Are Honda Accord Good Cars? Breaking Down the Pros and Cons

I’ve been in the market for a new midsize sedan, and the Honda Accord has caught my attention. But before taking the plunge, I wanted to do my homework and analyze if the Accord is truly a good car across factors like reliability, durability, efficiency, and overall value.

To find the answers, I dug into reviews and experiences from experts and owners. In this blog, I’ll summarize the key positives and potential drawbacks of the Honda Accord to help you determine if it’s the right fit. Let’s dive in!

A Quick Overview Of Accord’s Strengths

Here’s a high-level snapshot of what most reviews highlight as the Accord’s pros:

✅ Long-term reliability and durability: Hondas have a reputation for reliability over 200k-300k miles with proper maintenance

✅ Good fuel economy: Particularly the hybrid models, with EPA ratings of up to 48 mpg combined

✅ Affordability and value: Competitively priced in its class with low ownership costs

✅ Safety features and ratings: Lots of standard safety tech across trim levels

✅ Smooth, comfortable ride: Suspension absorbs bumps well while handling remains fairly nimble

So, at first glance, it checks many of the boxes I’m looking for. But let’s analyze some of these key factors more closely. 🧐

Examining Honda Accord’s Reliability And Durability

Reliability is my top priority since I want my next car to last 8-10 years without major issues. The Accord seems to deliver based on reviews, with an impressive track record of dependability. 🙌

The Honda Accord is definitely a reliable car. It has been around for many years and has always received positive reviews from customers. Some people might say that Honda does not put as much emphasis on engine performance as some other brands, but overall, the Accord is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a midsize sedan.

Experts and owners highlight a few reasons why the Accord earns such high-reliability marks:

Are Honda Accord Good Cars
Are Honda Accord Good Cars

🔧 Proven powertrain designs: Honda engines and transmissions are meticulously engineered for longevity, not just performance. The Accord’s 4-cylinder and V6 options have been used across Honda’s lineup for years.

🔧 Low maintenance costs: Oil changes, brake jobs, and other routine repairs are very affordable compared to rivals. Annual maintenance bills average under $400.

🔧 Durable chassis and body: Aerodynamic sedan shape avoids exposure to elements. Sturdy, unibody construction and corrosion resistance help the body last over the long haul.

When it comes to durability, Hondas have a reputation for crossing the 200k mile marker without major issues, assuming proper maintenance.

Yes, Honda Accords last long, they are reliable and can last between 200,000 to 300,000 miles depending on the driving habits of the driver. The engine is so reliable that it has been used in many different models of Hondas over the years, including Civics and Accords.

So, if you want a car that will stick with you for years without breaking down or guzzling gas, the Accord seems like a smart choice. 🏆

Comparing The Honda Accord’s Mpg And Fuel Efficiency

Since I have a daily commute, good fuel economy is important both for saving money at the pump and reducing environmental impact.

The Accord impresses here, too, with EPA ratings ranging from 30 mpg combined for the base turbocharged engine up to a max of 48 mpg for the hybrid Touring trim.

The Honda Accord is a great car for fuel efficiency. You can get good gas mileage in an Accord, depending on the model and engine type you choose. The V6 engines are especially efficient, so if you’re looking to save money on your fuel bill, go for one of these models.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from the various Accord powertrain options:

🔌 1.5L Turbo: EPA 30 mpg combined city/highway

🔌 2.0L Turbo (V6): EPA 26 mpg combined

🔌 Hybrid: Up to 48 mpg combined, depending on trim

The Hybrid clearly delivers the best efficiency. And Honda bumped up the mpg 1-3 points higher for 2023 compared to the previous hybrid models.

For my needs, the sweet spot might be a mid-tier EX or Sport hybrid trim. They still achieve 44+ mpg combined — saving me money without the premium price tag of the Touring. 💰

Assessing The Value Proposition Of The Honda Accord

When it comes to value, the Accord hits a home run. It’s affordably priced compared to rivals yet doesn’t skimp on features, quality, or comfort.

As one expert puts it:

Honda Accord has been a reliable car for many years, and it comes in different models to suit everyone’s needs. The Accord is affordable, and you can find one that fits your budget easily.

Another analysis echoes that the Accord offers excellent value:

The 2020 Honda Accord is a great value for your money. It’s affordable, has a smooth ride, and comes with many helpful standard features. The Accord is easy to drive and makes it a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable car that offers plenty of convenience and comfort.

Some specific areas where the Accord provides strong value:

💰 Purchase price: The Accord has highly competitive MSRPs for its class. Mid-trim prices are on par with rivals, but you get more tech and safety gear than base versions of competitors.

Are Honda Accord Good Cars
Are Honda Accord Good Cars

💰 Ownership costs: Insurance, maintenance, and repair costs are relatively low thanks to good reliability and low rates for parts/service.

💰 Resale value: Hondas maintain their value well in the used market. The Accord has among the highest residual values in its segment after several years.

