Does Accord Has Speed Limiter?

Yes, the Honda Accord does have a speed limiter. The Honda Accord’s speed limiter allows drivers to set a maximum speed limit that the vehicle will not exceed. 

This can help promote safe driving and prevent speeding violations. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the Honda Accord’s speed limiter feature.

Honda Accord Speed Limiter

The Honda Accord speed limiter is an optional feature available on most new Honda Accord models. It allows the driver to set a maximum speed limit for the vehicle. Once this limit is reached, the Accord’s computer will automatically reduce engine power and apply the brakes as needed to prevent the car from exceeding the set speed.

This can help drivers avoid unintentionally speeding, which reduces the risk of traffic violations, accidents, and increased fuel consumption. It also gives parents with teen drivers more control over their maximum driving speed. The limiter engages smoothly to maintain a consistent speed rather than forcing abrupt braking.

How The Honda Accord Speed Limiter Works?

The speed limiter on Honda Accord models functions through a combination of systems:

  1. Engine computer – Monitors engine rpm and throttle input, reduces power when approaching the set speed limit
  2. Braking system – Applies brakes as needed to maintain limited speed
  3. Cruise control system – Helps maintain steady speed at limit set point
  4. User interface – Allows the driver to adjust the limit up or down

These systems work together to ensure the vehicle does not exceed the driver-set speed. The limit can be adjusted up or down as needed through buttons on the steering wheel.

Setting The Speed Limit On Your Honda Accord

Using the Honda Accord’s speed limiter is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Turn On the Cruise Control
  2. Press the “LIM” Button
  3. Set Your Desired Maximum Speed
  4. Press “RES/SET”
  5. Drive Below the Set Limit
  6. Adjust the Limit As Needed
Honda Accord Speed Limiter
Honda Accord Speed Limiter

Turn On the Cruise Control

Switch on your Honda Accord’s cruise control system using the button on your steering wheel. The cruise control does not need to be set – just powered on.

Press the “LIM” Button

Find the button labeled “LIM” on your steering wheel. Press and release this button to activate the speed limiter mode.

Set Your Desired Maximum Speed

Once in speed limiter mode, use the “+” and “-” buttons to increase or decrease your set speed limit. Adjust it to your desired maximum.

Press “RES/SET”

Press the “RES/SET” button to set the chosen speed limit. Your Honda Accord’s speed limiter will now be activated and ready to limit your speed.

Drive Below the Set Limit

As long as you keep your Accord’s speed below the set limit, it will drive normally. But if you accelerate past the limit, the systems will kick in to restrict speed.

Adjust the Limit As Needed

Use the “+” and “-” buttons any time to increase or decrease your speed limit setting while driving.

The Benefits Of Using The Honda Accord Speed Limiter

The Honda Accord’s speed limiter provides numerous benefits that make it a valuable feature for many drivers. Understanding all the ways it can improve your driving experience will help you appreciate the value of using it.

  1. Preventing Unintended Speeding
  2. Promoting Safer Driving
  3. Reduced Risk of Accidents
  4. Improved Reaction Time
  5. Increased Control
  6. Saving Money on Fuel Costs
  7. Avoiding Traffic Violations and Fines
  8. Providing Speed Control for New Drivers
  9. Simple and Convenient to Use
The Benefits Of Using The Honda Accord Speed Limiter
The Benefits Of Using The Honda Accord Speed Limiter

Preventing Unintended Speeding

The biggest benefit of the Accord’s speed limiter is it can stop unintentional speeding. Going faster than intended is easy to do, often without noticing. However exceeding speed limits significantly increases your risk of getting a ticket.

The speed limiter lets you preset a reasonable maximum speed that the car will not go over. This gives you peace of mind knowing you won’t end up speeding accidentally.

Promoting Safer Driving

Speeding is unsafe and substantially increases the risk of accidents. Higher speeds reduce reaction times, decrease control, and amplify impact forces in a crash.

By capping your Accord’s top speed, the limiter promotes safer driving by avoiding high-risk speeds. This enhances safety for you, your passengers, and everyone sharing the road.

Reduced Risk of Accidents

Studies show speeding is a major factor in many serious accidents. By limiting speeding, the Accord’s limiter lowers the chances of a collision.

Improved Reaction Time

Excessive speed reduces the time available to react to hazards and apply the brakes. A lower maximum speed provides extra reaction time to avoid dangers.

Increased Control

Higher speeds make it harder to control the car properly and can lead to loss of control. Maintaining reasonable speeds enhances vehicle stability and steering responsiveness.

Saving Money on Fuel Costs

Driving at higher speeds burns more fuel since the engine works harder against increased wind resistance. By keeping speeds in check, the Accord’s speed limiter can improve fuel efficiency and lower spending on gas.

Avoiding Traffic Violations and Fines

Speeding tickets can be expensive, often $150 or more, plus increased insurance costs. The speed limiter prevents you from exceeding speed limits, helping avoid citations and costly fines.

Providing Speed Control for New Drivers

For parents of new teen drivers, limiting top speed can offer peace of mind. The Accord’s speed limiter allows setting a reasonable limit to help keep inexperienced drivers safe.

Simple and Convenient to Use

The limiter is easy to operate with steering wheel buttons without being distracting. Drivers can focus on the road while simply setting and adjusting the limit as needed.

Using your Accord’s helpful speed limiter offers advantages that enhance safety, control, and convenience for drivers of all types. Be sure to take advantage of this beneficial feature.

Models Offering The Honda Accord Speed Limiter

Most new Honda Accord models come equipped with the speed limiter feature. It is standard on higher EX, EX-L, and Touring trims.

