2018 Honda Accord Tire Size

The 2018 Honda Accord is available with two different tire sizes – P225/50VR17 and P235/40VR19. The tire size varies based on which trim package is selected. Understanding the 2018 Honda Accord tire size options can help buyers choose the right tires for their needs.

2018 Honda Accord Trim Levels

The 2018 Honda Accord is offered in several trim levels, each with different standard and optional features. Here is an overview of the main Accord trim levels:

Hybrid Models

  1. Hybrid EX
  2. Hybrid EX-L
  3. Hybrid Touring

The hybrid models use the 2.0L 4-cylinder hybrid powertrain and are only available as 4-door sedans.

Gasoline Models

  1. LX
  2. Sport
  3. EX
  4. EX-L
  5. Touring

The gasoline models are available as both 4-door sedans and 2-door coupes. The sedan models can be equipped with a 1.5L or 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, while the coupes have the 2.0L engine.

2018 Honda Accord Tire Sizes

As mentioned earlier, the 2018 Honda Accord comes with two different tire sizes depending on the trim level:

  1. P225/50VR17 – The 17-inch tire size used on most models
  2. P235/40VR19 – The 19-inch tire size used on higher Sport and Touring trims

Here is a detailed breakdown of which tire sizes come equipped on each Accord trim:

P225/50VR17 Tire Size

The 225/50R17 tire size is equipped on the following 2018 Honda Accord models:

  1. Hybrid EX
  2. Hybrid EX-L
  3. Hybrid EX-L Navigation
  4. Hybrid Touring
  5. LX
  6. EX
  7. EX-L 2.0
  8. EX-L
  9. EX-L Navigation 1.5
  10. EX-L Navigation 2.0

This tire size comes mounted on 17 x 7.5″ wheels. It provides a balance of ride comfort, fuel efficiency, and handling. The 225/50R17 is an all-season tire appropriate for most weather conditions.

P235/40VR19 Tire Size

The 235/40R19 tire size is equipped on the following performance-oriented Accord models:

  1. Sport 1.5
  2. Sport 2.0
  3. Touring 1.5
  4. Touring 2.0

This tire size comes mounted on 19 x 8.5″ wheels. The shorter sidewall and wider tread provide enhanced handling and traction compared to the 17-inch tire size. However, the ride may be slightly stiffer. The 235/40R19 is a summer tire not intended for winter driving.

Tire Size Differences

When choosing a 2018 Honda Accord model, it’s helpful to understand how the two tire sizes differ:

  1. The P225/50VR17 tire provides a smoother, quieter ride thanks to its taller sidewall. This standard tire size optimizes comfort and fuel efficiency for daily commuting.
  2. The P235/40VR19 tire has a shorter, stiffer sidewall for crisper handling and steering response. The wider tread improves grip and traction. This performance tire delivers a sportier driving experience.

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the Accord’s tire size specs:

Section Width
225 mm
235 mm
Aspect Ratio
Rim Diameter
17 in
19 in

Wheel Size Differences

Along with the tire size, the 2018 Honda Accord wheels also differ between trims:

  1. 17 x 7.5” wheel – Comes equipped with P225/50VR17 tires
  2. 19 x 8.5” wheel – Comes equipped with P235/40VR19 tires

The smaller 17-inch wheel and taller tire sidewall provide a comfortable ride, while the larger 19-inch wheel and shorter tire sidewall enable more agile handling.

Upgrading to larger wheels can improve the Accord’s looks and performance. However, larger wheels may impact ride quality and fuel economy.

Tire Size Recommendations

When replacing the factory tires, sticking with the original 2018 Honda Accord tire size is recommended for the best fit, performance, and safety.

However, some drivers choose to upgrade to a larger wheel and tire combination to enhance the Accord’s styling and handling. This is most common with the 4-cylinder Sport and Touring trims.

Here are some popular Accord tire size upgrades:

  1. 17-inch models – Upgrade to 225/45R18 or 235/40R19
  2. 19-inch models – Upgrade to 235/35R20 or 245/35R20

Larger tires can rub at full lock or scrape over bumps, so test fitment carefully if upsizing. And don’t forget to recalibrate the speedometer for the new tire diameter.


The 2018 Honda Accord comes equipped with either 225/50R17 or 235/40R19 tires from the factory, depending on trim level. Understanding the OE tire and wheel specs can help determine if you want to stick with the stock size or upgrade when replacing tires. Selecting the right tire size for your Accord optimizes ride comfort, handling, and performance.

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