Honda Accord Humming Noise When Accelerating-Causes And Fix

Hearing unfamiliar noises from your vehicle while driving can be concerning. A humming noise from your Honda Accord when accelerating is one such sound that requires prompt diagnosis and repair.

In this article, we’ll outline the most common reasons for Honda Accord Humming Noise When Accelerating and provide actionable solutions to resolve the problem. With some basic mechanical knowledge and the right tools, you can inspect your Honda Accord, identify the culprit, and take steps to fix the issue before it leads to more severe problems.

What Causes Humming Noise in Honda Accord When Accelerating?

There are four primary causes of a humming noise from your Honda Accord when accelerating:

  • Faulty wheel bearing
  • Failed water pump
  • Underinflated or uneven tires
  • Failing transmission

Let’s look at each of these common causes in more detail.

Faulty Wheel Bearing

The wheel bearing is a crucial component that allows your wheels to spin freely while supporting the weight of the vehicle. When a wheel bearing starts to fail, it can produce a hum or growling noise that changes pitch as you accelerate the vehicle.

Wheel bearings consist of a metal ball bearing or roller bearing housed in a metal ring called the bearing race. Over time, the roller bearings and race become worn, often due to inadequate lubrication. Excessive play develops in the bearing, causing the humming noise during acceleration.

Honda Accord Humming Noise When Accelerating - Causes
Honda Accord Humming Noise When Accelerating – Causes

Failed Water Pump

The water pump circulates coolant through the engine to prevent overheating. A worn or damaged water pump can make rattling, grinding or humming noises.

Failing water pump bearings are often the culprit behind Honda Accord humming when accelerating. As the pump bearings fail, they can create audible vibrations transmitted through the serpentine belt and pulley system.

Other water pump problems like a loose pulley, bent impeller blades or coolant flow issues can also lead to acceleration noises.

Underinflated or Uneven Tires

Incorrect tire pressure or uneven tire wear can cause annoying humming from your Honda Accord’s tires when accelerating.

When tires are underinflated, they have more rolling resistance with the road surface, creating vibrations and noise. Tires that are overinflated or wearing unevenly due to alignment issues can also humming or buzz loudly when accelerating.

Uneven tire wear causes weight distribution problems, resulting in vibration and noise when torque is applied through acceleration.

Failing Transmission

Transmission problems can also produce a humming or whining noise when accelerating. Typical sounds indicating transmission failure include:

  • Humming or whining from the transmission housing
  • Grinding noises during gear changes
  • Slipping or harsh gear shifts

As transmission gears, bearings and other components start to wear, they lose smooth engagement with each other, creating vibrations and noise. Issues like low transmission fluid or leaks can also cause accelerated wear and odd sounds when shifting and accelerating.

How to Diagnose Honda Accord Humming Noise When Accelerating

Now that you know the most common culprits, here is a systematic process to diagnose the issue:

Identify Type of Noise 

Carefully listen as an assistant accelerates the vehicle. Distinguish between humming, grinding, rattling or whining noises.

Locate the Source

With the engine on, open the hood and listen around the engine bay. Use a mechanics stethoscope or long screwdriver to isolate the source.

Assess When Noise Occurs 

Accelerate gently from 0 to 30 mph, listening for noises that change with speed. This helps indicate rotating components like wheel bearings or transmission input shaft bearing.

Review Service History 

Check service records for any repairs related to wheels, water pump, tires or transmission. This provides clues to wear or chronic issues.

Inspect Components 

With engine off, visually inspect tires, accessory belts, pulleys, transmission and other culprit components. Look for damage, leaks, loose parts or wear.

Following this diagnostic process will help you pinpoint the root cause of humming noises when your Honda Accord accelerates.

How to Fix Honda Accord Humming When Accelerating

Once you’ve diagnosed the cause of the humming noise, here are the general steps to fix the problem:

Fixing Wheel Bearing Noise

  • Inspect wheel hub assembly for looseness or play indicating worn bearings
  • Replace damaged or worn wheel bearings and races
  • Use torque wrench to tighten lug nuts to factory specs
  • Ensure proper wheel alignment

Fixing Water Pump Noise

  • Inspect water pump pulley, belt and mounting bolts for tightness
  • Replace water pump if bearings are damaged
  • Flush cooling system and replace coolant

Fixing Tire Noise

  • Inspect tires for wear patterns indicating alignment issues
  • Ensure tires are inflated to door placard pressure
  • Rotate and balance tires if needed
  • Replace excessively worn tires causing vibration

Fixing Transmission Noise

  • Check transmission fluid level and condition
  • Inspect transmission pan and lines for any leaks
  • Flush transmission fluid and replace filter if needed
  • Address worn bearings, gears or other internal parts requiring rebuild/replacement
How to Fix Honda Accord Humming When Accelerating
How to Fix Honda Accord Humming When Accelerating

Depending on the diagnosis, fixing your Honda Accord’s humming noise may require DIY repairs or professional service. But accurately identifying the cause is the crucial first step.

When to Seek Professional Help

While some humming noises can be addressed with basic DIY fixes, others require specialized tools and expertise:

  • Transmission problems – Seek professional diagnosis and repair for any internal transmission issues. Don’t attempt to service or replace gears, shafts or bearings yourself.
  • Wheel bearing replacement – For hub assemblies that are difficult to remove, let a professional handle wheel bearing replacement to avoid damage.
  • Engine repairs – Diagnosing and servicing complex engine components like the water pump should be left to certified mechanics.

Seeking professional help can save you time, prevent costly mistakes and ensure repairs are done properly. If the humming persists after your DIY efforts, have your Honda Accord serviced.


Humming or droning noises when accelerating your Honda Accord can stem from a number of underlying problems. The most common causes are wheel bearing failure, water pump problems, uneven tire wear and transmission failure.

Carefully diagnosing the specific cause based on when the noise occurs and visual inspection will help you determine if repairs can be done yourself or if you need professional service.

Addressing any humming noises right away reduces running risks of more severe mechanical damage. With proactive maintenance and repairs when needed, your Honda Accord will continue accelerating smoothly for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common causes of humming noise in a Honda Accord when accelerating?

The most common causes are faulty wheel bearings, failing water pump, uneven tire wear, and transmission problems. Humming indicates vibration coming from one of these key components.

Does humming noise indicate an issue with the engine?

Not usually. The engine itself rarely causes humming noises directly. More commonly, accessory components like belts, pumps and pulleys cause humming noises by transmitting vibrations through engine and drivetrain mounts.

Are humming noises serious?

They can be. Grinding or loud humming noises when accelerating shouldn’t be ignored as they indicate components needing repair or replacement. The root causes like worn bearings can lead to breakdown or accidents if left unattended.

Can I fix humming noises from my Honda Accord myself?

Some causes like underinflated tires or loose components can be easily fixed yourself. But diagnosis of wheel bearings, water pump or transmission issues should be left to certified mechanics. They have the expertise and tools to properly repair internal components.

Does humming noise happen when accelerating in other cars?

Yes, acceleration humming and droning isn’t unique to Hondas. All makes and models can develop issues with wheel bearings, water pumps, tires and transmissions. Paying attention to such noises and addressing the root causes promptly is important for any vehicle.

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