Can You Put A Supercharger In A Honda Accord?

If you own a Honda Accord, you may be wondering can you put a supercharger in a Honda Accord? The answer is yes, you can supercharge your Honda Accord to significantly boost its horsepower and performance. In this detailed guide, we will look at why you should need a Honda Accord supercharger, how to install a supercharger kit, and the tools required. Read on to transform your Honda into a powerhouse!

Why Should You Put A Supercharger In Your Honda Accord?

Installing a supercharger in your Honda Accord has some great benefits that can really amplify the driving experience. Here are some of the key reasons to can you put a supercharger in a Honda Accord?:

  • Massive Horsepower Boost
  • Instant Throttle Response
  • High Power at Low RPM
  • Cost Effective Power Gain
  • Retains Good Fuel Economy
  • Customizable Power Levels

Massive Horsepower Boost

The main appeal of supercharging an Accord is the huge increase in horsepower and torque output from the engine. A quality supercharger kit can boost horsepower levels from the stock 190-200 hp to over 400 hp! This turns the Accord into a seriously quick street machine.

Instant Throttle Response

Unlike turbochargers, superchargers have no lag time when you hit the throttle. This is because superchargers are directly driven off the engine’s crankshaft via a belt. The instant power delivery makes accelerating exciting.

High Power at Low RPM

Superchargers allow the Accord’s engine to produce abundant power even at low engine speeds. This improves drivability and overtaking. You don’t need to rev high through the gears to get the best performance.

Cost Effective Power Gain

Adding a supercharger is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase horsepower substantially. The performance gain per dollar is very high compared to other modifications like engine swaps.

Retains Good Fuel Economy

Supercharged Accords generally retain good fuel efficiency for daily driving, unlike modified cars with huge turbochargers or engine swaps. This keeps running costs down.

Customizable Power Levels

Many supercharger kits allow you to adjust the boost pressure. This means you can have a mild setup for reliable daily use, or turn up the boost on weekends for maximum power.

How To Install A Supercharger On A Honda Accord?

Can you put a supercharger in a Honda Accord? Yes, but the installation process requires time, expertise and the right tools. Here is an overview of installing a supercharger kit on a Honda Accord:

  • Get a Compatible Supercharger Kit
  • Install Mounting Brackets
  • Fit the Supercharger
  • Install Discharge and Inlet Piping
  • Upgrade the Fuel System
  • Install Intercooler System
  • Install Supporting Modifications
  • Blower Testing and Tuning
Honda accord supercharger

Step 1 – Get a Compatible Supercharger Kit

The first step is purchasing a good quality supercharger kit designed specifically to fit your particular Accord model and year. Vortech, Stillen and Sprintex make kits for a variety of Accords. Ensure it matches your Accord’s engine.

Step 2 – Install Mounting Brackets

Mounting brackets need to be installed to provide a solid and durable place to mount the supercharger. The brackets bolt to the engine block and chassis. Proper placement is crucial for alignment.

Step 3 – Fit the Supercharger

Now the supercharger unit can be installed onto the mounting brackets. Ensure proper belt alignment and tension. Some trimming of plastic shrouds may be required to clear space.

Step 4 – Install Discharge and Inlet Piping

Discharge piping needs to be installed from the supercharger outlet to the throttle body inlet. An intake system also needs installing. Good airflow and sealed connections are vital.

Step 5 – Upgrade the Fuel System

To handle the power increase, Accord’s fuel system needs upgrading. This typically involves fitting higher capacity fuel injectors and an upgraded fuel pump.

Step 6 – Install Intercooler System

Most kits include an air-to-air intercooler setup which cools the compressed air from the supercharger before it enters the engine. Proper intercooler location and piping is key.

Step 7 – Install Supporting Modifications

Other important supporting mods include a new ECU tune to optimize the air/fuel mixture, upgraded ignition system, lower compression pistons, and colder spark plugs.

Step 8 – Blower Testing and Tuning

After installation, the supercharger needs thorough testing and tuning on a dyno to ensure safe operation. Boost levels and fueling can be optimized based on your power goals.

Tools & Equipment Needed To Supercharge A Honda Accord

If you plan on tackling the supercharger installation yourself, there are some important tools you’ll need. Can you put a supercharger in a Honda Accord? Yes, with the following key equipment:

  • Complete supercharger kit – Includes all main components like supercharger, brackets, hoses, injectors etc.
  • Basic mechanic’s tool set – Socket set, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers etc. Both metric and imperial.
  • Specialty tools – Pulley removal tools, torque wrenches, vacuum gauges, compression testers.
  • Jack and jack stands – Needed to safely lift and support the car. Use designated jacking points.
  • Engine hoist – An engine hoist makes removing heavy components like the engine easier.
  • Air tools – Air impact wrench, air ratchet and air hammer make tasks quicker.
  • Trim and cutoff tools – Dremel rotary tool, shears etc needed to modify panels and hoses.
  • Diagnostic tools – Scan tool, multimeter needed to test sensors and troubleshoot issues.
  • Safety equipment – Eye protection, gloves, protective clothing for safe working conditions.

