2006 Honda Accord Tire Size – A Complete Overview

The tenth-generation 2006 Honda Accord was offered in both coupe and sedan body styles. It came equipped with a choice of 4-cylinder or V6 engines. The tire sizes ranged from 15” wheels on base models to 17” wheels on higher trims. Knowing the correct 2006 Honda Accord tire size for your specific model is important when purchasing replacement tires.

2006 Honda Accord Trim Levels

The 2006 Honda Accord was available in several trim levels, each with their own distinct tire size and wheel options:

4-Cylinder Models

  1. 4-Cyl Sedan 4D LX – Base model with 15” wheels
  2. 4-Cyl Sedan 4D VP
  3. 4-Cyl Coupe 2D LX
  4. 4-Cyl Sedan 4D SE
  5. 4-Cyl Coupe 2D EX – Upgraded 16” wheels
  6. 4-Cyl Sedan 4D EX

V6 Models

  1. V6 Sedan 4D LX – Base V6 model with 16” wheels
  2. V6 Coupe 2D LX
  3. V6 Sedan 4D EX – Upgraded 17” wheels
  4. V6 Coupe 2D EX

Hybrid Models

  1. V6 Hybrid Sedan 4D – 16” wheels
  2. V6 Hybrid Sedan 4D Navigation

2006 Honda Accord Tire Size By Trim

Below are the details on the tire size and wheel options for each 2006 Honda Accord trim level:

4-Cylinder LX Sedan and Coupe

The base LX 4-cylinder sedan and coupe models came equipped with 15” steel wheels. The tire size on these trims is:

  1. P205/65HR15

4-Cylinder VP Sedan

The VP sedan features the same 15″ wheels and P205/65HR15 tire size as the LX model.

4-Cylinder SE Sedan

Same 15” wheels and P205/65HR15 tires as the LX and VP trims.

4-Cylinder EX Coupe and Sedan

The 4-cylinder EX coupe and sedan models came with 16” alloy wheels. The 2006 Honda Accord tire size on EX trims is:

  1. P205/60VR16

V6 LX Sedan and Coupe

The base V6 sedan and coupe had 16” steel wheels with a tire size of:

  1. P215/60R16 on 16 x 6.5” wheels

V6 EX Sedan and Coupe

The top-of-the-line V6 EX coupe and sedan came equipped with 17” alloy wheels. These models used a lower-profile tire size of:

  1. P215/50VR17

V6 Hybrid Sedan

The V6 hybrid sedan came standard with 16” alloy wheels and P215/60R16 tire size, the same as the V6 LX model.

Complete 2006 Honda Accord Tire Size And Wheel Summary

Below is a summary of the 2006 Honda Accord tire sizes and wheel options organized by trim level:

2006 Honda Accord Trim
Tire Size
Wheel Size
4-Cyl Sedan LX <br>4-Cyl Coupe LX
15 in.
4-Cyl Sedan VP
15 in.
4-Cyl Sedan SE
15 in.
4-Cyl Coupe EX <br> 4-Cyl Sedan EX
16 in.
V6 Sedan LX <br> V6 Coupe LX
16 x 6.5 in.
V6 Coupe EX <br> V6 Sedan EX
17 in.
V6 Hybrid Sedan
16 x 6.5 in.

Finding The Right 2006 Honda Accord Tire Size

When purchasing replacement tires for your 2006 Honda Accord, it is important to match the factory tire size to maintain proper speedometer and odometer accuracy. Using a different size tire can affect wheel clearance and ride height.

The tire size is usually stamped on the sidewall of the tire. You can also find the tire size information on the driver’s door jamb sticker.

Replacing your tires with the same 2006 Honda Accord tire size designated by Honda for your specific model ensures optimal fit, performance, and safety. Consult the above charts to find the correct tire size for your Accord based on the trim level and options.