The limiter may be optional or unavailable on lower LX and Sport trims. When purchasing or leasing a new Accord, double check that the speed limiter is included if this feature is important to you.

Using The Speed Limiter Safely

While the Honda Accord’s speed limiter can improve safety and prevent violations, there are a few precautions drivers should take:

  1. Do not rely solely on the speed limiter – stay alert and monitor your speed
  2. Be aware the limit is not adaptive – it will not adjust automatically for speed limit changes
  3. Do not use it as a replacement for good judgment – reasonable speeds are still required
  4. Allow for a safe following distance and braking time under the set limit
  5. Avoid frequent or abrupt limit changes as this can confuse other drivers

With responsible use, the Accord’s speed limiter can be a great tool for limiting maximum speeds and promoting safe driving habits. But always use good judgment and focus on driving conditions.

Speed Limiters On Other Honda Models

The speed limiter is not exclusive to the Honda Accord. Many other Honda models also offer speed limiters, including:

  1. Honda Civic – Available on EX and higher trims to limit top speeds
  2. Honda CR-V – Optional on EX, EX-L and Touring models to control max speed
  3. Honda Odyssey – Standard minivan feature to set family-friendly speed limits
  4. Honda Pilot – Used to restrict top speeds on higher trims for safety
  5. Honda HR-V – Found on EX and higher versions to prevent fast driving

So when shopping for other Honda vehicles, look for speed control features like the helpful limiter. This family of technology can encourage responsible driving across multiple models.

How Do You Set The Speed Limit On A Honda Accord?

The Honda Accord’s speed limiter allows the driver to set a maximum speed limit for the vehicle. To use it, first turn on cruise control without setting a speed. Press the “LIM” button on the steering wheel to activate limiter mode. Then use the “+” and “-” buttons to increase or decrease the desired maximum speed limit. 

Once you have it set to your preferred limit, press “RES/SET” to activate that speed limit setting. The Accord’s systems will now prevent you from exceeding the chosen limit. You can adjust the limit up or down at any time using the steering wheel buttons. It’s a simple and convenient way to control your maximum speed.

Does My Car Have A Speed Limiter?

Many modern vehicles come equipped with speed limiters, including certain Honda models. To check if your Honda Accord has this feature, look for a “LIM” button on the steering wheel near the cruise control buttons. Pressing this should allow you to set a maximum speed limit which the car will not exceed. 

You can also check your owner’s manual or features list from the dealer to confirm if a speed limiter is installed. In Hondas, the limiter is often standard on higher EX, EX-L and Touring trims but absent on lower LX and Sport models. So verify that your specific Accord trim level includes this beneficial speed-reducing technology.

What Is The Speed Limiter On A 2014 Honda Accord?

On 2014 Honda Accord models equipped with the speed limiter, the system allows setting a maximum speed between 30 to 90 mph. It comes factory set to 90 mph, but drivers can adjust it down from there if desired. The limiter smoothly controls engine power and braking to hold the Accord at or below the chosen top speed. 

This can help prevent unintended speeding, improve safety, and provide peace of mind. Exceptions are the 2014 Accord Hybrid, which limits from 30 to 85 mph, and manual transmission models, which do not include the speed limiter feature.

Is Honda Accord A Powerful Car?

Yes, the Honda Accord is widely regarded as a powerful midsize sedan. Even base models have robust 4-cylinder engines delivering 192 horsepower or more. Higher trim Accords boast turbocharged engines pushing out over 250 horsepower for exhilarating performance. Advanced transmissions and sophisticated chassis dynamics give the Accord confident acceleration and sharp handling. 

With sports car-like power and driver-focused engineering, the Accord combines efficiency and refinement with excitement behind the wheel, creating an engaging and potent driving experience.

Is Honda Accord A Turbo?

Select versions of the Honda Accord are equipped with turbocharged engines. Specifically, the Accord Sport and Touring trims come standard with a 252-horsepower 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder. This powerful yet efficient turbo engine gives these Accords an extra performance boost over the non-turbo models. 

With abundant low-end torque, the turbo engine provides potent acceleration and passing power. So drivers who prioritize sports sedan-like punch in the Accord lineup should opt for the well-equipped Sport and Touring turbo trims.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Speed Limiter Work In Reverse?

No, the Honda Accord’s speed limiter only functions when moving forward, not in reverse. It uses a drive gear position sensor to remain inactive in reverse.

Will Using The Speed Limiter Damage My Engine?

No, the Accord’s engine computer safely reduces power when approaching the set limit. It will not cause any damage to your engine or drivetrain.

Can I Set The Speed Limit Below The Legal Speed Limit?

Yes, you can use the Accord’s speed limiter to set any maximum limit, even below the legal limit if desired. This allows you to program a virtual limit personalized for certain driving scenarios.

Does The Speed Limiter Work With Adaptive Cruise Control?

Yes, the speed limiter is fully compatible with the Accord’s adaptive cruise control feature. It takes priority and will override ACC to prevent exceeding your set maximum speed.

Is The Speed Limiter Fully Automatic?

The limiter does work automatically to hold speeds at or below your set limit. But it still requires the driver to manually activate it and set their desired maximum speed.


The Honda Accord’s speed limiter provides drivers with greater speed control and promotes safe driving habits. By preventing unintentional speeding, it can save on fuel costs, reduce accident risks, and avoid traffic citations. Be sure to activate it when purchasing a new Accord, and take advantage of its benefits through responsible use. But never replace good judgment with over-reliance on this helpful feature.

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