How Can I Make My Honda Accord Coupe Faster?

The Honda Accord Coupe has been an excellent choice for those looking for a practical and economical sports coupe. However, some owners wish to extract more performance from their vehicles. The good news is that with carefully selected aftermarket parts, you can make your Honda Accord Coupe significantly faster.

This article will explore “How Can I Make My Honda Accord Coupe Faster”. We’ll look at upgrades like turbocharging, exhaust systems, intakes, suspension, brakes, and more. Follow along to learn how to unlock the performance potential of your Honda Accord Coupe.

How Can I Make My Honda Accord Coupe Faster?

You can make your Honda Accord by following these:

  • Engine Modifications
  • Drivetrain Modifications
  • Brakes, Wheels, and Suspension
  • Weight Reduction
  • Using Performance Parts Synergistically

Engine Modifications

Let’s start with the engine, as this is where you can make the biggest horsepower gains. Here are some of the most effective engine mods for the Honda Accord Coupe:

Turbocharger or Supercharger

Forcing more air into the engine is key to making more power. A turbocharger or supercharger pressurizes the intake air, allowing more fuel to be injected. This greatly increases horsepower and torque output. A quality turbo or supercharger kit tuned specifically for the Accord can easily add 100 HP or more.

Cold Air Intake

A cold air intake replaces the factory airbox with a high-flowing intake tube and performance air filter. By providing cooler, denser air to the engine, it can pick up 5-15 HP.

Cat-Back Exhaust

Installing less restrictive exhaust manifolds and piping allows the engine to breathe better. A cat-back exhaust system with high-flow mufflers reduces backpressure. Expect gains of 10-25 HP.

Honda Tuning

Getting the engine professionally tuned to optimize timing, fuel delivery, and other parameters can maximize the benefits of bolt-on mods. Standalone ECUs offer more control over engine management.

Internal Engine Mods

For maximum power, the engine itself can be modified with parts like high compression pistons, aggressive cams, ported cylinder heads, and stroker kits. But these require opening up the motor and are best left to experts.

Honda Accord Coupe Faster

Drivetrain Modifications

Applying power to the wheels requires an upgraded drivetrain. Consider these mods:

Limited-Slip Differential

A limited-slip diff improves traction by distributing power evenly between the wheels. This aids acceleration and handling.

Lower Final Drive Gearing

Re-gearing the final drive or differential to a shorter ratio improves off-the-line acceleration. But it reduces top speed.

Short Shift Kit

Quickening the shifting of the manual transmission can shave tenths off acceleration times.

Clutch Upgrades

Higher clamping force clutch kits allow the transmission to hold the extra power without slippage.

Brakes, Wheels, and Suspension

Optimizing how power gets to the road is crucial. Upgrade these areas:

Big Brake Kits

Larger brake rotors with multi-piston calipers improve stopping power. Essential for faster speeds.

Sticky Tires

Maximizing grip is key. Install soft, high-performance tires like Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R.

Lowering Springs and Shocks

Lowering the center of gravity and reducing body roll with stiffer springs and shocks enhances handling.

Strut Tower Brace

A strut brace reduces chassis flex for quicker turn-in and transitioning.

Sway Bars

Thicker anti-roll bars keep the car flatter in corners for higher cornering speeds.

Make My Honda Accord Coupe Faster

Weight Reduction

Less weight = more speed. Consider:

  • Removed unneeded interior components
  • Lightweight wheels
  • Carbon fiber body panels
  • Lexan windows
  • Ultralight battery

Remove only what is safe/legal for street driving. Stripping too much risks integrity.

Using Performance Parts Synergistically

The key is to use mods that complement each other. For example, increasing power without addressing the suspension may lead to wheelspin and slower times.

Study your needs and select parts purposefully. Work with knowledgeable tuners to build packages tailored specifically to your Accord.


With carefully chosen mods, you can transform your Honda Accord Coupe from a mild-mannered commuter into a street sleeper. Focus on the engine, drivetrain, suspension, brakes, and weight reduction for the biggest gains. Work with trusted experts to tune and install components safely. Prioritize mods that work synergistically to get the most out of your investment. Then enjoy surprising unsuspecting challengers as you smoke them from stoplight to stoplight in your high-performance Honda Accord Coupe!

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