2017 Honda Accord Wiper Blade Size: A Detailed Guide

The 2017 Honda Accord requires specific wiper blade sizes for optimal performance. The driver’s side blade measures 26 inches, while the passenger side is slightly smaller at 19 inches. Replacing worn or damaged blades with the proper size is essential to maximize visibility and clean the windshield of rain, snow, and debris. High-quality aftermarket blades designed for your Accord can restore streak-free wiping to clear your view of the road ahead.

Recommended Wiper Blade Sizes

The 2017 Honda Accord has an asymmetrical windshield requiring two different length blades:

  1. Driver Side: 26 inches
  2. Passenger Side: 19 inches

Using the manufacturer-recommended sizes ensures complete windshield coverage without blocking sightlines. Ill-fitting blades can lead to skipped spots and dangerous glare or reflections.

Aftermarket brands producing direct replacement blades for your Accord include Bosch, Rain-X and Aero. Always verify the blade is an exact match for the original size.

When To Change Wiper Blades?

Wiper blades naturally wear down from friction against the windshield. Plan on changing them at least twice yearly, such as in spring and fall. More frequent replacement may be needed with heavy use or harsh weather.

Signs it’s time to swap blades include:

  1. Streaking, water beads, or skipped spots
  2. Smearing or chatter when wiping
  3. Cracking or damage to the rubber

Quickly restoring the blades at the first signs of subpar wiping optimizes visibility and safety.

Selecting Quality Replacement Blades

Choosing premium wiper blades ensures a streak-free view of the road ahead. Seek blades with:

  1. Exact fit – Precise OE sizing without gaps or blocking sightlines
  2. Durable frames – Strong metal or plastic prevents distortion
  3. Advanced rubber – Graphite-coated, blended, or beam blades provide superior wiping in all conditions
  4. Easy installation – Adapters and attachments for quick DIY replacement

At affordable prices, Amazon and local auto parts stores carry Honda OEM blades or top aftermarket options like Bosch ICON and Rain-X Latitude. Investing in quality blades provides visibility you can rely on.

Step-By-Step Wiper Blade Replacement

Installing new wiper blades on your 2017 Honda Accord takes just minutes. Follow these steps:

Safety First

Be sure the vehicle is in the park with the ignition off before replacing the blades. Engage the emergency brake as well.

Lift The Wiper Arm

Lift the driver or passenger wiper arm away from the windshield to access the blade.

Locate The Locking Tab

Find the small locking tab or clip securing the blade to the arm. This may be in the center or end of the assembly.

Depress The Tab

Press and hold the tab to release the blade from the arm. Take care not to bend or twist the arm.

Slide Off The Old Blade

Once released, slide the old wiper blade down and away from the arm. Dispose of it properly.

Install The New Blade

Line up the wiper arm with the locking mechanism on the replacement blade. Slide it into place until the tab clicks locked.

Test For Fit

Gently lower the wiper arm against the windshield and assess the fit. Ensure full, clean contact across the entire blade length.

Repeat steps on both the driver and passenger sides to restore safe visibility in any weather.

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The Importance Of Proper Wiper Blades

Quality wiper blades in the right sizes are a simple but vital component of your Honda Accord. Investing in premium replacements ensures:

  1. Maximum visibility – Removes rain, snow, and debris from the windshield
  2. Safer driving – Minimizes glare and reflections to see road hazards
  3. Quick reaction – Gives the ability to activate wipers the moment conditions change
  4. Longer lifespan – Prevents strain on wiper motor from distorted or worn blades

Take a few minutes twice yearly to restore your wipers proactively. Making this basic maintenance priority optimizes your visibility and driving safety every season.


Knowing the correct 2017 Honda Accord wiper blade sizes allows quick DIY installation when replacement becomes necessary. Select 26-inch blades for the driver and 19-inch for the passenger side based on Honda’s specifications. Invest in premium graphite-coated, blended, or beam-style rubber refills from brands specifically for your Accord. Taking a proactive approach to wiper care ensures you always have a clear view ahead on the road.

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