How To Turn Off Eco Mode On Honda Accord?

The Honda Accord’s Eco Mode helps improve fuel efficiency but can make the driving experience less smooth. Fortunately, turning off Eco Mode on a Honda Accord is simple – press and hold the power button. This article will provide an in-depth look at Eco Mode, why you may want to turn it off, and step-by-step instructions for turning it off in a Honda Accord.

What Is Eco Mode In Honda Accord?

Eco Mode is a feature in newer Honda Accord models that aims to improve fuel efficiency. When Eco Mode is activated, the vehicle’s computer adjusts the engine, transmission, climate control system, and other components to reduce energy usage.

Some of the key changes when Eco Mode is on include:

  1. Engine – Cylinder deactivation is used so only half of the engine’s cylinders fire when possible. This reduces fuel consumption.
  2. Transmission – The transmission holds gears longer before upshifting to keep engine RPMs low.
  3. Throttle Response – Throttle response is slower which discourages aggressive acceleration.
  4. Climate Control – The air conditioner system operates differently to require less energy usage. Fan speeds are reduced and the system is optimized to use recirculated air when possible.
  5. Accessories – Items like heated seats and defrosters may operate at lower settings or be disabled.

While these measures can improve gas mileage, they can also make the driving experience less smooth and responsive. Drivers may notice sluggish throttle response, trouble maintaining speed on hills, and reduced cooling and heating capacity. That’s why some owners prefer to turn off Eco Mode in certain situations.

Why Turn Off Eco Mode?

Here are some of the most common reasons Honda Accord owners may want to disable Eco Mode:

Improve Performance

Turning Eco Mode off restores full performance and responsiveness from the engine and transmission. This can lead to better acceleration and make it easier to maintain highway speeds. Disabling Eco Mode is recommended when driving conditions require quick throttle response or powerful acceleration such as merging onto a highway.

Increase Climate Control Capacity

With Eco Mode disabled, the air conditioning and heating system operates fully. This allows the cabin to heat up or cool down faster. Turning off Eco Mode can make the interior more comfortable in extreme weather conditions.

Reduce Engine Braking

One of the most common complaints about Eco Mode is that it increases engine braking. Drivers report feeling like the engine is aggressively slowing the car down when they lift off the accelerator. Turning Eco Mode off prevents this unexpected braking sensation.

Extend Battery Life

In hybrid Accord models, using Eco Mode constantly can strain the battery. Turning off Eco Mode occasionally allows the engine to charge the battery, which may extend its lifespan. It’s a good idea to drive with Eco Mode off for a portion of each trip.

Enhance Driving Enjoyment

Some drivers don’t like how Eco Mode affects the driving experience. The accelerator may feel unresponsive and holding lower gears can make the engine seem noisy. Disabling Eco Mode restores the engine and transmission to normal operation which some find more enjoyable.

How To Turn Off Eco Mode In Honda Accord?

Fortunately, turning off the Honda Accord Eco Mode only takes a few seconds. Here are step-by-step instructions:

For 2018 and Newer Accords

  1. Locate the ECON button to the left of the shift lever.
  2. Press the ECON button. This will disable Eco Mode.
  3. The ECO light in the instrument cluster will turn off to confirm Eco Mode is disabled.

For 2013-2017 Accords

  1. Press the ECON button to the left of the shift lever twice.
  2. The ECO light will turn off to indicate Eco Mode is off.

For Hybrids

  1. Press the EV button to turn off the hybrid system and engine.
  2. The car will operate in EV mode with Eco Mode disabled.

Once disabled, Eco Mode will remain off until it is reactivated. Press the ECON or EV button again to turn Eco Mode back on when desired.

When To Use Each Method?

The specific method to use for turning off Eco Mode depends on your Honda Accord’s model year and powertrain:

2018 and Newer

Accords from 2018-on have a dedicated ECON button that toggles Eco Mode on and off. Use this button to disable Eco Mode.


In these model years, pressing the ECON button once enables Eco Mode. Quickly press it twice to turn Eco Mode off.


Pressing the EV button on the hybrid Honda Accords simultaneously disables the gasoline engine and Eco Mode. Use this method to turn off Eco Mode.

