Honda Accord Headliner Replacement – Easy Steps

The fabric headliner in your Honda Accord can become stained, saggy, or even fall down completely over time. Replacing the headliner will bring the interior back to life. The good news is that with a few basic tools and some time, Honda Accord headliner replacement is a simple DIY project.

This guide will cover everything you need to know, from safe headliner removal to cleaning and preparing the roof to installing your new headliner properly. We will also offer advice on the best materials and adhesives to use. With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to restore the interior of your Accord in a weekend.

Gather The Right Tools And Materials

Before starting any headliner project, it’s essential to have the proper tools and materials on hand. Here’s what you’ll need:


  1. Safety glasses
  2. Gloves
  3. Plastic pry tools
  4. Utility knife
  5. Screwdrivers
  6. Ratchet set
  7. Scissors
  8. High-temperature heat gun


  1. New headliner fabric
  2. Spray adhesive
  3. Upholstery foam
  4. Double-sided automotive tape
  5. Fastener clips

Having these tools and materials ready beforehand will make the Honda Accord headliner replacement process smoother and more efficient. The right pry tools are also crucial for safe headliner removal.

Safely Remove The Original Headliner

With your tools gathered, it’s time to start removing the existing headliner. Take care when removing the old fabric, as you don’t want to damage the roof underneath.

Safely Remove The Original Headliner
Safely Remove The Original Headliner

Follow these steps:

Remove the Dome Light

The dome light is often secured with just a few screws. Remove them with a screwdriver, detach the wiring, and set the dome light aside.

Remove Overhead Consoles and Handles

Use a pry tool to pop out any overhead consoles, handles, and garment hooks attached to the headliner. Disconnect any wiring as needed.

Remove Windshield Pillar Covers

Pry off the pillar covers where the headliner meets the windshield. Take care not to crack the plastic.

Detach Seat Belt Mounts

Use a ratchet to remove the bolts securing the seat belt shoulder mounts to the roof. Set them aside carefully.

Pry Down the Headliner

Starting from the removed pillar covers, carefully pry down the edges of the headliner using plastic pry bars. Work slowly to avoid cracking the roof panel.

Remove Completely

Once fully detached, carefully maneuver the headliner out through the door openings. You may need an extra set of hands for this part.

Clean And Prep The Roof

With the original headliner removed, now is an ideal time to clean the roof panel before installing the new fabric.

Clean And Prep The Roof
Clean And Prep The Roof

Here are some tips:

  1. Use a vacuum to remove dirt, dust and debris
  2. Clean with an all-purpose interior cleaner
  3. Remove any leftover foam or adhesive with a scraper
  4. Sand down any rough areas on the roof with 240 grit sandpaper
  5. Wipe with a clean, dry cloth

Proper cleaning and prep work now will allow the new headliner to bond tightly.

Install The New Honda Accord Headliner

Once prepped, you’re ready for Honda Accord headliner replacement. Follow these key steps for proper installation:

Test Fit the New Headliner

Test fit the new fabric before applying any adhesive. You may need to trim or make small adjustments for a perfect fit.

Apply Adhesive Spray

Following the directions on the can, apply a light mist of spray adhesive over the entire roof area and let it become tacky.

Insert the New Headliner

Being careful not to contact the adhesive prematurely, insert the new headliner through the door openings and align it into position.

Bond into Place

Starting from the center and working outward, use a plastic squeegee to smooth the headliner fabric onto the adhesive backing. Apply even pressure.

Reinstall Trim Pieces

Carefully reinstall all of the previously removed trim pieces, consoles, handles, and seat belt mounts using a pry tool.

Replace the Dome Light

Finish by reconnecting the dome lighting wires and securing the dome light housing back into place with screws.

Install The New Honda Accord Headliner
Install The New Honda Accord Headliner

Tips for a Successful Honda Accord Headliner Replacement

Follow these handy tips and tricks for the best possible results from your DIY Honda Accord headliner replacement:

  1. Choose an OEM factory-style headliner for the best fit. Aftermarket versions may require modifications.
  2. Utilize “3M Super 90” spray adhesive for the strongest, long-lasting bond.
  3. Always wear gloves when handling spray adhesives to avoid skin contact. Work in a well-ventilated area.
  4. Apply adhesive in a back-and-forth sweeping motion for even coverage.
  5. Enlist a helper to insert the headliner while you smooth and bond it from inside the car.
  6. Take your time smoothing the headliner from the center outward. Rushing can lead to bubbles and wrinkles.
  7. Let adhesive cure fully (often overnight) before reinstalling trim pieces and mounting hardware.

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What’s The Best Way To Remove Stubborn Headliner Clips?

Use a small flathead screwdriver to pry under the center pin of the clip. Apply even pressure until the pin pushes through and releases the clip.

How Can I Get Creases Out Of The New Headliner Fabric?

Use a heat gun on the lowest setting to gently smooth out any stubborn creases in the material before installation. Work slowly to avoid burning or damaging the fabric.

What’s The Easiest Way To Trim My New Headliner To Size?

Measure carefully, use masking tape to indicate your cut lines, and cut with a very sharp scissors.utility knife for straight cuts. An extra set of hands can help enormously.

Should I Glue My New Headliner Into Place Or Use Fastener Clips?

For a factory-quality installation, use both spray adhesive and new fastener clips. The adhesive provides a strong bond while the clips prevent future sagging.

How Long Does Headliner Adhesive Take To Fully Cure?

Adhesive cure times vary by brand, but usually need 12-24 hours to reach full strength. Avoid hanging objects or putting pressure on the headliner during this time.


While it may seem daunting, with this helpful guide, the right tools, patience, and some handy tips, DIY Honda Accord headliner replacement is an achievable task for most owners. On a weekend, you can breathe new life into your Honda’s interior. Just take your time, follow the proper procedures, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your restored headliner will provide a like-new appearance and renewed cabin comfort.

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