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Driving with a dim or a burnt-out headlight isn’t just unsafe; it’s also against the law. For 2013 Honda Accord owners, you don’t need to fret if you find yourself in such a situation. Replacing your 2013 Honda Accord headlight bulb is a task you can easily accomplish on your own. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through each step.

Understanding The 2013 Honda Accord Headlight Configuration

The 2013 Honda Accord is renowned not just for its impeccable design and reliable performance but also for its efficient lighting system. Essential for safety and visibility, the headlight configuration of this vehicle is designed with precision. Let’s delve deeper into understanding the bulb specifications and their placements.

Dual Bulb Setup

Every 2013 Honda Accord is equipped with a dual bulb system. This design ensures optimal visibility in various driving conditions, from city streets to dark highways.

High Beam 9005 Headlight Bulb

This bulb is strategically positioned as the inner light of the headlight assembly. High beams are crucial for situations where the driver needs enhanced visibility, especially in areas without street lighting. The 9005 bulb emits a brighter and more focused beam, ensuring objects at a distance are clearly visible.

Low Beam H11 Headlight Bulb

Found on the outer right side of the headlight assembly, the H11 bulb functions as the primary source of light during standard driving conditions. Its purpose is to provide adequate illumination without blinding oncoming traffic. This balance is crucial for both the driver’s and others’ safety on the road.

Availability And Purchase

Both 2013 Honda Accord headlight bulb sizes are standardized, making them easily available. Car owners can find these bulbs at local auto parts stores or online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. 

When purchasing, it’s essential to ensure that the bulb specifications match the requirements (9005 for High Beam and H11 for Low Beam) to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.


High-Performance Vs Standard Bulbs

For those looking to upgrade their vehicle’s lighting, there’s an option between standard and high-performance bulbs. While the standard 2013 Honda Accord headlight bulb is efficient and cost-effective, high-performance variants emit a brighter, more white light. 

These enhanced bulbs can significantly improve nighttime visibility, though they often come at a higher price point. Before investing, it’s wise to consider the driving conditions you most frequently encounter and decide if the upgrade is necessary.

Steps To Replace The 2013 Honda Accord Headlight Bulb

Ensuring your 2013 Honda Accord is equipped with functional headlights is paramount. Not only does it offer optimal visibility during nighttime drives, but it also ensures you’re adhering to traffic safety regulations. A faulty or dimming bulb can compromise safety, making replacements essential. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of how to replace your 2013 Honda Accord headlight bulb efficiently.

Preparatory Measures

Before diving into the replacement process, it’s crucial to ensure the vehicle is secure. Begin by turning off the car and engaging the parking brake. This precaution guarantees the car remains stationary, minimizing risks. Opening the hood is the next step. Properly prop it up using the hood support rod, ensuring a clear view and access to the headlight assembly.

Locating The Relevant Bulb

Your 2013 Honda Accord features both a high beam and a low beam bulb. Depending on which needs replacement, you’ll focus on either the inner bulb (high beam) or the outer right-side bulb (low beam). Familiarizing yourself with this configuration beforehand can streamline the replacement process.

Safe Disconnection

Attached to each bulb is a wiring connector, responsible for transmitting the electrical current. It’s vital to remove this connector gently to prevent any damage. Using a delicate hand movement, pinch or press the connector’s release tab and pull it backward, detaching it from the bulb.

Removing The Old Bulb

Once disconnected, you’ll be focusing on the bulb itself. Grasping the base, turn the bulb counterclockwise. This twisting motion will loosen it from its socket, allowing you to pull it out gently. Remember to handle the bulb with care, ensuring no unnecessary pressure or damage.

Installing The New Bulb

With the old bulb out, it’s time to introduce the new 2013 Honda Accord headlight bulb. When handling the new bulb, be cautious to avoid touching its glass surface as oils from your fingers can compromise its longevity. Holding the bulb by its base, insert it into the socket. Once in place, twist it clockwise until you feel it securely locked into its position.

Reconnection And Testing

Reattach the previously disconnected wiring connector. Make sure it clicks into place, ensuring a secure connection. With everything in place, it’s prudent to test the new bulb. Turn on your car and switch on the headlights. Observe the illumination, ensuring the brightness and functionality are optimal.

How Do You Change A Low Beam Bulb On A Honda Accord?

Changing the low beam bulb on a Honda Accord involves several steps. First, ensure the car is turned off and parked securely. Open the hood and locate the back of the headlight assembly. Identify the low beam bulb, which is typically positioned on the outer side. 

Disconnect the power connector by pressing the tab and pulling it off. Turn the bulb counterclockwise to release it. Insert the new bulb without touching the glass, twist it clockwise to secure it, and reconnect the power connector. Finally, test the new bulb to ensure proper installation.

What Headlights Does A 2013 Honda Accord Have?

The 2013 Honda Accord is equipped with a dual bulb headlight system. It has a High Beam 9005 Headlight Bulb, situated as the inner light of the headlight assembly, and a Low Beam H11 Headlight Bulb, which is found on the outer right side of the assembly. 

These bulbs ensure optimal illumination for various driving conditions and are easily replaceable, offering both safety and efficiency for nighttime driving.

How Do You Change A Lightbulb In A 2014 Honda Accord?

Changing a lightbulb in a 2014 Honda Accord mirrors the process for the 2013 model. With the car safely turned off, open the hood. Identify the bulb you wish to replace within the headlight assembly. Disconnect the bulb’s wiring connector by pressing the release tab. Rotate the old bulb counterclockwise and remove it. 

When inserting the new bulb, ensure not to touch the glass part, as oils from your fingers can reduce its lifespan. Place the new bulb into the socket, turning it clockwise. Reconnect the wiring connector and test the bulb to verify its functionality.

How Do You Adjust The Headlights On A 2013 Honda Accord?

Adjusting the headlights on a 2013 Honda Accord ensures proper alignment for optimal visibility. Park the Accord facing a wall, approximately 25 feet away, on level ground. Turn on the headlights. On the headlight assembly, locate the adjustment screws – typically on the top and side. 

The top screw adjusts vertical alignment, while the side screw modifies the horizontal alignment. Using a screwdriver, turn the screws to adjust the light beam’s direction. Aim for the light beams to be positioned just below the horizontal midpoint of the wall and slightly to the right of the car’s vertical centerline for optimal alignment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Touch The 2013 Honda Accord Headlight Bulb During Installation?

No, avoid touching the glass surface as oils from your hands can affect its lifespan.

Where Can I Purchase The Honda Accord 2013 Headlight Bulb?

These bulbs are widely available at auto part stores, online retailers like Amazon, eBay, or specialized automotive stores.

Is There A Difference Between Standard And High-Performance Bulbs?

Yes, high-performance bulbs typically emit brighter light but might be pricier than standard bulbs.

Should I Replace Both Bulbs Simultaneously?

It’s recommended to replace both bulbs at the same time to ensure uniform lighting.


Your 2013 Honda Accord headlight bulb plays a pivotal role in ensuring safe nighttime drives. With this guide, you’re well-equipped to perform the replacement at home. However, if you ever doubt your capability, it’s always best to consult a professional. Whether you opt for standard or high-performance bulbs, ensuring they are functional is paramount. Safe driving!

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