Recommended Tires For 2006 Honda Accord

Along with matching the tire size, choosing a high-quality tire is important for performance, ride comfort, and safety. Here are some top-rated tires recommended for the 2006 Honda Accord:

Touring All-Season Tires

  1. Michelin Defender – Long tread life, quiet and comfortable ride
  2. Continental PureContact – Responsive handling, good traction in wet and dry conditions
  3. Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring – Smooth ride, good value for the price

Performance All-Season Tires

  1. Bridgestone Potenza RE 980 AS – Sporty handling, responsive steering
  2. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ – Superb grip, improved traction and braking
  3. Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 – Excellent dry and wet traction, steering responsiveness

Winter / Snow Tires

  1. Michelin X-Ice Xi3 – Excellent snow and ice traction
  2. Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 – Superb braking and acceleration on snow, ice
  3. Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT – Reliable winter traction, handling on snow

Always check the recommended tire size for your 2006 Accord before purchasing replacement tires. Install tires that match the stock size to ensure optimal performance.

Maintaining Proper Tire Pressure

Along with using the correct tire size, maintaining the proper tire inflation pressure is critical for safe handling, fuel economy, and extending tire life. Honda recommends checking tire pressures at least once a month.

The proper tire pressure levels are listed on a sticker inside the driver’s door jamb or in the owner’s manual. Do not exceed the maximum pressure listed.

Underinflated tires can cause accelerated wear, reduced gas mileage, and poor braking and handling. Overinflated tires may have reduced traction and braking performance. Always use an accurate tire gauge and check pressures when the tires are cold.

Keeping your 2006 Honda Accord’s tires at the recommended pressures for the stock tire size will provide optimal tire life, fuel efficiency, and safe operation.

What Size Rims Does A 2006 Honda Accord Have?

The 2006 Honda Accord came equipped from the factory with different size rims depending on the trim level. The most common rim sizes were 15”, 16”, and 17”.

Specifically, the base LX 4-cylinder models had 15” steel wheels. The mid-level EX 4-cylinder trims and V6 LX models came with 16” alloy rims, while the top EX V6 sedans and coupes were equipped with 17” alloy wheels. The hybrid models had 16” alloy rims.

To maintain proper speedometer accuracy and handling, it’s important to stick with the OEM rim size for your particular 2006 Accord when replacing the wheels or getting new tires. The rim size should be stamped on the inside of the wheel to verify. Refer to the owner’s manual for full details on recommended rim sizes for your trim.

Is the Honda Accord 2006 Fuel Efficient?

The 2006 Honda Accord is regarded as a fuel efficient vehicle, especially for its class size. Fuel economy ranges from 21 mpg city/30 mpg highway for V6 models to 24/34 mpg for 4-cylinder versions. The Accord hybrid is even more efficient at 28/36 mpg.

This fuel efficiency comes from Honda’s engineering, including the refined i-VTEC 4-cylinder and V6 engines optimized for performance and efficiency. Weight saving measures like aluminum suspension components also contribute. The streamlined exterior shape and efficient CVT transmission on 4-cyl models maximize mileage.

In comparison to other midsize sedans and coupes, the 2006 Accord delivers excellent fuel economy along with responsive acceleration and handling. Careful maintenance and driving habits like avoiding excessive idling and sudden acceleration/braking can help optimize mileage. Overall, the 2006 Accord is a fuel-efficient option in the midsize category.

Is A 2006 Honda Accord FWD Or RWD?

The 2006 Honda Accord is exclusively a front-wheel drive (FWD) vehicle. Power is delivered to just the front wheels rather than the rear. This provides greater traction and stability in slippery conditions like rain or snow.

The front-wheel drive 2006 Accord delivers responsive steering and handling from its strut front and multi-link rear suspension system. FWD also allows for a more spacious, accessible cabin rather than having a driveshaft and transmission tunnel running through the middle.

In dry conditions, FWD is perfectly suitable for the duties of a daily driven midsize sedan or coupe. The V6 engines provide plenty of power even with only the front tires putting it to the pavement. For the mainstream midsize segment, FWD delivers an optimal blend of interior room, fuel economy, and cost for the 2006 Honda Accord.


The 2006 Honda Accord was equipped from the factory with various tire sizes ranging from P205/65HR15 on base models up to P215/50VR17 on V6 EX trims. Matching the correct OEM tire size when you replace the tires is vital to maintain proper speedometer accuracy, handling, ride height, and fit. Refer to the tire size charts in this article when purchasing new tires for your 2006 Accord. Along with the proper size, choose reputable brand name tires and maintain the recommended inflation pressures. Following these guidelines will help ensure peak performance and safety.

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