Having the right tools for the job makes the installation process much simpler. Invest in quality equipment and take care when working under the vehicle.

Honda Accord Engine Options For Supercharging

There are a few different Honda Accord engine variants from the 1990s onwards that work well with supercharging:

Honda accord supercharger

F20B and F20C – 2.0L DOHC VTEC

  • Found in 1994-1997 Accords
  • 190-200 hp stock
  • Responds very well to supercharging
  • Can achieve over 300 hp with a supercharger

F22b – 2.2l sohc VTEC

  • Used in 1990-1993 Accords
  • 130-150 hp stock
  • Reliable base for boost with forged internals
  • Capable of around 250 hp with supercharging

J30a4 – 3.0l sohc v6

  • 1998-2002 Accord Coupes
  • 200 hp stock
  • Smooth V6 suits supercharger power delivery
  • Potential for 350+ hp with the right upgrades

J32a2 – 3.2l sohc v6

  • Found in 2002-2007 Accords
  • 240 hp stock
  • Ideal supercharger application with V6 torque
  • Huge power potential over 400 hp

Each engine has differing power limits, but all will benefit from the instant and abundant power delivery of a supercharger. But remember increased power also places more stress on the driveline.

What To Consider Before Supercharging A Honda Accord?

While supercharging an Accord has many benefits, there are also some important considerations to think through before you begin:

  • Component upgrades – To handle the power increase, components like driveline, brakes and suspension may need upgrading.
  • Engine longevity – Supercharging adds stress which can impact engine life if not built properly. Lower compression and careful tuning recommended.
  • Install complexity – Some mechanical skill and knowledge is needed for proper installation, especially for intercooler plumbing and tuning.
  • Legality – Check your state laws on engine modifications. Forced induction may impact emissions compliance.
  • Driving habits – A supercharged engine demands more maintenance and care, especially when cold. Adjust your driving style accordingly.
  • Insurance and registration – Notify your insurer of engine modifications. Registration may also need updating.
  • Warranty impact – Most dealers void factory powertrain warranties if non-OEM superchargers are fitted.
  • Resale value – Modifications like superchargers can negatively or positively impact used car value depending on market demand.

While the power gains of supercharging are enticing, carefully weigh up these factors before making your Honda Accord a supercharged beast!

Maintaining And Modifying A Supercharged Honda Accord

Once you have a supercharger installed, there are some key maintenance steps and further mods that can improve the powertrain:

  • Use premium fuel to provide knock resistance for the high compression.
  • Change oil more frequently, such as every 3,000 miles. Supercharging increases mechanical stress.
  • Inspect belts, hoses and seals regularly for wear and issues. These can fail.
  • Clear debris frequently from intercooler, intake and supercharger inlet. Avoid blockages.
  • Upgrade cooling system with larger radiator, oil cooler and transmission cooler to handle heat.
  • Improve exhaust flow with headers and free-flowing exhaust. Reduces back pressure.
  • Lower temperature thermostat helps the engine warm up faster, reducing stress.
  • Adjustable fuel pressure regulators can provide fine control over fuel delivery.
  • Aftermarket ECU and tuning allows maximizing power safely while retaining drivability.

With great power comes great responsibility! Stay on top of maintenance and make supporting mods to enhance the performance, longevity and reliability of your Honda Accord v6 supercharger setup.

Common Questions About Supercharging A Honda Accord

Is A Supercharger Worth It For A Honda Accord?

For most Accord owners, the huge increase in horsepower and instant throttle response makes installing a supercharger very worthwhile. Just be sure to get supporting engine mods to handle the power safely.

How Much Does A Supercharger Cost For An Accord?

A complete supercharger kit suitable for a 1990s-2000s Accord generally ranges from $4,000 to $7,000. Additional costs are needed for supporting mods like tuning and fuel system upgrades.

Can A non-VTEC Accord Be Supercharged?

Yes, superchargers work well on non-VTEC Accord engines also. The key is avoiding excess boost at low RPMs, and getting custom tuning for the engine’s unique character.

What HP Can A Supercharged Accord Make?

With supporting mods, a properly setup supercharger kit can potentially double the stock horsepower or more. Expect gains of 100-300 hp depending on the engine and boost level.

Is A Supercharger Better Than A Turbo For An Accord?

Superchargers typically suit the Accord better than turbos. Their linear power delivery and lack of lag matches the Accord’s character. Turbos are more prone to spool up too quickly.


Installing a supercharger allows you to transform a standard Honda Accord into a seriously fast street machine. With the right supporting modifications and careful setup, power levels of 400 hp or more are achievable. While not a cheap or easy process, the huge performance gains are incredibly rewarding for any driving enthusiast. 

Just be sure to pay close attention to detail during installation and tuning. Do your research and work with experienced supercharging specialists to safely put a supercharger in a Honda Accord?. Enjoy your newfound Accord power!

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