Honda Accord Tinted Windows Options: 45% vs 35%

Adding Honda Accord tinted windows can make a big difference in the look and feel of your vehicle. Tinted windows not only give your car a sleek, stylish appearance but also provide important practical benefits like UV ray protection, glare reduction, and privacy. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to know about Honda Accord tinted windows – from legal tint limits to costs, pros and cons, and recommendations for different tint levels. Let’s get started!

Honda Accord Window Tint: 45% Or 35%

Aftermarket tinted windows involve applying a thin film to the inside of the vehicle’s windows. This film blocks some light from entering the car, providing the tinting effect. Honda Accord tinted windows come in a range of different tint levels, expressed as a percentage. For instance, 50% tint will block half of the light from passing through the window.

There are several benefits that come with tinted windows:

  • UV ray protection – Window films help block up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays from entering the car. This protects passengers from sun damage and skin cancer risks.
  • Glare reduction – Tinted windows significantly reduce glare from bright sunlight, improving visibility for drivers. This can also decrease eye strain.
  • Temperature control – Darker tinted windows can block heat from the sun, helping keep the car’s interior cooler in summer weather.
  • Privacy – Dark tints make it harder to see into the vehicle from the outside, giving occupants more privacy.
Honda Accord Tinted Windows Options

However, there are some potential downsides to consider as well:

  • Reduced visibility at night – Very dark tints can hamper visibility in low light conditions.
  • Legality issues – Each state sets its own legal limits for tint darkness. Going too dark could lead to fines.
  • Difficulty seeing out – Extremely dark tints may make it harder for passengers to see out of the windows during the daytime.

When choosing Honda Accord tinted windows, you’ll need to weigh factors like appearance, privacy, climate, and legality to pick the right tint levels for your needs and location.

Tinting Laws for Honda Accord

One of the most important things to consider when getting Honda Accord tinted windows is your state’s tinting laws. Every state regulates allowable tint levels for the front driver/passenger windows as well as the rear windows.

Most states prohibit aftermarket tint on the front windshield entirely, with the exception of a small visor strip along the very top of the glass. However, regulations for side and rear windows vary significantly.

For example, in Florida the legal limit is 28% tint for the front side windows and 15% for rear and back windows. Meanwhile, in California the front sides can only have 70% tint or lighter.

It’s critical to check your local tint laws before getting any Honda Accord window tinting done. Going darker than what’s permitted in your state can lead to fix-it tickets, fines, or even window replacement requirements. The last thing you want is to pay for illegal tints only to have to remove them.

When researching regulations, look up “window tint law [your state]” to find authoritative sources like state government websites with exact percentages permitted. You may also wish to connect with a professional, reputable tint shop that is familiar with laws in your region.

As long as you ensure your Honda Accord tinted windows adhere to local laws, you can enjoy the many benefits of window tinting safely and legally.

How Much Does Window Tinting Cost for a Honda Accord?

The cost to tint the windows on your Honda Accord can range quite a bit based on factors like:

  • Tint material used
  • Percentage/darkness of tint
  • Type of windows tinted
  • Shop rates in your area

On average, expect to pay $100 to $300 for high-quality tinting on a Honda Accord. Here’s a breakdown of estimated pricing:

  • Side front windows only: $100-$150
  • Full rear window tint: $100-$200
  • Full side and rear window tinting: $200-$300

Additional options like tinting the windshield visor strip or upgrading to specialty tints like ceramic window films will add to the total cost.

Shops in areas with higher costs of living and labor will also tend to charge more for Honda Accord tinted windows. For example, you may pay $250+ for the same job that would cost $150 in a small town.

When researching tint shops, look for experienced specialists that use brands like 3M, LLumar, and FormulaOne for best results. Avoid extremely cheap options, as low cost may equal low quality.

And remember to factor in your local tint laws – an illegal 5% limo tint will cost less than a 50% film that meets regulations, but you get what you pay for. Investing a little more upfront in legal, quality tints for your Honda Accord is the smart choice.

Pros and Cons of Tinted Windows in Honda Accords

Adding tinted windows to your Honda Accord has several potential advantages – but also some drawbacks to keep in mind. Consider the key pros and cons:


  • Stylish, sleek appearance
  • UV protection for passengers
  • Glare and eye strain reduction
  • Cooler interior temperature in summer
  • Enhanced privacy inside car
  • Available in a wide variety of tint levels
  • Aftermarket tints are affordable


  • Illegal tints can lead to tickets, fines
  • Super dark tints reduce nighttime visibility
  • Can make it harder to see out during day
  • May not be permitted in some areas
  • Professional installation required for best results
  • Extra care needed when cleaning tinted windows

For most drivers, the many benefits outweigh the potential disadvantages. As long as you choose a legal tint percentage and have them installed properly to avoid issues like bubbling or peeling, Honda Accord tinted windows are an excellent addition.

Recommended Tint Percentages for Honda Accord

When selecting a tint percentage, you’ll need to balance appearance, privacy, legality, and safety factors. Here are some recommended Honda Accord tinted windows percentages to consider:

Front Side Windows

  • 70% tint – This very light tint is ideal for a subtle effect while meeting the strictest state laws. Good for optimizing heat protection without hampering night vision.
  • 50% tint – A medium tint that blocks about half the light coming in, reducing glare. Provides some appearance enhancement while remaining legal everywhere.
  • 35% tint – On the darker side of legal limits, this tint boosts privacy while allowing good visibility both day and night. Not permitted in some states.
  • 20% tint – Very dark tint for maximum heat/UV blocking. Typically illegal on front sides – only permitted in certain states.

Rear and Back Windows

  • 35% tint – This is a great place to start for back windows in most regions of the US. Adds a nice tint effect while remaining legal in most states.
  • 20% tint – A good choice for hot, sunny climates where heat control is a priority. Meets regulations in many southern states.
  • 5% limo tint – As dark as you can legally go in some states. Dramatic appearance but can reduce night visibility. Check your laws before using.
Honda Accord Tinted

Take the time to consider all the factors and pick tint levels tailored to your Honda Accord, climate, driving needs and local regulations. An experienced tint shop can also provide guidance on recommended percentages.

Other Tips for Honda Accord Tinted Windows

Here are a few other useful tips to keep in mind for your Honda Accord’s tinted windows:

  • Only use high-quality, name brand tint film installed by a professional – avoid cheap options that bubble and peel quickly.
  • Go with seamless, single-piece tint sheets rather than film with seams whenever possible for the cleanest look.
  • Consider splurging for ceramic or metallic tints for maximum heat blocking ability.
  • Make sure to clean tinted windows carefully using microfiber cloths, newspapers or ammonia-free glass cleaner to avoid scratching.
  • If you live in a region with frequent snowfall, consider going a bit lighter on tint levels to aid with winter visibility.
  • Check your Honda Accord owner’s manual for any special guidance or restrictions on tinting.

Following these tips along with the recommendations above will ensure you end up with great looking, functional Honda Accord tinted windows you’ll love.


Adding tint to your Honda Accord allows you to customize the look of your vehicle while also providing practical benefits. Just be sure to research your local laws and only use high quality, legally compliant films. For the best heat protection and style, go with a 20% tint on rear windows paired with a 50% film on the front sides. With professional installation and proper care, your new Honda Accord tinted windows will maintain their sleek appearance for years while also upgrading your ride’s comfort and privacy.

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