How To Program The Honda Auto Lock Unlock Feature?

The Honda Auto Lock Unlock Feature is an excellent feature that allows you to program your Honda vehicle to automatically lock the doors once the car reaches a certain speed, and to unlock the doors when you park it or turn off the ignition. This saves you the hassle of manually locking and unlocking the car doors every time. This article will take you through the simple process of setting up the auto lock and unlock settings on your Honda vehicle.

How To Program The Honda Auto Lock Unlock Feature? Step By Step

Programming your Honda to set up the Honda Auto Lock Unlock Feature is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to configure the auto-lock and auto-unlock settings:

Set Up Auto-Lock Settings

  1. Park your Honda vehicle in your garage or a low-traffic area. Turn on the ignition.
  2. On the center display, select the ‘Home’ button.
  3. Choose ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘Vehicle’.
  4. Scroll down and tap on ‘Door Setup’.
  5. On the new screen, select ‘Auto Door Lock’.
  6. You will now see three options – ‘With Vehicle Speed’, ‘Shift from P’, and ‘Off’.
  7. Tap on the desired option:
    1. ‘With Vehicle Speed’ – Doors lock automatically once the car reaches 10 mph.
    2. ‘Shift from P’ – Doors lock when you shift out of Park.
    3. ‘Off’ – Disables the auto-lock feature.
  8. Confirm your selection by tapping ‘Yes’ or ‘Save’.

Set Up Auto-Unlock Settings

  1. On the center display, press the ‘Home’ button and go to ‘Settings’.
  2. Tap on ‘Vehicle’ and scroll down to ‘Door Setup’.
  3. Select ‘Auto Door Unlock’.
  4. You will get four options – ‘All Doors with Driver’s Door Opens’, ‘All Doors with Shift to P’, ‘All Doors with IGN Off’, and ‘Off’.
  5. Read the details and tap on your preferred option:
    1. ‘All Doors with Driver’s Door Opens’ – Unlock all doors when you open the driver’s door.
    2. ‘All Doors with Shift to P’ – Unlock all doors when shifted to Park.
    3. ‘All Doors with IGN Off’ – Unlock all doors when ignition is turned off.
    4. ‘Off’ – Turns off auto-unlock.
  6. Confirm your selection by tapping ‘Yes’ or ‘Save’.

Benefits Of The Honda Auto Lock Unlock Feature

Programming your Honda with the Honda Auto Lock Unlock Feature provides some great benefits:

  1. Added Convenience – No need to manually lock/unlock the doors every time. Saves time and effort.
  2. Enhanced Security – Doors automatically lock when driving, preventing accidental opening.
  3. Customizable – Choose auto lock/unlock triggers as per your preference.
  4. Works on All Doors – Settings apply to all doors, not just driver’s door.
  5. Simple to Program – Easy to set up through the center display settings.
  6. Works on Most Models – Compatible with 5th gen and some older Honda models.

How Does The Honda Auto Lock Unlock Feature Work?

The Honda Auto Lock Unlock Feature is enabled through the car’s computerized system. Here is how it works:

  1. Sensors detect when the configured auto lock/unlock conditions are met.
  2. A signal is sent to the door lock actuators which engage the locking/unlocking mechanism.
  3. Door locks are electronically engaged/disengaged without any physical effort.
  4. Central computer controls the automated sequence based on programmed settings.
  5. Only operates when ignition is on and vehicle is in accessory mode.

So in simple terms, the computer automatically locks/unlocks doors when programmed conditions are fulfilled. No manual intervention needed.

How Do You Program A Honda To Unlock All Doors?

To program your Honda to unlock all doors automatically, go to the center display in your car, press the ‘Home’ button and select ‘Settings’. Then choose ‘Vehicle’ and tap on ‘Door Setup’. Next, scroll down to ‘Auto Door Unlock’ and select the option ‘All Doors with Shift to P’ or ‘All Doors with IGN Off’. 

This will make your Honda unlock all doors when you shift to park or turn off ignition. Confirm by tapping ‘Yes’ to save the setting. This programs your Honda to unlock all doors automatically based on your preferred condition.

How Do You Program An Automatic Door Lock?

Most modern cars like Honda models allow you to program automatic door locks through the settings menu on your center display screen. Go to ‘Vehicle Settings’, then ‘Door Setup’ and choose ‘Auto Door Lock’. 

Here you can select options like ‘With Vehicle Speed’ to lock doors automatically when exceeding 10 mph or ‘Shift from P’ to lock doors when shifting from park. Choose your preferred setting and save. This will program your car’s computer to engage the door locks automatically based on your selection.

Does My Honda Lock Automatically?

If your Honda model has the auto door lock feature, the doors will automatically lock when your car reaches a certain speed, usually 10 mph. This is programmed by default in models with this feature. 

You can customize it by going to ‘Door Setup’ under ‘Vehicle’ in settings and choosing ‘Auto Door Lock’. Here you can set it to lock with speed or gear shift or disable auto lock. Check your owner’s manual to see if your Honda supports auto lock.

What Is The Auto Door Lock Feature On Honda?

The auto door lock feature on Honda cars automatically locks all doors when the vehicle reaches a certain speed, usually 10 mph. This provides added security and convenience by eliminating the need to manually lock doors every time. 

The speed threshold and other settings like linking it to gear shift can be customized under ‘Door Setup’ in the car’s settings menu. This feature is available in most modern Honda models and enhances the driving experience.

Does The Honda Jazz Auto Lock?

Yes, the Honda Jazz supports the auto door lock feature. When enabled, it will automatically lock all doors on exceeding a pre-set speed limit, which is generally around 10 mph. You can customize the auto lock settings like linking it to gear shift or disabling it as per your preference through the center display menu under ‘Door Setup’. 

The Jazz allows programming the auto lock to suit your needs for convenience. Check the user manual of your specific Jazz model year to confirm auto lock capability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Auto Lock Work In Eco Mode?

Yes, the Honda Auto Lock Unlock Feature works seamlessly in eco mode without any issues. The settings apply irrespective of drive modes.

What Honda Models Is It Compatible With?

The feature is primarily designed for 5th generation Honda models. But it may be available in some older models too depending on the year and trim. Check your car’s manual or Honda’s website for compatibility.

What If The Auto Lock Fails To Engage?

If the auto lock fails to engage, first ensure all doors are properly closed. Also check if you are below the minimum speed threshold set for auto lock. The feature requires the ignition to be on as well. If the issue persists, get your Honda serviced.

How To Disable The Auto Lock/Unlock Settings?

You can easily disable the auto lock or unlock settings by going into the respective menu on the center display and selecting the ‘Off’ option. This turns off the automated feature.

Can I Set Auto Lock/Unlock For Just Driver’s Door?

No, the settings apply universally to all doors. There is no provision to selectively set them for the driver’s door only in most Honda models.


The Honda Auto Lock Unlock Feature is an immensely useful addition that takes convenience and security to the next level. With just a few taps on the center display, you can configure the auto door lock and unlock settings as per your liking. The automated feature saves time and effort while enhancing safety. 

Follow the step-by-step programming guide outlined in this article to enjoy the benefits of keyless entry and exit with your Honda vehicle. Carefully choose the triggers and use the tips provided here to maximize the potential of this technology.

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