How To Unlock A Honda Accord Steering Wheel That Is Locked?

A locked steering wheel in a Honda Accord can frequently be unlocked with a few simple steps. Typically, pulling down and turning the wheel while inserting the key is all that is required.

It’s inconvenient to have a locked steering wheel in your Honda Accord, but there’s no need to panic. It usually only takes a minute or two to unlock it so you can safely drive your vehicle again. You can often resolve a locked steering wheel on your own with some basic mechanical knowledge and the right tools, without having to call a mechanic.

What Causes A Honda Accord Steering Wheel To Lock?

There are a few common reasons why your Honda Accord steering wheel may become locked:

Honda Accord Steering Wheel Locked
Honda Accord Steering Wheel Locked
  1. The anti-theft lock system has been engaged. Many Honda Accords have an anti-theft feature that locks the steering wheel when you remove the key from the ignition. This prevents the wheel from being turned without the proper key.
  2. You’ve turned the wheel too far while parking. If you turn the wheel all the way to one side when parking on an incline, it can sometimes trigger the locking mechanism.
  3. The steering lock malfunctioned. In some cases, a mechanical or electrical failure in the steering lock system itself may cause it to lock unexpectedly.
  4. The battery died while driving. If your battery loses power while you’re driving, the sudden lack of electrical current can cause the steering wheel to lock in place for safety.

How To Unlock A Locked Steering Wheel On A Honda Accord?

If your Honda Accord steering wheel is locked, here are the steps to unlock it:

  • Check for Proper Key Alignment
  • Turn the Wheel While Turning the Key
  • Use Force if Needed
  • Reinsert Key Fully
  • Turn the Key to the Accessory Position
  • Release Pressure on the Wheel
  • Rock the Wheel
  • Spray Lubricant into Ignition

Check for Proper Key Alignment

Check that your key is fully inserted and turned to the proper orientation. While turning the key, gently wiggle or jostle the steering wheel. Sometimes the locking pins inside the ignition do not perfectly align with the key, preventing it from fully turning.

Turn the Wheel While Turning the Key

Gently turn the steering wheel in both directions as you turn the key in the ignition. The wheel is designed to unlock when turned in the same direction it was locked. When you turn the wheel the right way, you’ll feel it release from the lock.

Use Force if Needed

Sometimes excessive downward force on the wheel when exiting the vehicle can trigger the locking mechanism. In that case, you may need to pull up the wheel firmly while turning the key. The sudden jerk upwards can realign the internal locking pins and allow the key to turn.

Reinsert Key Fully

If steps 1-3 don’t work, remove the key fully from the ignition, reinsert it completely, and try again. Make sure it is going in as far as it can. Any key position other than fully inserted risks not properly triggering the unlock sensor.

Turn the Key to the Accessory Position

For stuck locks where the normal ignition positions don’t release the wheel, try turning the key gently to the furthest position just before fully starting the engine. This “accessory” position activates the car’s electrical system, which may provide enough power to unlock the mechanism.

Honda Accord Steering Wheel Locked
Honda Accord Steering Wheel Locked

Release Pressure on the Wheel

If you’ve been pulling or turning the steering wheel too hard while trying to unlock it, the extra friction can make release difficult. Return the wheel to the center and release all pressure before turning the key gently. This reduces binding friction, making the lock easier to release.

Rock the Wheel

With the key inserted, gently rock the wheel left and right while turning the key. The motion helps dislodge the internal locking pin and allows the ignition switch to fully rotate to the unlock position. Don’t rock too forcefully to avoid damaging the steering column.

Spray Lubricant into Ignition

A last resort, if other methods fail, is to use a penetrating lubricant sprayed directly into the ignition cylinder. This can help release the binding between the internal pins, allowing the key to turn more freely. Make sure to spray only a small amount to avoid fouling spark plugs.

You can also watch a YouTube video to unlock the Honda Accord Steering Wheel Locked:

How To Unlock A Honda Accord Steering Wheel?

To unlock a locked Honda Accord steering wheel, begin by pulling it in the same direction it was turned when it was locked. If you’re not sure which way to turn, try turning it in both directions. 

Insert your key into the ignition and start your car while holding the steering wheel in the proper direction. This should unlock the steering wheel lock and allow you to regain steering control.

Why Is The Steering Wheel Locked?

Several factors can cause the steering wheel to become locked. A faulty wheel lock cylinder, which may need to be replaced, is a common cause. A faulty key switch can also cause the steering wheel to lock and may necessitate replacement. Another possible cause is incorrect vehicle alignment, which can result in the steering wheel becoming blocked. 

Honda Accord Steering Wheel Locked
Honda Accord Steering Wheel Locked

Before proceeding with further repairs, it is critical to ensure proper alignment. Finally, make sure that all screws are properly tightened when replacing parts in your vehicle to avoid steering wheel lock issues.

How To Turn Off The Lock On My Honda Accord Steering Wheel?

Follow these steps to turn off the steering wheel lock. Check to see if your key is in the ignition, and if so, turn it. If possible, secure the steering wheel with a seatbelt, and park the car in a location where you can reach it from behind without getting out. Insert your key into the steering wheel lock (which is usually on either side) and turn it to open it. 

After you’ve opened the lock, use your key to unlock the door and safely exit. To completely disable this feature to prevent theft, you may need to remove the screws that hold each side panel in place.

How To Unlock A Honda Keyless Steering Wheel?

Unlocking a keyless steering wheel in a Honda can be difficult, but you do have a few options. To override the system, one method is to use a flathead screwdriver. Before you begin, make sure you understand the procedure. 

If the screwdriver method fails or is not possible, there may be other ways to unlock the steering wheel depending on your car model. If all else fails, consider requesting professional assistance from a tow truck.

Why Is My Steering Wheel Locked, And The Car Won’t Start?

If your car’s steering wheel is locked and the car won’t start, there could be several underlying issues. A broken steering wheel lock may be preventing the wheel from turning, which makes it difficult to start the car. It’s important to ensure that your vehicle has a functioning battery to allow proper engine turnover. 

Lost or damaged keys can also lead to starting issues. In such cases, consider obtaining a replacement set of keys to resolve the problem.

What Causes A Steering Wheel To Lock Up?

A steering wheel can lock up due to a variety of factors. A common cause is a power steering system failure, which can cause a loss of power to the wheels and make them difficult to turn. Steering wheel lock-up can also be caused by problems with the steering rack, column, or suspension, which should be addressed. Ignition locks can become stuck during sharp turns, preventing the car from starting properly. 

Furthermore, excessively worn tires can interfere with the steering mechanism, resulting in lock-ups during tight turns. Tire replacement can help prevent this problem and ensure smoother steering.


Finding your Honda Accord steering wheel locked can be annoying and worrisome, but using the right techniques will have you back on the road quickly. Always start by checking for proper key alignment, turning the wheel while rotating the key, and applying moderate force. With patience and care, an unexpected steering lock can be dealt with safely. Knowing what actions to take and avoiding excessive force on the wheel will keep you in control.

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