How Much Does it Cost to Repair or Replace a Bumper?

A car’s bumper plays an important role in absorbing impact and protecting the vehicle body in collisions. However, bumpers can become damaged in accidents, when scraping against objects, or simply from wear and tear over time. When damage occurs, there are a few options to consider for repair or replacement.

Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement Cost will depend on whether you go to a dealer, body shop or do it yourself. You’ll also need to account for parts, labor, painting/refinishing and any hidden damages behind the bumper. On average, plan to budget $500-$1500 or more for a Honda Accord bumper replacement.

Factors That Affect Bumper Repair And Replacement Cost

Several key factors determine the overall bumper repair or replacement cost:

Type Of Vehicle

Luxury and high-performance vehicles typically have more complex bumper constructions and cost more to repair or replace than standard passenger cars. Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement Cost will be higher than a compact sedan, for example.

Extent Of Damage

Minor scrapes or cracks can sometimes be repaired, while major collision damage will require complete replacement. More extensive damage equals higher cost.

Replacement Part Cost

OEM factory parts tend to be most expensive. Aftermarket or salvaged bumpers can reduce part cost.


Matching the original bumper color and finish adds expense. Paintless dent repair may help avoid repainting costs for minor dents or scratches.

Location Of Repair

Labor rates at dealerships are usually higher than independent body shops. DIY repair/replacement costs the least in labor fees.

Estimated Costs For Bumper Repair Vs Replacement

Here are some ballpark figures for minor bumper repairs compared to complete replacement:


Replacing a bumper may cost anywhere from 3-10 times more than repairing minor damage.

Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement Cost

For a popular sedan like the Honda Accord, you can expect to pay in the neighborhood of:

  1. Bumper part: $250-$600
  2. Painting/refinishing: $200-$400
  3. Labor: $300-$700
  4. Total estimate: $750-$1700+

Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement Cost averages around $1000-$1500 through most body shops. Going to the dealer could be $300+ more. Doing it yourself would save significantly on labor fees.

Steps For DIY Bumper Replacement

Replacing a bumper yourself can save hundreds of dollars in labor costs. Here are the basic steps:

Purchase Replacement Bumper

Search online parts retailers or salvage yards for the best deal on a replacement OEM or aftermarket bumper. Make sure it matches your make, model and color.

Remove Old Bumper

Take out screws or bolts holding the bumper in place. Unplug any sensors or wiring harnesses connected to it. Watch for hidden fasteners.

Install New Bumper

Line up the bumper and reattach using the hardware. Reconnect sensor wiring. Refer to a shop manual if needed.

Add Finishing Touches

Use touch-up paint to cover any scratches or blemishes. Install new emblem/decals if needed.

Doing it yourself could save $300-$700 in labor compared to having a shop do the work. But make sure you have the skills, time and tools first.

When To Repair Vs Replace A Bumper

Minor dents, cracks and scratches can often be repaired successfully and more affordably than replacing. But once damage is extensive, replacement may be the better option.

Consider replacing when:

  1. Large portions of the bumper are missing or cracked significantly
  2. Collision impact damage has weakened structural integrity
  3. Aesthetic damage is too widespread for cost-effective repair
  4. Old bumper has corrosion, rust or paint deterioration

Proper auto body repairs can still restore badly damaged bumpers in some cases. Consult a professional to assess whether repair or replacement makes more economic sense.

How Long Does A Bumper Repair/Replacement Take?

A minor bumper repair could take 2-3 hours in a shop. More extensive repairs may require 4-6 hours or longer if disassembly is needed to access damages.

Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement Cost
Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement Cost

For a complete DIY bumper replacement, plan on at least an afternoon. Removing the old bumper, installing the new one and adding finishing touches takes 5-8 hours for most vehicles.

Having a shop replace your bumper typically takes 1-2 days with the vehicle tied up. Most of the time is waiting for paint or other finishes to cure properly.

Can Insurance Cover Bumper Repair/Replacement?

If bumper damage occurs in an accident, insurance will usually pay for repairs or replacement, minus your deductible. Most policies have $500-$1000 deductibles.

For damage unrelated to a collision, insurers typically won’t cover repairs since bumpers are prone to wear-and-tear damage.

Review your policy or check with your provider to understand what bumper damage scenarios they cover. Maintaining full coverage insurance can help reduce out-of-pocket costs for repairs from a crash.

How To Prevent Bumper Damage

Here are some tips to keep your bumpers damage-free:

  1. Park carefully away from curbs or other cars to avoid scrapes and dents
  2. Apply touch-up paint to small scratches to prevent rust/corrosion
  3. Wash regularly and wax for protection from weathering
  4. Install protective bumper guards or appliqués if available
  5. Drive carefully and avoid collisions that can damage bumpers

Performing periodic bumper inspections and minor repairs as soon as possible will also minimize damage over your vehicle’s life.

Is It Cheaper To Repair Or Replace A Bumper?

Whether it is cheaper to repair or replace a damaged bumper depends on the extent of the damage. For minor dents, scrapes and cracks, repairing the existing bumper is often less expensive than full replacement. But for more significant damage like large portions missing or structural issues, a new replacement bumper tends to be the more cost-effective option. Get an assessment of the damage from a professional to determine if repair or replacement makes better economic sense.

Cost to Repair or Replace a Bumper
Cost to Repair or Replace a Bumper

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A 2014 Honda Accord Bumper?

For a 2014 Honda Accord, you can expect to pay $500-$800 for an aftermarket replacement bumper or $600-$1000 for an OEM Honda bumper. Add another $300-$700 for painting and labor costs at a body shop to install it. So the total for replacing a 2014 Accord bumper at a shop will typically run $800-$1500, with higher costs at the dealer. Doing it yourself would save on labor.

Can A Honda Bumper Be Repaired?

Yes, minor dents, cracks, and scratches on a Honda bumper can often be repaired successfully and look good as new. As long as the damage isn’t too extensive, proper plastic welding, dent repair, sanding, priming and refinishing techniques allow Honda bumpers to be fixed affordably. But significant damage may require total bumper replacement.

Can A Plastic Bumper Be Repaired?

Many modern car bumpers are made of plastic and can be repaired in most cases. Minor cracks and punctures can be plastic welded. Dents and scratches can be filled, sanded and repainted. As long as the structural integrity of the bumper hasn’t been compromised, cosmetic repairs to plastic bumpers are usually possible. But very damaged bumpers may need replacement.

Can You Drive With A Damaged Bumper?

You can technically drive with a damaged bumper, but it’s not recommended. A loose, falling off or sharply protruding bumper could potentially cause hazards or injuries for you and other motorists. A damaged bumper also provides less protection in a collision. Have the bumper repaired or replaced as soon as possible, especially if it’s affecting safety or visibility. Avoid driving until it’s fixed if the damage is severe.

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The cost to repair or replace a damaged bumper runs $500-$1500+ in most cases. For a Honda Accord, plan around $1000-$1500 for a new rear bumper at a body shop. Factors like make/model, damage extent and DIY versus professional service impact the total bumper replacement cost. Following good prevention and maintenance practices can help avoid costly bumper repairs down the road.

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