2012 Honda Accord Wiper Blade Size

When it comes time to replace your 2012 Honda Accord wiper blades, you must select the correct size. Improperly sized wiper blades can lead to poor windshield contact, streaking, chatter, and reduced visibility. This article will examine the factory wiper blade sizes for the 2012 Accord and provide tips on selecting quality aftermarket replacements. We aim to ensure Honda owners understand their options and can make an informed decision when maintaining this critical safety component.

2012 Honda Accord Front Wiper Blade Size

According to Honda’s specifications, the 2012 Accord’s front wiper blades should be 26 inches long. More precisely, the driver’s side measures 26 inches while the passenger’s side is 19 inches.

The front wipers feature a hook attachment style to interface with the wiper arm on your Accord. This hook allows for a quick and easy installation without tools.

When shopping for 2012 Honda Accord wiper blades, get the correct 26-inch and 19-inch sets for the driver and passenger sides. Purchasing the right length will lead to proper wiping and windshield coverage.

2012 Honda Accord Rear Wiper Blade Size

Honda specifies a 16-inch rear wiper blade on models equipped with a rear wiper. This wiper has a flat attachment interface to mount to the rear wiper arm.

Some 2012 Accords did not come with a rear wiper from the factory. Verify that your Accord has an existing rear wiper arm and motor when replacing the rear blade.

For those with the rear wiper, buying the proper 16-inch rear wiper blade will keep your back window clear of rain, snow, and debris. Check the condition of your existing rear wiper arm and blade. If cracked or damaged, the entire assembly may need replacement.

OEM vs Aftermarket Wiper Blades

When purchasing new 2012 Honda Accord wiper blades, you can choose either OEM blades or aftermarket alternatives.

OEM blades are made by Honda to the same specifications as original factory blades. They fit and perform properly but can be costly.

Aftermarket brands like Bosch, Rain-X, and Aero offer direct factory replacement blades for much less. High-quality aftermarket blades meet all the proper sizing and feature advanced frames and rubber compounds for smooth wiping. They provide an affordable alternative to OEM with the correct fit.

Be sure any aftermarket blades match the original 26-inch, 19-inch (front), and 16-inch (rear) Honda lengths. Carefully check the attachment style as well.

Helpful Tips for Replacing Wiper Blades

Here are some useful tips when replacing your 2012 Honda Accord wiper blades:

  1. Check blades regularly and replace any worn, split, or streaking. Worn blades can permanently scratch your windshield.
  2. Slide a screwdriver or stiff card along the wiper arm to depress the release clip and remove the old blade.
  3. Refer to your Accord’s owner’s manual for full wiper replacement instructions.
  4. Rinse blades and windshield regularly with washer fluid to remove built-up dirt and debris.
  5. Consider installing winter blades for improved snow and ice removal during cold months.
  6. Purchase from reputable brands that back their products with strong warranties.

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The Bottom Line

Maintaining the correct 2012 Honda Accord wiper blade size is critical for maximizing visibility and driving safety. Be sure to install new 26-inch blades on the driver’s side and 19-inch on the passenger’s side. If equipped with a rear wiper, replace it with a fresh 16-inch blade. With high-quality aftermarket or OEM blades properly sized for your Accord, you can keep your windshield crystal clear and enjoy optimal visibility during rain and snow.

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