2020 Honda Accord Wiper Blade Size – An In-Depth Guide

The 2020 Honda Accord is one of the most popular midsize sedans today. With sleek styling and responsive handling, it’s easy to see why drivers love this vehicle. However, like any car, maintaining your Honda Accord is key to keeping it running smoothly. An important but often overlooked part of routine maintenance involves replacing the wiper blades. Selecting the proper 2020 Honda Accord wiper blade size ensures maximum visibility in wet weather. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know, from determining the correct blade lengths to top wiper recommendations.

2020 Honda Accord Wiper Blade Sizes

Honda utilizes two different-length wiper blades for the driver and passenger sides on the 2020 Accord. This is common practice among automakers, as the sweep area on each Side varies slightly. Here are the specific sizes:

  1. Driver’s Side – 26 inches
  2. Passenger Side – 16 inches

It’s crucial to purchase wipers designed explicitly for your particular Side, as using one that’s too long or short will lead to streaking and skipped areas on the windshield. Most blades feature the length stamped along the frame for easy verification before installation.

When To Change Honda Accord Wiper Blades?

You don’t necessarily need to replace your blades according to a strict timeline. Instead, keep an eye out for signs they are wearing out, such as:

  1. Streaks or unwiped areas after using them
  2. Chattering, skipping, or squeaking sounds when in use
  3. Split or cracked rubber wiping edges
  4. Hardened or slick deposits on the wiper edges

Wiper inserts tend to last around six months to a year on average. However, weather conditions, driving habits, and buildup from road treatment chemicals can accelerate deterioration. Please get in the habit of inspecting them regularly to identify when it’s time for new ones.

Top 2020 Honda Accord Wiper Blade Recommendations

Installing budget blades that don’t clear water properly or fall apart after a few months provides little value. Investing in premium wipers designed specifically for your Honda delivers the best performance. Here are two top options:

Bosch ICON Wiper Blades

The Bosch ICON blades feature an exclusive FX dual rubber compound for smooth, chatter-free operation across the windshield. Aerodynamic spoilers on the ends help generate additional downforce for superior contact with the glass. Bosch also engineers the frames to resist heat and cracking. Choose the 26” (driver) and 16” (passenger) sizes for a perfect OEM-quality fit.

ANCO 31 Series Wiper Blades

ANCO 31 wipers utilize rugged DuraKlear rubber for long life and clarity in heavy rain or snowfall. The claw adapters make installation straightforward by sliding over your existing wiper arms. ANCO wind tests their blades to ensure they perform in harsh conditions while reducing drag. Select the 31-26 (driver) and 31-16 (passenger) lengths.

No matter which brand you prefer, always check the manufacturer’s website or owner’s manual to verify the correct measurements before ordering new wipers. While less expensive, universal or “one size fits all” blades typically don’t provide the same quality of wipe as vehicle-specific ones.

Step-by-Step Wiper Blade Replacement Instructions

Once you have the right new wiper blades for your 2020 Honda Accord, swapping them out only takes a few minutes. Follow these steps:

  1. Turn the wipers on to the midway point so the arms lift off the windshield. Turn the ignition to the “Off” position.
  2. Locate the small locking tab on the wiper arm attachment. Press down on the tab to unlock it from the blade frame.
  3. Slide the wiper blade down toward the base of the arm to detach it. Dispose of the old insert properly.
  4. Position the new blade under the hook on the arm. Slide it upward until it clicks firmly into place.
  5. Carefully return the wiper arm to rest on the windshield. Turn on the ignition and test the operation.

Changing the driver and passenger blades using this process usually takes less than 10 minutes. Keep spares on hand to replace them immediately when the inserts show signs of wear.

The Importance of Proper Wiper Blade Care

While installing new Honda Accord wiper blades every six months or so keeps your visibility clear, you’ll extend their lifespan by caring for them properly in between changes. Here are some tips:

  1. Clean them regularly with soap and water to prevent the buildup of salt, grime, and road debris.
  2. Avoid using solvents or abrasive scrubbers, which can damage the rubber.
  3. Check for cracks, tears, and splits in the blades after heavy snow or ice storms.
  4. Make sure they are fully disengaged from the glass when not in use to prevent taking a permanent set.
  5. Don’t open the hood with the blades raised against the window.

When needed, well-maintained wipers and installing premium replacements ensure you’ll enjoy crystal clear vision in any weather.

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Does The Driver’s Side And Passenger Side Use The Same Wiper Blade?

No, it would help if you had a 26-inch wiper on the driver’s side and a 16-inch for the passenger side. Using mismatched or incorrect sizes can lead to streaking and skipping.

What Is The Stock Wiper Blade Type?

Honda uses a beam (bracketless) style original wiper blade. Most aftermarket replacements feature a beam or hybrid design for easy installation.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Replacement Blades?

You can purchase quality replacement blades from auto parts stores, dealerships, or online retailers like Amazon. Check manufacturer fitment guides for the right sizing.

How Long Should Wiper Blades Last?

Plan to replace them about every six months to a year. Occasionally, check for signs of wear and damage to identify when they need to be switched out.


Choosing and installing the properly sized 2020 Honda Accord wiper blades takes just a few minutes but pays big dividends in enhanced visibility and safety. Refer to this guide next time your wipers need replacement to select the right ones for your driver and passenger sides. With a small maintenance investment, you’ll keep your view of the road ahead crystal clear.

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