor tire upgrade over the DX for better grip and handling.

2005 Honda Accord EX Tire Size

The 2005 Honda Accord EX brings further improvements in tire size and wheels:

  1. Tire Size: P205/60R16
  2. Wheel Size: 16 in.

Moving up to the EX gains you 16-inch alloy wheels and lower profile 205/60-series tires. This wheel and tire package provides a noticeable improvement in handling agility and high-speed stability.

The EX was sold as both a 4-cylinder and V6 sedan or coupe. All variations use the same 16-inch wheel and 205mm tire size. Those wanting to customize their EX should look for tires staying true to the OE spec of P205/60R16 to maintain proper speedometer accuracy and handling.

2005 Honda Accord EX-L Tire Size

The top-level 2005 Honda Accord EX-L came equipped with the largest wheels and tires:

  1. Tire Size: P215/50R17
  2. Wheel Size: 17 in.

The premium EX-L sedan and coupe were sold strictly with the V6 engine. Honda equipped these models with 17-inch alloy wheels and lower profile 215/50-series tires. This combination delivers responsive steering, sharp handling, and excellent high-speed stability.

Owners of the EX-L looking to upgrade their wheels and tires should stick close to the OE size of P215/50R17 to ensure proper fit, gearing, and handling. Overall, the EX-L is fitted with the largest 17-inch tire and wheel package for maximum performance.

2005 Honda Accord Hybrid Tire Size

Honda also offered a Hybrid version of the 2005 Accord in select markets. The 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid came with unique 16-inch wheels and tires:

  1. Tire Size: P215/60R16
  2. Wheel Size: 16 x 6.5 in.

The Accord Hybrid stood out with its fuel-efficient gasoline-electric powertrain. It also received special 16-inch alloy wheels with a 6.5-inch width. Tires were 215mm wide and had a slightly taller 60-series sidewall.

This tire and wheel package was optimized to provide low rolling resistance for maximum fuel economy, along with responsive handling. Owners of the 2005 Accord Hybrid should stick with OE spec P215/60R16 tires for proper fit and performance.

2005 Honda Accord Tire Size Comparison Chart

Below is a helpful comparison chart summarizing the different 2005 Honda Accord tire sizes and wheel sizes equipped for each trim level:

Tire Size
Wheel Size
15 in.
Sedan, Coupe
15 in.
Sedan, Coupe
16 in.
Sedan, Coupe
17 in.
16 x 6.5 in.

This provides an easy visual summary of the 2005 Honda Accord tire sizes and wheels equipped based on the model. It can serve as a quick reference when shopping for replacement tires or wheels.


The 2005 Honda Accord was equipped with various tire and wheel configurations based on the trim level. Entry models like the DX had modest 15-inch tires and wheels, while uplevel EX and EX-L trims had much larger 16-inch and 17-inch packages.

Knowing which 2005 Honda Accord tire size and wheel size came equipped on your particular model is important when purchasing replacement tires or new wheels. Always try to match the OE spec as closely as possible to ensure proper fit, speedometer accuracy, gearing and handling. Refer to the tire size comparison chart for a quick overview of sizes by trim.

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