2014 Honda Accord Wiper Blade Size: A Detailed Guide

Knowing the correct 2014 Honda Accord wiper blade size is crucial for maintaining visibility and safety while driving in inclement weather. This article provides a detailed overview of the recommended 2014 Honda Accord wiper blade sizes, considerations for selecting new wiper blades, and step-by-step instructions for replacing wiper blades on a 2014 Honda Accord.

Recommended 2014 Honda Accord Wiper Blade Sizes

The table below summarizes the factory wiper blade sizes for the 2014 Honda Accord:

Driver Side
26 inches
Passenger Side
19 inches

When purchasing new aftermarket replacement blades, match these lengths for a direct OEM replacement. Leading wiper blade brands like Bosch and Rain-X offer blades in these sizes.

Some wiper manufacturers use different sizing conventions, so always verify the actual length if it is not explicitly stated. For example, 26″ and 19″ blades may be labeled 650mm and 500mm, respectively.

Considerations for Selecting Replacement Wiper Blades

When selecting new 2014 Honda Accord wiper blades, consider the following:

  1. Beam type – Look for a beam design that provides even pressure distribution along the length of the blade. This is important for larger windshields like on the Accord.
  2. Blade material – Natural rubber provides the best wipe quality. Silicone-coated blades can handle more heat but don’t last as long.
  3. Connectors – Make sure the connector will fit the wiper arm on your Accord. Most use J-hook or bayonet-style connectors.
  4. Performance – The blade should clear water effectively at high speeds. Look for aerodynamic spoilers and wind diffusers.
  5. Durability – More durable blades made from high-quality rubber will last longer.
  6. Price – Hondas use common blade sizes, so excellent blades are available inexpensively from $10-$20 per blade.

Step-by-Step Wiper Blade Replacement Instructions

Follow these instructions to replace the wiper blades on a 2014 Honda Accord smoothly:

Gather supplies

You’ll need:

  1. New wiper blades (26″ driver side and 19″ passenger side)
  2. Clean cloth or paper towel
  3. Wiper blade replacement tool (may come with new blades)

Park car safely

Park your Accord on level ground and engage the parking brake. This makes it easier to access the whole windshield.

Clean the windshield

Wipe the windshield with a clean cloth to remove dirt and debris before raising the wiper arms.

Raise wiper arm

Lift the driver’s side wiper arm first so it’s perpendicular to the windshield. This gives access to the wiper blade.

Remove old blade

Locate the small locking tab on the wiper connector. Depress the tab and slide the blade down toward the base of the arm to detach it.

Install new blade

Slide the new 26-inch driver’s side blade into the wiper arm connector until it clicks into place.

Lower wiper arm

Gently set the wiper arm back down against the windshield.

Repeat on the passenger side

Raise the passenger wiper arm and swap in the new 19-inch blade.

Check the owner’s manual for any specific additional steps recommended by Honda. It would help if you had fresh wiper blades ready for wet weather driving. Be sure to return to your desired wiper settings.

Consider professional replacement

While DIY replacement is straightforward, many dealerships and auto shops can swap wiper blades quickly for a small fee. This ensures proper installation.

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The Importance of Proper Wiper Blades

Using the factory spec 2014 Honda Accord wiper blade sizes is critical for maximizing visibility and safety. Here’s why it matters:

  1. Clears water – The correct lengths allow the wipers to effectively clear water, snow, and debris from your line of sight.
  2. Prevents accidents – Seeing helps avoid dangerous situations in bad weather.
  3. Windshield contact – The right-size blades maintain optimal contact with the windshield curve for full coverage.
  4. Driver visibility – Keeping the driver’s side of the windshield clear is particularly important.
  5. Longevity – Properly sized blades distribute force evenly, preventing excessive wear.
  6. Legal requirement – Most states require working wipers by law. Correct sizing falls under this safety requirement.

So, by taking a few minutes to replace blades annually with the right 2014 Honda Accord wiper sizes, you ensure reliable wiping performance and prioritize driving safety.


The 2014 Honda Accord uses a 26-inch wiper blade on the driver’s side and a 19-inch wiper on the passenger side. When replacing the OEM blades, match these lengths for equivalent aftermarket wipers. Consider beam type, blade material, connector type, performance, durability, and price when selecting new wiper blades. 

Follow the step-by-step instructions to swap in fresh wiper blades smoothly. Properly sized blades are vital to keeping your windshield clear and maximizing visibility while driving your 2014 Accord.

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