2010 Honda Accord Wiper Blade Size – A Complete Guide

The 2010 Honda Accord utilizes two different windshield wiper blade lengths – 26 inches for the driver’s side and 19 inches for the passenger side. Selecting the proper length and connector style ensures proper wiping coverage without streaking or chatter. This article will examine the specs and replacement options to upgrade your Accord’s wipers for optimal visibility.

2010 Honda Accord Wiper Size Overview

Honda equipped the 2010 Accord with beam-style wiper blades which provide full surface contact across the windshield. The asymmetric driver and passenger blades are designed for optimal wipe patterns on each side.

Here are the stock 2010 Honda Accord wiper blade sizes:

  1. Driver’s Side – 26 inches
  2. Passenger Side – 19 inches

Both blades use a 9mm large j-hook adapter for attachment to the wiper arm. When installing new Honda Accord wiper blades, always verify proper length and connector style.

Why Proper Size Matters?

Installing the correct 2010 Honda Accord wiper blade size ensures full windshield coverage without exposed areas that can dangerously limit visibility.

  1. Blades that are too short will not fully clear water from the driver or passenger side.
  2. Oversized blades may streak and chatter across the windshield.

Using the manufactured Honda OEM blade lengths avoids these issues through optimized windshield wipe patterns.

Replacing 2010 Honda Accord Wiper Blades

Replacing worn or damaged 2010 Honda Accord wiper blades restores clear visibility and safe driving conditions. Here are some tips for quick and easy replacement:

Materials Needed

  1. 26 inch driver’s side wiper blade
  2. 19 inch passenger side wiper blade
  3. 9mm large j-hook adapters
  4. Microfiber cloth
  5. Wiper blade replacement kit (optional)

Step 1 – Lift the wiper arms off the windshield glass. This avoids accidentally scratching the glass during the blade replacement process.

Step 2 – Locate and press the small release tab on the wiper blade attachment. This allows the blade to detach from the wiper arm hook.

Step 3 – Slide the old wiper blade down toward the base to remove it from the arm.

Step 4 – Install the new blades using the 9mm j-hook adapters. Verify the 26 inch blade is on the driver’s side and 19 inch blade on the passenger side. Listen for a click as the adapter clips into the arm.

Step 5 – Carefully lower the wiper arms back onto the windshield. Avoid letting the arm joints impact the glass.

Step 6 – Turn on the wipers to test for proper fit and wiping performance.

With new properly sized blades installed, your Honda Accord will have streak-free visibility in any weather conditions.

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2010 Honda Accord Wiper Blade Options

When purchasing replacement blades, you can choose from standard sizes up to hybrid or beam designs for optimal performance. Here are some top wiper blades for a 2010 Honda Accord:

OEM Honda Wiper Blades

Genuine Honda wiper blades are designed to precisely fit your Accord’s windshield using the same factory materials and construction. Opt for OEM blades when you need direct replacements for the stock sizes and connectors.

Bosch ICON Wipers

Bosch ICON blades feature advanced beam design with tension springs and synthetic rubber for smooth, uniform wiping across the entire length. The 26″ and 19″ fit with adapters are ideal upgrades over standard Accord blades.

Trico Force Blades

Trico Force blades utilize high-strength steel frames encased in durable rubber shell. The HighGlide treated rubber enhances wiping performance in all weather. A popular beam blade upgrade for the 2010 Accord.

Rain-X Latitude Wipers

Latitude wipers from Rain-X use a graphite-coated wipe edge for enhanced friction reduction. Aerodynamic spoilers improve wind lift resistance at highway speeds. Convenient direct fit for Accord’s asymmetric blade lengths.

Aero Premium All Season Blades

The Aero Premium blades feature durable rubber encasing an aerodynamic beam design to prevent lifting or drag at high speeds. OEM quality construction available in exact 26″ and 19″ Accord sizes.

Wiper Blade Brand
Driver’s Side Length
Passenger Side Length
OEM Honda
26 inches
19 inches
Bosch ICON
26 inches
19 inches
Trico Force
26 inches
19 inches
Rain-X Latitude
26 inches
19 inches
Aero Premium All Season
26 inches
19 inches

Professional Wiper Blade Replacement

For added convenience, many automotive service facilities can replace your Honda Accord wiper blades. Bring your year, make, and model information and they will install new properly sized blades using professional tools and techniques. This avoids the hassle and prevents potential windshield damage from DIY replacement.

Maintain Clear Visibility in Any Weather

Knowing the specialized 2010 Honda Accord wiper blade size allows direct replacement with the correct 26 inch driver’s side and 19 inch passenger side blades. Take advantage of advanced beam and hybrid blade upgrades for optimal wiping performance. Proper wiper blades improve wet weather visibility and keep your daily commute safer and stress-free.

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