2015 Honda Accord Tire Size: A Complete Overview

The 2015 Honda Accord is one of Honda’s most popular sedan models. Available as both a coupe and sedan, it provides a sporty yet refined driving experience. An important component that affects the Accord’s handling and performance are the tires. Honda offers different tire sizes for each trim level, giving buyers options for their needs.

This article will examine the various 2015 Honda Accord tire sizes in detail. It will look at the measurements, construction, and purpose of each tire size. With this information, Accord owners can better understand their tire options.

Overview Of 2015 Honda Accord Trim Levels

Honda offered the 2015 Accord in several trim levels, each with their own engine and features. Here is a quick overview of the trims:

  1. LX – Base model with 2.4L 4-cylinder engine.
  2. Sport – Includes features like dual exhaust and decklid spoiler. Still has 2.4L 4-cylinder.
  3. EX – More upscale with extras like moonroof and dual zone climate control. Has 2.4L 4-cylinder.
  4. EX-L – Top of the line 4-cylinder model with leather seats, HomeLink and more.
  5. Touring – High-end trim with 3.5L V6 engine and premium features.
  6. Hybrid – Fuel efficient hybrid powertrain available in several trims.

Knowing the trim levels helps understand why certain tire sizes were selected. The Sport and Touring models tend to have larger wheels and tires for example.

Tire Size Measurements

Before examining the Accord’s tire sizes, it helps to understand how tire sizes are measured.

  1. Section Width – Measured in millimeters, this is the width of the tire tread.
  2. Aspect Ratio – This is the tire’s height as a percentage of its width. A lower aspect ratio means a shorter sidewall.
  3. R – Indicates the tire’s radial construction.
  4. Wheel Diameter – The diameter of the wheel rim in inches that the tire fits.

Knowing these measurements gives an idea of the tire’s dimensions and characteristics. Wider tires typically provide more grip while shorter side walls improve steering response.

2015 Honda Accord Tire Sizes

With the background covered, here are the tire sizes equipped on the different 2015 Honda Accord models:


  1. Section Width – 215mm
  2. Aspect Ratio – 55%
  3. Wheel Diameter – 17 inches

This is the standard tire size found on most trim levels including the LX, EX, EX-L 4-cylinder, and Hybrid models.

The 215mm width combined with a moderate aspect ratio offers a balance of grip, ride comfort, and fuel efficiency. This is an excellent all-around tire size for everyday driving.


  1. Section Width – 225mm
  2. Aspect Ratio – 50%
  3. Wheel Diameter – 17 inches

This tire size comes equipped on the Accord Hybrid Touring trim. The slightly wider 225mm tread provides more grip and stability. And the lower 50% aspect ratio improves steering response.

While not a major difference from the P215/55VR17, this tire size gives the Hybrid Touring a bit more performance-oriented handling. The 17-inch wheels are also lighter than 18-inch or 19-inch rims.


  1. Section Width – 205mm
  2. Aspect Ratio – 65%
  3. Wheel Diameter – 16 inches

The base LX sedan uses this slightly narrower tire size focused more on fuel economy. The taller 65% sidewall smooths out imperfections in the road for a comfortable ride. And the smaller 16-inch wheel and tire further improve efficiency.

This is a good OEM tire size for Accord owners looking to save money at the pump. Just don’t expect the most agile handling.


  1. Section Width – 235mm
  2. Aspect Ratio – 45%
  3. Wheel Diameter – 18 inches

Found exclusively on the Accord Sport model, this tire size provides an aggressive look and improved handling. The 235mm width enhances grip and cornering while the 45% aspect ratio delivers responsive steering and turn-in.

Complemented by the 18-inch wheels, this tire size transforms the Accord into a nimble sports sedan. Just be aware that the shorter side walls may sacrifice some ride quality.

Wheel Sizes

Along with tire sizes, the 2015 Honda Accord uses three different wheel diameters:

  1. 16-inch – LX Sedan
  2. 17-inch – Most models
  3. 18-inch – Sport and Touring trims

Wheels not only contribute to appearance, but also handling. Heavier 19-inch wheels can dull acceleration and steering feel. The Accord’s smart use of 17-inch and 18-inch wheels maintains performance while looking sharp.


The 2015 Honda Accord features several tire sizes optimized for the needs of each trim level. From fuel efficiency to sharp handling, the tire and wheel combinations complement the Accord’s identity as both practical sedan and sporty coupe. This overview of measurements, features, and purpose provides Accord owners more insight into their tire options.

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