Refer to your owner’s manual if you need clarification on the steps recommended for your vehicle. Honda may also periodically update the procedure, so check for new guidance for disabling Eco Mode on the Honda Accord.

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Strategies For Using Eco Mode

While turning off Eco Mode can be beneficial in certain situations, it’s a good idea to use it routinely for maximum fuel savings. Here are some tips on integrating Eco Mode into your daily driving:

  1. Activate Eco Mode for around-town errands and short trips. The sluggish performance isn’t as noticeable at low speeds.
  2. Turn off Eco Mode when merging onto highways or overtaking other vehicles to have full engine power.
  3. Disable Eco Mode for maximum heating or cooling capacity in hot or cold weather.
  4. Use Eco Mode whenever possible for long highway drives. The fuel savings add up.
  5. Experiment to find the scenarios where you prefer having Eco Mode on or off. Get to know your preferences.
  6. For hybrids, run on EV Mode with Eco Mode off for the first 20-30 miles to prolong battery life.
  7. Don’t leave Eco Mode on indefinitely or hybrid batteries may drain. Periodically drive in normal mode.

By selectively using Eco Mode, you can maximize fuel efficiency while retaining full performance when you desire. Just be sure to turn off Eco Mode in your Honda Accord if it interferes with safe driving.

Why Does My Honda Accord Have Eco Mode?

Honda includes Eco Mode on all modern Accord models as part of their EarthDreams Technology initiative to provide greener, more efficient vehicles. Key motivations behind adding Eco Mode include:

  1. Improving MPG – Eco Mode changes can boost gas mileage by 5-10% in some driving conditions. This saves fuel costs.
  2. Lowering Emissions – The engine optimizations and cylinder deactivation help reduce tailpipe emissions. This is better for the environment.
  3. Addressing Regulations – Stricter government fuel economy and emission regulations spur automakers like Honda to add features like Eco Mode.
  4. Extending Range – In hybrid models, using Eco Mode helps the battery provide more miles of range before recharging.
  5. Enhancing Brand Image – Eco Mode allows Honda to market the Accord as an environmentally-conscious vehicle with green technology.

While Eco Mode can be beneficial, Honda also allows drivers to turn it off as needed to retain full performance. This flexibility makes Eco Mode work for all driving scenarios.

Does Disabling Eco Mode Hurt Fuel Economy?

With Eco Mode disabled, drivers should expect some reduction in fuel economy compared to leaving it on. How much of a decrease varies based on driving style and conditions. Some estimates indicate:

  1. City Driving – Fuel economy may drop by 3-5 MPG in stop-and-go traffic when Eco Mode is off. More acceleration from stops can require more fuel.
  2. Highway Driving – The impact is typically a 1-2 MPG reduction without Eco Mode at higher speeds.
  3. Aggressive Driving – Drivers with a lead foot may see the biggest impact. Eco Mode discourages rapid acceleration which saves more fuel.

While Eco Mode optimizes for every last MPG, the actual savings depend on your driving. Leaving it off periodically may lower your average fuel economy by a few percent. Many drivers feel this is worthwhile for the improved drivability. Just be alert to major changes in mileage that could indicate other issues.

Does Eco Mode Reduce AC Performance?

Yes, Eco Mode makes several changes to the climate control system in a Honda Accord to conserve energy. Most noticeably, it reduces airflow from the ventilation system. Fan speeds are lowered which provides less cooling. Eco Mode also optimizes air conditioning to recirculate interior air rather than draw in hot exterior air. 

This requires less energy to cool but may reduce cooling capacity in hot weather. Drivers in extreme temperatures may notice the interior takes longer to cool down with Eco Mode activated. If you desire full AC power, pressing the ECON button disables Eco Mode and restores normal operation. But for mild conditions, the AC optimizations in Eco Mode help boost fuel efficiency.

The Bottom Line

Honda’s Eco Mode offers the potential for better fuel efficiency but some drivers dislike how it affects performance. Fortunately, Honda Accord owners can turn off Eco Mode in seconds to restore full throttle response and engine braking. Try toggling it on and off to find the best balance for your driving needs and preferences. Use the ECON or EV buttons to disable Eco Mode whenever you desire more power.

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