Do Honda Accords Have AWD?

The short answer is no, Honda Accords currently do not offer AWD as an option. However, there are several good reasons why Honda Accord drivers may desire an all-wheel drive option. Let’s explore the benefits of AWD, if a FWD Honda Accord can handle some off-road driving, and Do Honda Accords Have AWD?

Why Would You Want AWD On A Honda Accord?

All-wheel drive (AWD) provides increased traction and control in inclement weather conditions like snow, heavy rain, and ice. With power delivered to all four wheels, the vehicle can better grip slippery surfaces. This is advantageous in regions that experience frequent winter weather.

AWD also supplies additional torque for improved performance in acceleration, hauling, and hill climbing. The enhanced traction boosts the vehicle’s capabilities when driving off-road as well. Overall, AWD offers more versatility and capability for drivers that value all-weather handling and performance.

Can A Front-Wheel Drive Honda Accord Go Off-Road?

Since Honda Accords only come with front-wheel drive, they have limitations in off-road situations. The low ground clearance and lack of AWD makes them unsuitable for rugged terrain. However, Honda Accords can handle occasional mild off-road driving if equipped properly and driven carefully.

Is Honda Accords Have AWD
Is Honda Accords Have AWD

Here are some tips for taking a Honda Accord off-road:

  • Install heavier duty suspension – This gives more ground clearance and improves capability over bumps and ruts.
  • Get all-terrain tires – All-terrain tires provide much better traction than stock tires on dirt, gravel, etc.
  • Carry emergency supplies – Recovery boards, tow strap, first aid kit, fluids, tools, etc.
  • Scout terrain first – Walk the trail to check for obstacles and determine if passable.
  • Drive slowly and avoid slippery surfaces – Go slow to avoid getting stuck and stay away from loose dirt, mud, steep inclines.
  • Don’t go alone – Have another vehicle along in case you get stuck and need a pull.

While certainly not ideal, a stock Honda Accord can handle smooth dirt roads and mild trails when driven prudently. Of course, true off-roading requires a more capable AWD crossover or SUV.

Can You Convert A Honda Accord To AWD?

Converting a front-wheel drive Honda Accord to AWD is possible but very complex and expensive. It requires extensive modifications including:

  • Adding a rear differential and driveshaft
  • Custom fabricating a transfer case
  • Reconfiguring the suspension and chassis
  • Adjusting the transmission and gear ratios
  • Rewiring the electrical system
  • Installing advanced traction control technology

Due to the major modifications involved, most experts do not recommend converting a Honda Accord to AWD. It is typically more cost effective to sell the FWD Accord and purchase an AWD model instead. Some owners do opt for simpler conversions like adding a limited-slip differential to improve traction. But full AWD requires an entirely new drivetrain.

What Honda Models Do Have AWD?

While the popular Honda Accord sedan does not currently have an AWD option, Honda does equip several of their SUV and crossover models with advanced AWD systems:

Honda Accords AWD
Honda Accords AWD

Honda CR-V

The CR-V compact SUV offers an available intelligent Real Time AWD system. It continually monitors conditions and adjusts power distribution between front and rear axles.

Honda HR-V

The subcompact HR-V crossover is available with Real Time AWD. It delivers excellent traction and control in snowy, icy, and wet conditions.

Honda Pilot

Honda’s 3-row midsize SUV provides available i-VTM4 torque-vectoring AWD designed for enhanced performance and handling.

Honda Passport

Similar to the Pilot, the 5-passenger Passport SUV offers torque-vectoring i-VTM4 AWD for all-weather capability.

Honda Ridgeline

Honda’s pickup truck comes standard with a new i-VTM4 AWD system for the latest model year, providing truck capabilities with car-like refinement.

Honda Model
Type of AWD System
Honda CR-V
Real Time AWD
Honda HR-V
Real Time AWD
Honda Pilot
Honda Passport
Honda Ridgeline

So while the Accord is limited to front-wheel drive, Honda does offer AWD on several capable crossover and truck models to meet the need for all-weather traction and handling.

Will Honda Add AWD To The Accord In The Future?

There are currently no indications that Honda plans to add AWD as an option on future Honda Accord models. The Accord has utilized front-wheel drive since its first generation debuted in 1976.

Honda has continued to refine and upgrade their FWD systems over the decades to optimize traction and performance. Features like limited-slip differentials and active torque vectoring have enhanced the Accord’s capabilities without the added cost and complexity of AWD.

However, with the prevalence of AWD systems from competing automakers, it’s possible Honda may decide to offer it on the Accord down the road. The midsize sedan segment has become more performance-oriented lately. An available AWD variant could make the Accord more appealing to buyers looking for all-weather traction.

In the meantime, Honda owners desiring AWD can choose from SUV models like the CR-V, Pilot, and Passport. But the venerable Accord remains steadfast with front-wheel drive for now and the foreseeable future.

Which Honda Cars Have AWD?

Among Honda’s current vehicle lineup, several SUV and crossover models offer AWD capabilities. These include the CR-V, HR-V, Pilot, Passport, and Ridgeline trucks. Honda equips these larger utility vehicles with advanced AWD systems like Real Time AWD and i-VTM4 torque vectoring technology to provide improved traction and handling in inclement weather and off-road conditions. However, Honda cars like the Accord, Civic, Insight, and Clarity do not have AWD available.

Is Honda Accord 2wd Or 4WD?

The Honda Accord is exclusively a 2-wheel drive (2WD) vehicle. All trim levels from the base LX to the Touring utilize front-wheel drive. There are no 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive options currently available on the popular Honda Accord sedan. Honda has stuck with front-wheel drive on the Accord for improved fuel efficiency, affordability, and responsive handling.

Is AWD Better Than FWD?

AWD provides better traction and control in slippery conditions like snow or rain compared to FWD. The increased grip can also improve handling and performance when accelerating or driving off-road. However, FWD is typically more fuel efficient, affordable, and offers better maneuverability. For most drivers in moderate climates, FWD is fully capable for daily needs. Those in snowy regions or who frequently go off-road may benefit more from AWD.

Does Honda Sell AWD?

While Honda cars like the Civic and Accord are limited to front-wheel drive, Honda does offer AWD on several of their light trucks and SUVs. Models like the CR-V, Pilot, Passport, and Ridgeline pickup can be equipped with advanced AWD systems from Honda. So AWD is available from Honda, but only on their utility vehicles at this time, not the passenger cars.

Benefits Of Front-Wheel Drive

While AWD would add more capability in poor conditions, the front-wheel drive Honda Accord still provides great benefits:

  • Better fuel economy – FWD is lighter and has reduced drivetrain friction and losses versus AWD.
  • Lower purchase price – Simpler FWD setups cost less to manufacture than complex AWD systems.
  • Reduced maintenance – Fewer components to service and repair compared to AWD.
  • Superior road handling – Weight over the drive wheels improves handling, acceleration, and braking traction.
  • More interior room – Absence of a driveshaft and rear differential allows a more spacious interior cabin.

For customers that value efficiency, value, driving dynamics, and interior space over maximum traction, FWD Honda Accords are still an excellent choice.


In summary, while Honda Accords do not currently offer AWD, the venerable front-wheel drive sedan still provides many benefits like fuel efficiency, affordability, and responsive handling. Honda does equip several of their SUVs and crossovers with advanced AWD systems for owners requiring all-weather capability. For now, AWD remains reserved for Honda trucks and utility vehicles. But down the road, it’s possible Honda could add it as an option on the popular Accord sedan line to stay competitive in the midsize segment.

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