How To Install Fog Lights On Honda Accord?

When driving in inclement weather, installing fog lights on your Honda Accord can greatly improve visibility and safety. You can add this useful upgrade to your vehicle with a few simple tools and basic mechanical skills. We will walk you through the entire process of installing aftermarket fog lights on a Honda Accord in this comprehensive DIY guide.

Steps For Installing Fog Lights On Honda Accord

Determine Correct Fog Light Kit

Determine which fog light kit is best for your particular Honda Accord model and year as the first step. For each of the Accord’s generations, a different kit is available. To guarantee proper fitment and a simple installation procedure, be sure to purchase a kit created especially for your car. Invest in a full kit that comes with all the hardware, wiring, and mounting brackets you require.

Prepare The Front Bumper

After gathering the necessary fog light kit, you must prepare the front bumper for installation. Begin by removing the vehicle’s bumper to gain easier access for drilling any necessary holes and routing wires. For detailed instructions on safely removing the bumper, consult your vehicle’s service manual.

To mount the fog lights and route the wiring harness, you may need to cut or drill holes in the bumper cover. To properly cut/drill the bumper cover, carefully follow the instructions included with the fog light kit. Use sharp drill bits to make holes just big enough for the lights and wiring to fit through.

Mount The Fog Light Assemblies

After you’ve cut the holes and removed the bumper, you can attach the fog light housings to the bumper cover. To secure the fog lights, use the supplied brackets and hardware. It takes some trial and error to get the angle and placement just right. For proper positioning, consult the diagram included with the fog light kit.

Allow the mounting hardware to be slightly loose at first so that you can adjust the final aim of the fog lights when remounting the bumper later. Before tightening everything down completely, make sure the fog lights are centered and evenly spaced. Apply silicone sealant around the edges to keep moisture out.

Install The Wiring Harness

Install the wiring harness and relay that came with the kit to power the new fog lights. Return the harness from the fog lights through the bumper holes and into the engine bay. Zip ties can be used to neatly secure the harness in place.

Connect the harness to the fog light bulbs and any inline fuses/relays as directed. Make sure to leave enough slack at all connection points to allow for future servicing. To prevent corrosion, apply dielectric grease to all electrical terminals.

Connect To Vehicle Wiring

Locate the vehicle’s factory fog light or auxiliary lighting wiring connector under the hood. Tap into the appropriate wires to integrate the new fog light circuit into the car’s electrical system, following the vehicle-specific instructions included with the fog light kit.

honda accord fog light bulb replacement
honda accord fog light bulb replacement

Crimp connectors or Posi-Taps can be used to splice into the tail light, parking light, or accessory power wires on most Hondas. All new wiring should be routed and secured carefully away from hot or moving components. Before proceeding, ensure that all connections are complete.

Remount Bumper And Test Lights

After completing all fog light wiring, reinstall the front bumper on the vehicle. Reinstall the bumper with the original hardware and procedure. Before tightening everything down, make sure everything is properly aligned. Return to the Install Fog Lights On Honda Accord as needed to achieve the desired light projection pattern.

To test the operation of the fog lights, turn the key to the “ON” position and flip the fog light switch. The fog lights and dashboard indicator light should both illuminate. If the pattern is not optimal, adjust the aim. Check that the new fog lights have no effect on the low and high beams.

Can You Install Fog Lights On A Car That Didn’t Come With Them?

Yes, it is possible to install fog lights on a car that did not originally come equipped with them from the factory. You will need to purchase an aftermarket fog light kit designed specifically for your make and model. The kit will include all necessary mounting brackets, wiring harnesses, and hardware for a complete installation. 

You may need to cut holes in the front bumper cover to mount the fog lights. Installation will also involve tapping into the existing electrical system for power. As long as you follow the kit instructions and take time routing and securing wires properly, fog lights can be added to almost any vehicle.

Can You Install Fog Lights As Headlights?

No, fog lights should not be used as headlights. Fog lights are designed to provide extra wide, lower beam illumination to see the road and sides during foggy conditions. Headlights need to project far down the road with a tight, bright beam. The fog light’s scattered light pattern does not adequately light up the road ahead. 

2013 honda accord fog light bulb
2013 honda accord fog light bulb

Headlights also need to be properly aimed, which is not possible with fog lights. Driving with only fog lights would be extremely unsafe. Fog lights should only supplement the vehicle’s low beam headlights.

Do Sedans Need Fog Lights?

Fog lights can be a useful accessory on sedans just as with any vehicle type. The low, wide beam helps increase visibility in fog, rain, or other poor visibility conditions. This can improve safety for sedan drivers when weather conditions are hazardous. Sedans benefit from fog lights when driving country roads early morning or late evening when fog may roll in. 

Fog lights allow seeing more of the shoulder and sides of the road. So while not an absolute necessity, fog lights can be a nice upgrade for sedan owners in certain driving situations.

Can I Use Fog Lights At Night?

It is not advisable to use fog lights by themselves at night. The fog light’s scattered, wide projection is not suitable for lighting the road ahead. Driving at night with only fog lights would limit visibility and be unsafe. Fog lights are designed as a supplement to low beam headlights in bad weather. 

The focused low beams work best with the added peripheral illumination from the fog lights. Only use fog lights at night along with your regular headlights on low beam settings. Never use high beams and fog lights simultaneously.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I Need Any Special Tools To Install Fog Lights?

You will need typical automotive hand tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, crimpers, and cutters. Power tools like a drill, Dremel, or jigsaw can make cutting the bumper and drilling holes easier. Specific instructions for any specialty tools should be provided with the fog light kit.

How Long Does It Take To Install Fog Lights?

Plan on the fog light installation taking 2-5 hours for someone moderately familiar with basic car repairs. Completing it your first time will likely take closer to 4-5 hours. Well-prepared DIYers could complete the job in 2 hours.

What Do I Do If I Blow A Fuse After Installing Fog Lights?

Blown fuses after installing fog lights usually indicate an electrical issue like a pinched wire or short circuit. Thoroughly inspect all wiring connections and splices on the fog light circuit. Check for any bare or pierced wires causing a short. Replace the fuse once you find and fix the root cause.

Should I Get Led Or Halogen Fog Lights?

LED fog lights typically provide brighter, crisper light than halogen, thus improving visibility in fog or rain. However, LEDs are more expensive. Halogens are affordable and still enhance night driving visibility. Choose based on your budget and needs.

Can I Operate Fog Lights With High Beams?

It is not recommended to use your high beams and fog lights simultaneously. The fog lights should be operated with low beams. The focused low beams work best with the wide fog light projection pattern. Using high beams and fog lights together causes glare.


Installing aftermarket fog lights on a Honda Accord truly enhances visibility and safety in hazardous driving conditions. By following the steps outlined above and using the right components for your Accord, you can complete this useful upgrade in your own garage. Just allow plenty of time, use proper techniques, and be thorough when tapping into electrical wiring.

Driving with professionally installed fog lights allows you to see more of the road ahead in rain, fog, or darkness. The peace of mind while behind the wheel makes this project well worth the effort for any Honda Accord owner. Stay safe out there!

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