What Is The Honda Accord Gas Tank Size?

Knowing the gas tank capacity of your Honda Accord provides key insights into the vehicle’s capabilities. As an experienced Honda mechanic, I’m often asked about Accord fuel tank sizes. The Honda Accord Gas Tank Size ranges from 15.9 gallons in early models to up to 18.5 gallons in recent years. 

With my in-depth knowledge, you’ll have the details to make an informed decision about purchasing or maintaining your Accord. Whether you’re looking to upgrade, estimate fuel ranges, or simply get familiar with your car, I’ve got you covered.

A Look At Gas Tank Sizes Through The Years

As one of the most popular sedans worldwide, the Honda Accord has seen continuous design innovations across its 10 generations. This includes evolutions in the fuel system and Honda Accord Gas Tank Size. Here’s an overview of the tank capacities since the first Accord in 1976:

First Generation (1976-1981)

The original Honda Accord had a modest 15.9 gallon gas tank. This provided decent range as early models focused on fuel efficiency amidst global oil crises. However, limited capacity necessitated more frequent fill ups compared to modern tanks.

Second Generation (1982–1985)

Honda increased the size slightly to 16.1 gallons for the second-gen Accord. A minor upgrade but welcome given new engine options including an available 2.0L.

Third Generation (1986–1989)

No changes were made to the gas tank during this generation. The Accord continued with a 16.1 gallon capacity.

Fourth Generation (1990–1993)

The all-new 4th generation Accord saw the first significant gas tank expansion to 17.2 gallons. This kept pace with competing mid size sedans of the era.

Fifth Generation (1994–1997)

Honda essentially maintained the status quo with a 17.1 gallon tank for the 90s Accord. No major revisions were needed as the range remained competitive.

Sixth Generation (1998–2002)

Once again, Honda made almost no changes with a 17.1 gallon gas tank during this period. Reliability was prioritized over size.

Seventh Generation (2003–2007)

The seventh generation brought a modest increase to 17.9 gallons. This incremental change provided a little more flexibility for long trips or heavy usage.

Eighth Generation (2008-2012)

In the biggest leap yet, Honda expanded capacity to 18.5 gallons for 2008-2012 models. This supported the addition of more powerful V6 engines available during this generation.

Ninth Generation (2013-2017)

Honda dialed back slightly to a 17.2 gallon size for the ninth generation Accord. However, range remained strong with continued improvements in fuel efficiency.

Tenth Generation (2018-2022)

The latest Accords have a 14.8 gallon gas tank. Downsizing was made possible by the model’s economy reaching record highs.

Why Does Gas Tank Size Matters?

Beyond satisfying curiosity, there are some important reasons to understand Honda Accord Gas Tank Size:

  1. Range – The tank capacity has a direct impact on your vehicle’s possible range per tank. Larger sizes allow longer travel between fill ups.
  2. Cost Efficiency – With a big tank, you can take advantage of price fluctuations by filling up less often. This saves money over time.
  3. Performance Upgrades – Modifications like engine swaps may require tank adjustments to match fuel demands.
  4. Emergency Preparedness – Knowing your car’s range capabilities helps when planning for disasters or power outages.
  5. Buying Decisions – Gas tank size can factor into choosing the right model year when purchasing used.
Why Does Gas Tank Size Matters
Why Does Gas Tank Size Matters

In my professional opinion, there are clear benefits to having accurate knowledge of your Accord’s tank specifications.

How To Find Your Accord’s Gas Tank Capacity?

Determining your exact Honda Accord Gas Tank Size only takes a few simple steps:

Check the Manual

The easiest method is to consult your owner’s manual. This will provide tank size details along with other technical specifications. Even for used Accords, manual info can be found through Honda reference sites.

Look Under the Car

A quick way to identify size is by visually inspecting the tank itself. The capacity in gallons is usually printed right on the tank. This only takes a minute when you’re under the car.

Use the VIN Number

Each vehicle identification number (VIN) pinpoints the exact production details of your Accord. Honda dealers and auto parts stores can look up your gas tank via the VIN.

Contact the Dealer

For personalized assistance, Honda dealers always have access to accurate tank capacity data associated with your VIN. Their team can share specifics over the phone or email.

With this expertise, you can efficiently get gas tank specifics for any Accord.

Typical Honda Accord Gas Tank Sizes By Year

To provide easy reference, here is a review of the most common Honda Accord Gas Tank Size capacities sorted by model year:

Tank Size
15.9 gallons
16.1 gallons
16.1 gallons
17.2 gallons
17.1 gallons
17.1 gallons
17.9 gallons
18.5 gallons
17.2 gallons
14.8 gallons

This covers the primary tank volumes through the years. There may be slight variations by sub-model and country. I recommend confirming your individual Accord’s specs using the VIN-based methods above.

Maximizing Your Accord’s Gas Tank

Here are some expert tips for making the most of your Honda Accord Gas Tank Size:

  1. Keep tires properly inflated for optimal fuel economy
  2. Remove unnecessary cargo weight to reduce fuel consumption
  3. Use recommended octane grade fuel to avoid wasting gas
  4. Combine errands to reduce excess driving and fill ups
  5. Keep up with maintenance like oil changes and tune ups

By following these simple guidelines, I’ve helped Accord owners extend their tank range for years. Applying my expertise can easily help maximize your gas usage.

Is It Possible To Upgrade Tank Size?

A common question I receive is whether it’s possible to upgrade the Honda Accord Gas Tank Size. While not easy, it can be done through aftermarket customization. However, there are some key considerations:

  1. Requires extensive modifications that affect multiple systems
  2. Needs fabrication and placement of a larger tank
  3. Fuel pump and fuel lines may also need upgrades
  4. Requires professional installation for reliability and safety
  5. Will void any remaining factory warranty
Honda Accord Gas Tank Size
Honda Accord Gas Tank Size

For most drivers, the cost and complexity outweigh potential benefits. But significant increases of 50% or more are achievable for the right application. I recommend consulting a certified mechanic before attempting any tank modification.

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I hope this detailed guide provides the Honda Accord gas tank size expertise you need. Having this reference helps owners, buyers, and automotive enthusiasts alike. Please let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions. 

With over 15 years specializing in Hondas, I’m glad to share my real-world mechanical experience. Understanding your Accord’s tank capacity gives you confidence, convenience, and control.

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