When you tally up the overall cost to own an Accord for 5-7 years, it stacks up nicely against competitors while delivering premium features and bulletproof Honda quality. 💯

How Does The 2023 Update Compare To Previous Honda Accord Models?

Honda just released a 2023 Accord with some nice upgrades, especially for tech and hybrid performance. Let’s quickly recap what’s new:

✨ New hybrid powertrains with better fuel efficiency

✨ Fresh exterior styling with a premium vibe

✨ Revamped cabin with more creature comforts

✨ New Google Built-In infotainment and larger touchscreens

✨ Additional standard safety gear (e.g., blind spot monitoring)

While evolutionary rather than revolutionary, these changes help the 2023 Accord stay competitive. The hybrid drivetrains, in particular, build on previous strengths.

Hybrid fuel economy is improved compared to the old Accord, with Sport and Touring trims good for an EPA-estimated 44 mpg combined. That represents a gain of 1 mpg. Some hybrid variants are even more impressive, returning as much as 48 mpg combined.

It seems Honda focused this refresh on the right areas to keep the Accord rolling for years to come. Tech was a bit dated before, but now it’s on par with segment leaders. The improved hybrid performance also helps justify the upgrade.

How Does The Honda Accord Stack Up Against The Toyota Camry?

The Toyota Camry is the longtime best-selling sedan in America and the chief rival to the Accord. But when comparing them head-to-head, which model has the edge? 🤔

Here’s a quick rundown of how Honda and Toyota’s stalwart sedans size up:

Honda Accord
Toyota Camry
Safety Tech
Fuel Economy
Resale Value

5 hearts = Excellent, 3 hearts = Average

While very closely matched, the Accord takes a slight edge for me based on superior reliability, value, and style. But owners report both cars have excellent owner satisfaction if maintained properly.

Ride comfort, technology, safety grades, and other areas are also neck-and-neck. The Camry offers optional AWD, which the Accord lacks, while the Accord Hybrid bests the Camry Hybrid’s MPG.

Overall, it’s very close between these two juggernauts – buyers would be happy with either. But the Accord gets my nod by a nose! 🏁

What Are Some Downsides Or Compromises Of The Honda Accord?

Despite lots of glowing reviews, the Honda Accord isn’t perfect. A few drawbacks mentioned by test drivers include:

❌ Subpar base engine performance and road noise

❌ No all-wheel drive option, unlike some rivals

❌ Reduced rear headroom due to sloped roof styling

❌ Steeper pricing for range-topping Touring trim

❌ Some glitches noted with the new touchscreen/voice command tech

However, none of these cons seem like dealbreakers to me. The base 1.5L turbo lacks zest, but engines on higher trims deliver plenty of punch. Perhaps AWD would be nice, but FWD + winter tires should suffice, given I live in a moderate climate.

And I can skip the pricey Touring without sacrificing much. As for the other nitpicks, they appear minor at best.

The Verdict: Yes, the Honda Accord is Among the Best in Its Class!

After diving into expert assessments and owner experiences across forum posts and reviews, I can decisively say the Honda Accord checks off all my boxes. 🗹

  1. Reliability? Proven over hundreds of thousands of miles.
  2. Efficiency? They are among the best in class, especially the Hybrid.
  3. Value? Tremendous bang-for-buck that holds up over years of ownership.
  4. Comfort and Features? Plenty packed even into mid-tier trims.

While no car is perfect, the Accord comes impressively close, considering its reasonable pricing. Other sedans like the Toyota Camry and Mazda 6 are tempting as well, but none can match the Accord’s blend of virtues.

Final Words

Yes, the Honda Accord is undoubtedly a good, safe choice for a midsize sedan. And I’m now ready to visit dealerships to test drive my top Accord picks! ✅

Have you owned or driven a Honda Accord? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Let me know if you have any other questions.

❓ Honda Accord FAQs

Is The Honda Accord Expensive To Maintain?

No, the Accord has very affordable maintenance costs thanks to reliable, proven powertrain components and widely available, inexpensive parts. Budget about $350-400 per year for routine services.

How Long Do Honda Accord Engines Last?

Properly maintained Accord engines can easily last 200,000-300,000 miles. Multiple owners report crossing 300k miles without major issues thanks to Honda’s precision engineering and rigorous quality testing.

Which Is Better – The Honda Accord Or The Toyota Camry?

It’s very close between these segment leaders, but reviews suggest the Accord has a slight edge for reliability, style, and overall value. But Camry owners are similarly enthusiastic about their cars – buyers would succeed with either model.

Is The Honda Accord Safe?

Yes, the Accord earns top marks in crash tests and offers abundant safety features even on base trims like lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, auto high beams, and more. Upper trims add amenities like blind spot monitoring and parking sensors.

Should I Buy A Used Honda Accord?

Buying a used Accord can represent good value, assuming it was properly maintained. Have a mechanic inspect any car before purchasing. Target Accords with 50k-125k miles for the best blend of affordable price, plenty of life left, and up-to-date features.

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