Does Honda Accord Have AWD?

The Honda Accord is one of the most popular midsize sedans on the market. With great reliability and fuel efficiency, it appeals to a wide range of buyers. However, one thing it lacks is an all-wheel drive (AWD) option. Honda has not announced plans to offer AWD on the Accord. For buyers wanting more traction, they’ll need to look at other models in Honda’s lineup.

Does Honda Accord Have AWD?

No, there are no current or recent model year Honda Accord trims that offer AWD. The Accord utilizes front-wheel drive across all trim levels, from the base LX up through the Touring and Hybrid models.

Honda has focused on refining the Accord’s powertrain for maximum fuel efficiency, not developing an advanced AWD system for it. Traction and stability control help make the most of available grip, but ultimately the Accord is geared for on-road performance.

Why Doesn’t The Accord Have AWD?

There are a few reasons why Honda hasn’t added AWD as an option on the Accord:

  1. Cost – Developing an AWD system and integrating it into the Accord would add significant cost. This cost would need to be passed onto buyers, making the car less affordable.
  2. Fuel Economy – AWD systems add weight and mechanical complexity which negatively impacts fuel efficiency. Honda has chosen to maximize MPG instead.
  3. Performance Focus – The Accord is positioned as an affordable, efficient, but still fun-to-drive sedan. Honda intently focuses its performance efforts on precision handling through the front wheels.
  4. Low Demand – Midsize sedan buyers interested in AWD likely opt for a crossover SUV instead. Only a small portion of shoppers would spec an Accord with AWD.

In order to preserve the Accord’s formula of high value and efficiency, Honda has kept its powertrain simple. For now, buyers wanting AWD in a Honda sedan will need to upgrade to the Acura lineup.

What Honda Vehicles Do Have AWD?

While the Honda Accord sedan does not offer AWD, many other vehicles in Honda’s lineup do come equipped with all-wheel drive capabilities. Here is a detailed look at the various Honda models that give buyers AWD options:

Honda Accords AWD
Honda Accords AWD

Honda CR-V

The CR-V is Honda’s top-selling SUV and one of the most popular compact crossovers on the market. It utilizes Honda’s Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System. This system can actively transfer power between front and rear axles as needed to maximize traction.

AWD is available on all CR-V trim levels. On lower trims it is optional, while it comes standard on higher Touring and Black Edition models. The CR-V’s AWD system gives it secure handling on slick roads and modest off-road capability for navigating snow or forest trails.

Honda HR-V

The subcompact HR-V crossover offers optional AWD on its upper EX-L, Touring, and Sport trims. The AWD system is geared for handling wet or icy pavement more so than rugged terrain. With AWD added, the HR-V provides a confident ride in challenging weather while still delivering excellent fuel economy.

Honda Pilot

Honda’s 3-row midsize SUV comes equipped with the advanced i-VTM4 AWD system as standard across the entire Pilot lineup. The intelligent Variable Torque Management AWD can dynamically distribute torque between front and rear axles as needed. This gives the Pilot a major advantage in wintry conditions while also benefiting handling and control on dry roads.

Honda Passport

Sharing much in common with the Pilot, the midsize 2-row Passport SUV also comes equipped with clever i-VTM4 AWD. As a crossover tailored for outdoor adventures, AWD helps back up the Passport’s increased off-road capabilities. Ground clearance, skid plates, and drive modes further complement its AWD system.

Honda Ridgeline

The Ridgeline takes Honda’s truck capabilities up a notch with available AWD. The i-VTM4 system gives the Ridgeline a performance edge and confidence when traversing snow, mud, or steep trails. Intuitive torque vectoring further enhances the truck’s handling on road. AWD comes standard on RTL-E and Black Edition models.

Could Honda Add AWD To The Accord In The Future?

Honda has not hinted at any plans to bring AWD to the Accord lineup. However, it remains a possibility for future model years:

  1. New AWD Systems – Advances in AWD technology could enable lighter, more efficient systems that are feasible to integrate into the Accord.
  2. Performance Model – A future Accord Type R or other high performance variant may utilize AWD to better put power down.
  3. Shifting Preferences – If buyers continue to flock to crossovers over sedans, Honda may add AWD to boost the Accord’s appeal.
  4. Competition – Rivals like the Toyota Camry offer AWD, pressuring Honda to counter with an AWD Accord to stay competitive.
Is Honda Accords Have AWD
Is Honda Accords Have AWD

While not guaranteed, Honda adding AWD is certainly plausible in the coming years if customer preferences and the market continue to shift.

Do You Need AWD On A Honda Accord?

For most buyers, purchasing a front-wheel drive Honda Accord will be the smart choice:

  1. Better Fuel Economy – Going without AWD maximizes gas mileage, saving money at the pump.
  2. Lower Cost – Avoiding AWD also deducts a few thousand dollars off the car’s sticker price.
  3. Good Traction – FWD Accords are light on their feet and make the most of available grip. Traction control further aids when needed.

However, AWD can benefit Accord drivers who:

  1. Require extra traction in snowy or icy conditions.
  2. Frequently drive on loose surfaces like gravel or dirt.
  3. Want maximum performance and grip when pushing the car’s limits.
  4. Value the security and confidence AWD provides in inclement weather.

Unless you drive in substantial rain, snow or ice, require optimal traction and driving dynamics, or place high importance on AWD for peace of mind, the front-wheel drive Honda Accord likely remains the best pick overall.


The Honda Accord continues to use front-wheel drive exclusively across its entire lineup. Shoppers desiring all-wheel drive will need to look at Honda’s SUVs and trucks or upgrade to the Acura sedan range. For most buyers, the Accord’s blend of affordability, efficiency, and nimble handling should satisfy without the added cost and complexity of AWD. While not yet offered, Honda has the capability to introduce an AWD Accord in the future if customer preferences evolve.

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