Can You Automatically Roll Down Honda Accord Windows?

The Honda Accord is one of the most popular sedan models in the United States. As with most modern vehicles, Honda Accord models come equipped with power windows that can be automatically lowered with the push of a button. This convenient feature allows drivers to quickly ventilate the cabin on hot days or facilitate communication when paying tolls or interacting with curbside services.

Can You Automatically Roll Down Honda Accord Windows? The short answer is yes, you can automatically lower the windows in a Honda Accord using either the controls on the driver’s door panel or the keyless entry remote. Keep reading to learn more about how power windows function in the Honda Accord and how to operate them.

How Power Windows Work In The Honda Accord?

Power windows are a standard feature in all Honda Accord trim levels. The power window system consists of:

  • An electric motor connected to a cable drive or regulator system for each window
  • Individual control switches on the driver’s door panel
  • Wiring harnesses and fuses

When the window switch is activated, it sends an electrical signal to the corresponding motor. The motor turns the regulator mechanism that raises or lowers the window glass along its tracks.

Power windows operate on 12-volt power supplied through fuses located in the interior fuse box. Each window has its own designated fuse for overcurrent protection. If a window is inoperable, the first thing to check is the fuse.

Lowering Honda Accord Windows From The Driver’s Door

The driver’s door panel contains switches that allow the driver to control all four power windows in the Honda Accord. There are individual switches for the front passenger window, left rear window, and right rear window.

To lower any window, press and hold the corresponding switch down until the window reaches the desired position. Then release the switch. For convenience, there is an “auto down” feature that allows the driver to fully lower the window by briefly pressing the switch all the way down.

Automatically Lowering Windows With The Key Fob

Most late model Honda Accords come with keyless entry remotes that have the ability to remotely open the windows. This allows the driver to ventilate the car before getting in on hot days. It can also be used to communicate with someone at a drive-thru window without having to open the door.

Roll Down Honda Accord Windows
Roll Down Honda Accord Windows

Here is how to use the key fob to automatically lower the windows in a Honda Accord:

  • Make sure the car is off and the key is out of the ignition.
  • Stand near the car with the key fob.
  • Press the unlock button on the remote once to unlock the doors.
  • Press it again and hold it down. After a few seconds, the windows will begin lowering automatically.
  • When the windows reach the desired position, release the unlock button.

To raise the windows back up, insert the key in the driver’s door and turn it to the lock position. Hold it until the windows close.

This feature works by sending an extended unlock signal from the key fob to the car’s computer, which actuates the window motors. Refer to your owner’s manual for complete instructions specific to your Honda Accord model and year.

Troubleshooting Automatic Window Problems

If the automatic window feature in your Honda Accord suddenly stops working, don’t panic. Here are some things you can do to get the windows rolling again:

Check Fuses 

As mentioned before, each power window has a dedicated fuse. An electrical issue can cause the fuse to blow and disable the windows.

Reset The Auto Up/Down Function 

Sometimes the window auto function needs to be reset if windows stop closing fully. Refer to your owner’s manual for the reset procedure.

Lubricate The Window Tracks 

Dirt and debris can make windows sticky and slow. Cleaning and lubricating with silicone spray can help.

Adjust The Window Regulators 

The regulators that raise and lower the glass can get knocked out of alignment over time. A mechanic can adjust or replace them.

Replace Failed Window Motor 

If a motor has failed, the only remedy is to replace it. Motors weaken over years of use.

Update Window Control Unit 

The control unit sends signals to the window motors. A faulty unit may need reprogramming or replacement.

Repair Broken Switches And Electrical Issues 

Bad switches, relays, wiring breaks, and ground faults can also prevent proper operation.

While automatic windows may stop working eventually, the repair cost is usually reasonable, especially if addressed quickly. Consult your Honda dealer or repair shop regarding any persistent issues with your power windows.

How Do You Roll Down Windows With Remote In Honda Accord?

To roll down the windows in a Honda Accord using the remote key fob, first unlock the doors by pressing the unlock button once. Then press the unlock button a second time and hold it down. After a few seconds, all of the windows in the Accord will start to roll down automatically. 

Release the unlock button when the windows reach the desired position. To roll the windows back up, insert the key in the driver’s door lock cylinder and turn and hold to the lock position until the windows close. Refer to your owner’s manual for complete instructions.

How Do I Make Windows Go Down Automatically?

Most modern cars have power windows that can be set to go down automatically with the press of a button. To make windows go down automatically, first locate the control panel on the driver’s side door. There will be buttons to operate each window. To lower a window fully, press the button down completely and release. 

The window should go all the way down by itself. There may also be a lockout switch that disables the automatic function, so check that it is off. Refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for details on enabling the auto-down feature for the power windows.

Why Do Honda Windows Open By Themselves?

There are a few reasons why Honda power windows might start opening on their own without prompting. One common cause is accidentally hitting the window switch and activating the auto-down function. Issues with the computer module that controls the windows could also lead to windows lowering automatically. 

Automatically Roll Down Honda Accord Windows
Automatically Roll Down Honda Accord Windows

In rare cases, a short circuit in the switch wiring or a malfunctioning motor can activate the windows. Foreign objects in the door jamb preventing the window from fully closing can cause it to revert to the open position as well. If Honda windows keep opening mysteriously, have the electrical system inspected and repaired.

Can I Roll My Windows Down With My Key?

Many modern vehicles come equipped with a remote key fob that allows you to roll the windows down remotely. By pressing the unlock button on the fob multiple times in a row, you can trigger the auto-down function for the power windows on that car. 

So yes, if your car is outfitted with this feature, you can press the key fob to conveniently roll down the windows as you approach the vehicle. Be sure to refer to your owner’s manual for the exact procedure for your make and model. The ability to roll down windows with your key remote is very handy on hot days or when you need ventilation right away.

FAQ About Honda Accord Power Windows

How Do You Roll Down Windows With The Honda Accord Remote?

Press the unlock button twice and hold after the second press. The windows will roll down until you release the button. Insert and turn the key to raise them back up.

Why Won’t My Honda Accord Passenger Window Go Down?

If the other windows work, check the fuse for the passenger window. The motor may have also failed or needs to be realigned if the window is stuck.

What Should I Do If A Honda Accord Window Is Stuck Halfway?

Try pressing the switch a few times to trigger the auto-reverse feature. If that doesn’t work, you may need to manually close it. Have the regulator and motor inspected by a dealership.

How Do I Reset Honda Accord Power Windows?

Consult your owner’s manual. In most models, you hold the window switch up for 10 seconds after the window closes to reset it.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Honda Accord Window Motor?

Expect to pay $150-300+ for parts and a couple hours of labor to replace a failed power window motor in a Honda Accord. Shop around for the best repair quote.


Honda Accord drivers can enjoy the convenience of power windows that roll down automatically via the control switches or key fob remote. Learning the proper operation and troubleshooting procedures can help keep the power windows functioning properly. Addressing any problems right away is recommended to avoid more extensive repairs. With some care and maintenance, Honda Accord power windows will provide years of trouble-free use.

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