Honda Accord FCW System Failed – Identify And How To Fix

The Forward-Collision Warning (FCW) System is a critical safety feature in Honda vehicles, designed to alert drivers of potential front-end collisions. But what does it mean when your Honda Accord FCW System Failed message lights up on your dashboard? This guide aims to help you understand and address this critical issue.

Causes And Fixes Of Honda Accord FCW System Failed

Bad Weather
Wait for weather to clear, park safely and reset system
Dirty Sensor or Camera
Clean the sensors and cameras regularly
Normal Wear
Schedule regular inspections and replace worn sensors
Defective Sensor or Camera
Consult a professional for sensor or camera replacement
Software Malfunction
Seek a software update or reprogramming from a professional
Damage from an Accident or Impact
Have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic after any collision
Sensor Overheating
Direct air conditioner towards the windshield where the camera is located
Aftermarket Lights
Replace with original lighting setup
Windscreen Replacement
Have a professional recalibrate the camera

Causes 0f Honda Accord FCW System Failed Message

The Honda Accord FCW System Failed message can be triggered by several issues, each affecting the Forward Collision Warning System’s ability to function correctly. The common causes include:

  • Bad Weather
  • Dirty Sensor or Camera
  • Normal Wear
  • Defective Sensor or Camera
  • Software Malfunction
  • Damage from an Accident or Impact

Bad Weather

Snow or heavy rain can interfere with the sensors, causing them to misinterpret the weather conditions as a potential collision.

Dirty Sensor Or Camera

Mud or dirt obstructing the camera or radar sensor can cause the system to fail. Regular cleaning is essential.

Normal Wear

Over time, the sensors, like any car part, can wear down, necessitating replacement even if no major damage is visible.

Defective Sensor Or Camera

Sensors or cameras may fail prematurely due to manufacturing defects, causing the system to malfunction.

Software Malfunction

The FCW system is managed by software that can sometimes fail, requiring an update or reprogramming.

Damage From An Accident Or Impact

A collision might damage the sensors, rendering the FCW system inoperable.

Causes 0f Honda Accord FCW System Failed Message

Where Is The FCW Sensor Found?

FCW sensors are primarily located in the front of the Honda Accord, as they are designed to detect potential collisions that may occur ahead of the car. These sensors are typically located near the headlights, in the grille, or integrated into the front bumper.

Cameras are typically installed near or on the windshield if they are part of the system. For precise information on specific locations, it is best to consult the Honda Accord owner’s manual.

Can I Drive With The Honda Accord FCW System Failed Message?

While driving with the Honda Accord FCW System Failed message is technically possible, it is not advised. This alert indicates that one of the vehicle’s primary safety systems is not operational, raising the possibility of an unnoticed collision.

If you see this message, you should proceed with caution to the nearest qualified service center for immediate assistance. Drivers should exercise extreme caution and vigilance during this time, as the lack of a functional FCW system deprives the driver of this critical safety feature.

How To Fix 2013 FCW System Failed Honda Accord?

If your 2013 Honda Accord displays the FCW System Failed message, follow these steps to diagnose and potentially fix the issue:

  • Park Safely and Reset
  • Check for Overheating
  • Replace Aftermarket Lights
  • Clean Sensors and Cameras
  • Perform a System Reset with a Diagnostic Tool
  • Check for Damage After a Windscreen Replacement
  • Turn Off the FCW System Temporarily

Park Safely And Reset

First, park your car in a safe location and turn off the engine. Wait for 10-20 minutes and restart the engine. This action may reset the system and could clear the failure message.

Check For Overheating

Extreme hot temperatures can cause the sensor camera to overheat, leading to errors. If this is the case, direct the air conditioner towards the windshield where the camera is positioned.

Replace Aftermarket Lights

Bright aftermarket interior lighting or headlights might confuse the FCW system. Consider reverting to the original lighting setup.

Clean Sensors And Cameras

Ensure the windshield, especially near the camera region, and other sensor areas are clean and free from obstructions like dirt or debris.

Perform A System Reset With A Diagnostic Tool

To reset the FCW system professionally, a Honda Diagnostic Scanner is required. It is recommended to have this done by a qualified technician.

Check For Damage After A Windscreen Replacement

If you recently had a windscreen replacement, the camera may need recalibration. This should be performed by a professional.

Turn Off The Fcw System Temporarily

As a last resort, and to stop the error message, you can turn off the FCW system through the ‘Vehicle Settings’ on your Honda Accord’s interface.

How To Fix 2013 FCW System Failed Honda Accord

What Is The Honda FCW System?

The Honda FCW System, or Forward Collision Warning System, is a Honda vehicle safety feature that helps prevent or mitigate frontal collisions. This system continuously monitors the road ahead using a combination of cameras, lasers, and radar sensors. When a potential collision with another vehicle or an obstacle is detected, the FCW system alerts the driver immediately with visual, audible, or tactile warnings such as dashboard alerts, alarms, or steering wheel vibrations.

It is integrated with the Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) in some models, which can apply the brakes automatically if the driver does not respond to the warnings. Overall, the Honda FCW System aims to improve road safety by providing drivers with the necessary time to react and avoid an accident.

What Does The FCW System Failed Message Mean?

The “FCW System Failed” message appears on the dashboard of a Honda vehicle to indicate that the Forward Collision Warning System is not working properly. This system is intended to detect potential collisions and alert the driver, making it an important safety feature.

This message indicates that a critical safety function has been compromised. The “FCW System Failed” warning indicates that the driver should seek professional automotive assistance immediately. To restore the vehicle’s safety features and protect both the car’s occupants and others on the road, a qualified technician should diagnose and correct the problem as soon as possible.

What is the FCW System Failed Message?

The “FCW System Failed” message refers to your vehicle’s Front Collision Warning (FCW) system. This message usually indicates a malfunction or failure in the FCW system, which is designed to prevent collisions by scanning the road ahead with sensors, most commonly a front-facing camera. 

One common cause of this message is a problem with the front camera, which is especially common when an aftermarket windshield is installed. Aftermarket windshields may interfere with the camera’s functionality, requiring adjustments to ensure proper camera alignment for both static and dynamic views. When you see this message, it means the FCW system isn’t working properly, and you should have it inspected and repaired to restore its safety features.

What is FCW Warning on Honda Accord?

A Honda Accord’s FCW warning stands for Forward Collision Warning. This safety feature detects potential collisions with slower-moving or stationary vehicles in front of your vehicle. It accomplishes this by constantly scanning the road ahead with sensors such as a front-facing camera. 

If the system’s sensors detect an obstacle or a potential collision, a series of warnings will be issued to the driver. These warnings are usually audible, alerting the driver to take action, such as braking or steering to avoid a potential collision. The FCW system is an important safety feature in Honda Accords, increasing driver awareness and assisting in the prevention or mitigation of frontal collisions.


What Is The Honda Accord FCW System Failed Message?

This message indicates a failure in the Forward-Collision Warning system, a crucial safety feature in Honda vehicles.

Can I Drive My Honda Accord With The FCW System Failed?

While you can, it is not recommended as you will be driving without an essential safety feature.

How Do I Fix A 2014 Honda Accord FCW System Failed Message?

Options include resetting the system, cleaning sensors, avoiding extreme temperatures, and consulting with a professional technician.


The Honda Accord FCW System Failed message is not to be taken lightly, as it indicates a problem with an essential safety feature of your vehicle. Whether it’s due to a dirty sensor, a software glitch, or damage from a recent collision, it’s vital to address this issue promptly. 

Follow our guide to troubleshoot and resolve this error, but when in doubt, consult with a professional technician to ensure the continued safety of your Honda Accord.

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