How To Replace Honda Accord Touring Windshield?

The windshield is one of the most important safety components of your vehicle, providing structural integrity as well as clear visibility. If your Honda Accord Touring’s windshield becomes damaged from an impact, weathering, or general wear and tear, it is crucial to Replace Honda Accord Touring Windshield as soon as possible. This ensures continued safety and functionality. While bringing the car to a service shop is an option, replacing the windshield yourself can save money with the right preparation and care.

This article will provide a complete walkthrough of How To Replace Honda Accord Touring Windshield, from removing the old glass to installing the new windshield. Critical factors like selecting the proper replacement glass, calibrating driver assist systems, and safely handling the automotive glass will be covered. Let’s get started!

Steps To Replace Honda Accord Touring Windshield

Gather Tools And New Windshield

The first step is acquiring all the necessary tools and the new OEM replacement windshield specific to your Honda Accord Touring model year. Critical supplies include:

  • Windshield removal tools – Specialty tools like wire with handles help slice through the adhesive.
  • Glass suction cups – Help maneuver the windshield during removal and installation.
  • Urethane adhesive kit – Includes primer and new automotive-grade adhesive.
  • Replacement windshield – Consult owner’s manual for specific part numbers. OEM is recommended.
  • Protective gear – Gloves, eye protection, etc. to ensure safety.

Replace Honda Accord Touring Windshield with care and proper technique for best results.

Prep The Car Interior

To access and remove the windshield, you’ll need to remove components like the front seats and dashboard trim. Be sure to detach any electrical connectors carefully before removal.

  • Remove front seats – This allows you to stand directly in front of the glass.
  • Take out floor mats and trim – Provides open access to the base of the windshield.
  • Disconnect wipers and washer fluid line – Allows wiper arms to move freely.
  • Take off rear view mirror – Gives windshield clean removal access.
  • Detach any antenna wire or sensor – Avoid damage during replacement.

Thorough prep ensures safe and easy Replace Honda Accord Touring Windshield.

Cut Through Urethane Adhesive Seal

Using your specialty windshield removal tools, slice through the adhesive seal around the perimeter of the glass. Take care not to damage any surrounding components.

Replace Honda Accord Touring Windshield
Replace Honda Accord Touring Windshield
  1. Score all sides of the seal – Helps break the adhesive grip.
  2. Insert wire tool into seal gap – Carefully slice through adhesive.
  3. Apply steady pressure – Prevents cracks in windshield.
  4. Stop when adhesive is separated – Do not damage metal or paint.

Patiently separating the entire seal allows clean Replace Honda Accord Touring Windshield.

Remove Old Windshield

Once completely cut through, you can now remove the old windshield. This step requires care to avoid cracking the glass.

  • Attach suction cups evenly – Helps safely grip the windshield.
  • Slowly lift upwards with help – Glass is heavy, get assistance.
  • Pull glass out at a slight angle – Watch for any catching edges.
  • Set glass safely aside – Prevent damage for recycling.

Take your time removing the old windshield during Replace Honda Accord Touring Windshield.

Clean And Prep The Windshield Frame

With the old glass removed, thoroughly clean the now-exposed windshield frame. Proper prep helps the new adhesive seal properly.

  • Remove any old adhesive – Scrape off carefully without scratching.
  • Clean all mating surfaces – Remove debris and dust.
  • Check condition of pinch weld – Should be rust free and straight.
  • Prime glass channel with primer – Helps adhesive stick and seal.

Proper cleaning and prep leads to leak-free Replace Honda Accord Touring Windshield.

Install New OEM Replacement Windshield

Once fully prepped, it’s time to install your new OEM replacement windshield. This requires care to avoid sealing issues.

Replace The Honda Accord Touring Windshield
Replace The Honda Accord Touring Windshield
  • Set new windshield centered in frame – Have helpers for alignment.
  • Apply fresh urethane adhesive – Follow kit instructions for smoothing.
  • Slowly lower the windshield into place – Do not let glass drop freely.
  • Press firmly to seat adhesive – Pay special attention to corners.

Take your time with installation for proper Replace Honda Accord Touring Windshield.

Reconnect Components And Clean Up

With your new windshield installed, reconnect all components like wipers and mirrors. Give the car interior a good cleaning before reassembly.

  1. Reconnect washer lines and electrical – Make sure everything is tight.
  2. Replace trim panels and mirrors – Double check all connectors.
  3. Vacuum broken glass bits and debris – Watch for shards in vents.
  4. Reinstall seats and floor mats – Torque seat bolts to spec.

Careful reassembly completes full Replace Honda Accord Touring Windshield.

Calibrate Driver Assist Systems

Many Hondas have driver assist systems that require calibration after a new windshield install. This ensures they function properly.

  • Review owner’s manual – Follow instructions for your specific systems.
  • Radar sensors need realignment – Improper setup affects functionality.
  • Use dealership scanner tools – Helps reset systems accurately.
  • Check operation before driving – Test in a parking lot first.

Calibrating driver assist systems is crucial after replacing the Honda Accord Touring Windshield.

How Much Is It To Replace The Honda Accord Windshield?

The cost to replace a Honda Accord windshield typically ranges from $300-$1500 depending on factors like the specific model year, glass options like acoustic or heated glass, availability of OEM part, and labor costs if you have a shop install it. Prices also vary by location. Getting an exact quote ahead of replacement is recommended to avoid surprise charges.

Can You Replace A Windshield By Yourself?

Yes, with some mechanical ability and the proper tools, the average car owner can replace their Honda Accord windshield themselves. It does require careful removal of the old glass, installation of the new OEM part, recalibration of driver assist systems, and patience. Review tutorials and have helpers for lifting. Seek professional help if uncomfortable.

Does Honda Require An OEM Windshield?

While aftermarket glass is cheaper, Honda highly recommends using factory original equipment (OEM) windshields to ensure proper fit, quality, and optimization of driver assist systems. Some Hondas even require OEM glass to maintain warranty validity. Check the owner’s manual for specifications.

FAQs on Replacing Honda Accord Touring Windshield

Where Can I Buy An OEM Replacement Windshield?

Genuine OEM glass ensures proper fit and quality. Check with your local Honda dealership parts department or order online through authorized retailers.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Accord Windshield?

The total cost for replacement and installation typically ranges from $300 to $1500 based on glass options, adhesive kit, and labor rates if you have a shop do the work.

Is There A Mobile Service To Replace Windshields?

Many auto glass shops offer mobile installation services where they will come to your location to complete the windshield replacement. This is convenient but typically costs more.

Can I Drive With A Cracked Windshield?

It is not recommended to drive with cracked glass due to visibility and safety concerns. Cracks also tend to spread quickly, so Replace Honda Accord Touring Windshield as soon as damage occurs.

How Long Does The Adhesive Take To Cure?

The recommended cure time is usually 1-2 days before driving the car. This allows the urethane adhesive to fully harden and bond correctly. Refer to your kit instructions.


While Replace Honda Accord Touring Windshield requires time and care, it is a doable DIY project. Following the detailed steps for safe removal of old glass, proper installation of new OEM windshield, and recalibration of driver assist systems will result in successful replacement. Pay close attention to safety and precision throughout the process. Don’t hesitate to call in a professional installer if the task seems too daunting. Taking care of your Honda Accord Touring with a fresh new windshield helps maintain optimum visibility and safety.

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