2019 Honda Civic Tire Size

The 2019 Honda Civic tire size varies between four options, ranging from 16-inch to 20-inch diameters. Tire widths range from 215mm to 245mm, with aspect ratios from 30 to 55. The specific tire size on a 2019 Civic depends on factors like drivetrain, body style, and trim level. Most trims use 17-inch or 18-inch tires.

Tire Sizes by Trim

Honda equipped the 2019 Civic with tires sized appropriately for each trim level’s expected usage. More affordable trims have smaller 16-inch tires, while higher performance variants have 18-inch or 20-inch tires.

LX Trims

The base LX coupe, sedan, and hatchback use 16-inch tires. The specific tire size is P215/55HR16, with 215mm width, 55% aspect ratio, and 16-inch diameter. This standard tire provides adequate grip and fuel economy for daily commuting.

EX Trims

Moving up to the EX trims upgrades to 17-inch tires, size P215/50HR17. The narrower, lower-profile 50% aspect ratio improves handling versus the LX tires. EX sedans and hatchbacks benefit from the grip and response of the 17-inch tires.

Sport Trims

The Sport trims make the next jump to 18-inch tires, size P235/40WR18. With a wider 235mm tread and lower 40% aspect ratio, these tires optimize traction and cornering abilities on Sport models. The 18-inch wheel and tire package enhances performance.

Touring Trims

Like the Sport, Touring trims also use 18-inch tires in size P235/40WR18. The wider performance tires complement the more potent turbocharged engine in Touring Civics. Touring tires balance grip and comfort.

Type R

The high-performance Type R hatchback comes exclusively with 20-inch tires, the largest in the Civic lineup. These P245/30YR20 tires are 245mm wide with a 30% aspect ratio on 20-inch wheels. This max-performance tire specification caters to the Type R’s track capabilities.

Wheels and Rims

Along with the tire sizes, Hondaequipps the 2019 Civic with wheels and rims diameters of 16, 17, 18, and 20 inches. Lower trims have smaller wheels while higher variants have larger diameter wheels.

16-Inch Wheels

The 16-inch wheel size comes on LX trims with the 16-inch tires. These are basic steel wheels with a diameter of 16 x 7 inches.

17-Inch Wheels

EX variants have 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels measuring 17 x 7 inches in diameter and width. These complement the 17-inch tires.

18-Inch Wheels

Sport and Touring trims ride on 18-inch wheels made of aluminum alloy. Wheel dimensions are 18 x 8 inches front and rear. The larger 18-inch wheels fill out the wheel wells nicely.

20-Inch Wheels

Exclusive to the Type R is a set of high-performance 20-inch wheels, the largest offered on the 2019 Civic. These lightweight alloy wheels measure 20 x 8.5 inches in diameter and width.

Tire and Wheel Combos by Trim

Referencing the above tire sizes and wheel diameters, here are the tire and wheel combinations equipped on each 2019 Honda Civic trim:

  1. LX – 16-inch tires, 16-inch steel wheels
  2. EX – 17-inch tires, 17-inch aluminum wheels
  3. Sport – 18-inch tires, 18-inch aluminum wheels
  4. Touring – 18-inch tires, 18-inch aluminum wheels
  5. Type R – 20-inch tires, 20-inch aluminum wheels

This range of wheel and tire packages allows each Civic trim to take best advantage of its capabilities, from fuel efficiency to sharp handling.

Purpose of Different Tire Sizes

The 2019 Honda Civic uses differently sized tires depending on the trim level for a few key reasons:

  1. Performance – Larger wheel and tire sizes like 18-inch or 20-inch improve grip, handling, and braking performance through increased contact patch and stiff sidewalls. These are ideal for Sport and Type R trims.
  2. Fuel Economy – Smaller 16-inch and 17-inch tires minimize wheel rotational mass, reducing fuel consumption. LX and EX trims don’t need larger tires.
  3. Ride Comfort – Larger sidewall cushions impacts and absorbs road irregularities. This complements luxury focused Touring models.
  4. Responsiveness – Lower profile tires like on the Type R provide sharper turn-in and cornering response. High performance demands more responsive tires.
  5. Cost – Smaller, narrower tires are less expensive for lower trims to keep pricing down.

The 2019 Honda Civic employs different tire sizes to match capability, comfort, and cost for each trim level based on its expected buyer and usage profile.


The tire size on a 2019 Honda Civic varies between 16-inch, 17-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch diameters depending on the trim level. More affordable LX models use 16-inch tires while top-of-the-line Type R exclusively uses 20-inch tires. Tire widths range from 215mm to 245mm with aspect ratios between 30% and 55%. This range caters to economical daily transportation as well as max high-performance capabilities. Knowing the 2019 Civic tire sizes helps owners pick the right replacement tires when needed.

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