Are Honda Accords AWD?

The Honda Accord is one of the most popular midsize sedans on the market. While most Accord models are front-wheel drive, some recent model years have offered Are Honda Accords AWD. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at whether Honda Accords have AWD capabilities.

A Brief History Of AWD Honda Accords

The Honda Accord has traditionally been a front-wheel drive vehicle. However, starting in 2018, Honda began offering Are Honda Accords AWD on higher trim levels of the Accord.

The first Accord to get AWD was the 2018 Honda Accord Touring model. This top-of-the-line Accord came equipped with Honda’s Real Time AWD system, providing enhanced traction and performance in inclement weather.

For the 2019 and 2020 model years, Honda continued to offer AWD on the Touring trim of the Accord. However, for 2021, they expanded AWD availability to other trims as well.

Current AWD Options On The Honda Accord

As of the 2022 model year, here are the Honda Accord trims that offer AWD capabilities:

  1. Accord Touring – Continues to come standard with AWD
  2. Accord EX-L – Newly available option for AWD
  3. Accord Sport Special Edition – Comes equipped with AWD

So in summary, Does Honda Accord Have AWD is now available on select Accord Touring, EX-L, and Sport Special Edition models. Lower trims like the LX, EX, and Sport do not offer AWD.

How Honda’s AWD System Works

Honda uses an innovative AWD system called Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System. Here’s an overview of how it works:

Sensors Monitor Wheel Slippage

Sensors at each wheel monitor traction levels in real time. When sensors detect wheel slippage, the system can quickly activate AWD.

Instantly Transfers Power To Rear Wheels

An electric motor on the transmission instantly transfers power to the rear wheels when needed. This happens seamlessly without lag.

Intelligent Control System

The Intelligent Control System coordinates front and rear torque distribution for optimal traction. It also minimizes energy waste.

Quickly Disengages AWD When Not Needed

Once conditions allow, the AWD system quickly and smoothly disengages to return to front-wheel drive.

Is Honda Accords Have AWD
Is Honda Accords Have AWD

This table summarizes the key capabilities of Honda’s AWD system:

Honda Real Time AWD
Instantly engages rear axle
Intelligently distributes torque
Disengages rear axle when not needed
More efficient than other AWD systems

Benefits Of AWD On The Honda Accord

Choosing an all-wheel drive Accord provides a number of important benefits:

Enhanced Traction And Control

The ability to send power to all four wheels improves acceleration, cornering, and braking on slippery surfaces. This is particularly helpful in rain, snow, and ice.

All-Season Capabilities

While FWD Accords perform well in dry and wet conditions, AWD allows the Accord to better handle winter snow and ice. AWD enhances stability and control year-round.

Added Peace Of Mind

AWD gives drivers added confidence when traveling in poor weather. The improved traction and handling can help inspire confidence during your commute.

Maintains Honda Drive Feel

Despite having AWD, the Accord maintains its responsive and sporty front-wheel drive feel while driving in ideal conditions. The AWD seamlessly activates only when needed.

AWD Availability On Other Honda Models

In addition to select Accord models, AWD is available on several other vehicles in Honda’s lineup:


Honda’s popular CR-V compact SUV offers optional AWD on all trim levels. The CR-V utilizes the same Real Time AWD system as the Accord.


The midsize Pilot SUV comes equipped with intelligent Variable Torque Management AWD as standard across all trims. This enhances off-road capability.


The midsize Passport SUV offers available AWD similar to the Pilot. Front-wheel drive is standard on the base Sport trim.


Honda’s Ridgeline pickup truck comes standard with AWD on all trim levels to improve hauling and towing abilities.


Honda’s subcompact HR-V has optional AWD available on EX and higher trims. Lower LX and Sport trims are front-wheel drive only.

Driving The AWD Honda Accord

We had the chance to take the 2021 Honda Accord Sport Special Edition with AWD for a test drive. Here are our driving impressions:

The Accord feels responsive, agile, and fun to drive – just like you expect from a front-wheel drive Accord. The ride is comfortable and compliant over bumps. Steering feels precise with nice weighting.

When accelerating hard from a stop, power transfers smoothly to the rear wheels. This helps plant the tires firmly on the pavement. There is no sensation of torque steer or pulling to one side.

In corners, the Accord feels well-balanced and composed. The AWD enhances high-speed stability when changing lanes or navigating highway ramps.

Honda Accords AWD
Honda Accords AWD

Braking performance is strong, aided by the AWD system. Hard braking in slippery conditions results in straight, drama-free stops.

Over patchy snow, slush, and ice, the AWD Accord maintained compose traction even with the OEM all-season tires. Wet pavement traction was similarly impressive.

Is The AWD Accord Right For You?

The AWD Honda Accord merits strong consideration if:

  1. You live in a region with harsh winters
  2. You frequently drive in heavy rain or snow
  3. You need added traction in hilly terrain
  4. You want extra control and stability at highway speeds

Drivers who live where it rarely snows may find the FWD Accord provides sufficient traction. However, the peace of mind and all-season security of AWD gives the Accord added appeal.

Before choosing an Accord trim, check the specs to confirm AWD availability. You can also consult with your Honda dealer to determine if Does Honda Accord Have AWD is right for you. Take an AWD demo for a test drive to experience the capabilities firsthand.


The newest generation Honda Accord offers Are Honda Accords AWD for the first time, making it more appealing than ever in areas with variable weather patterns. By employing an innovative Real Time AWD system, Honda provides enhanced stability and traction without compromising the Accord’s fun-to-drive character. Drivers who require extra grip will find the AWD Accord delivers confidence in any season.

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