Behind The Scenes Of EX-L: What Honda Accord Owners Need To Know

EXL is a premium trim level on Honda Accord models that adds more luxury features compared to lower LX and Sport trims.

The Honda Accord is one of the most popular midsize sedans in America. As a top-selling vehicle, the Accord is available in a variety of trim levels so buyers can choose a model that fits both their needs and budget. For drivers wanting a more upscale Accord, the EXL trim delivers luxury touches and extra convenience features.

Honda Accord Trim Levels

Honda uses a familiar trim level nomenclature across many of its vehicles. The base LX trim represents the most affordable Accord option with standard essential features. Building off the LX, the EXL nickname signifies it as a more premium “Executive Luxury” variation of the popular EX mid-level trim. Sitting above both in opulence and pricing is the Touring model.

The 2019 Honda Accord trims include:

  1. LX – Base model with starting MSRP around $24,000
  2. Sport – Adds styling and performance upgrades over LX
  3. EX – Gains more tech and comfort features over LX, starting around $27,000
  4. EXL – Top-of-the-line luxury model with leather and extras
  5. Touring – Flagship trim with most features, around $36,000 base price

While LX and Sport models focus more on value and performance, the EXL and Touring trims cater to buyers wanting that upscale Honda luxury.

What Does EXL Mean On Honda Accord Models?

The EXL badge indicates the “Executive Luxury” version of the Accord. Slotting in above the Sport and EX trims, the EXL brings more premium interior appointments, technology, safety upgrades, and conveniences.

Interior Luxury Upgrades

Some key interior upgrades on EXL models include:

  1. Leather seating surfaces
  2. Heated front seats
  3. Power Moonroof
  4. Dual-zone automatic climate control
  5. Auto-dimming rearview mirror

The EXL cabin has an elevated look and feel compared to lower LX and Sport trims. The leather seating brings a more upscale vibe over cloth upholstery in basic Accord models. Heated front seats add comfort for the driver and front passenger in cold weather.

Technology Features

On the tech side, Honda adds some convenience and connectivity upgrades with the EXL trim:

  1. 7-inch Display Audio touchscreen with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  2. Available navigation system
  3. 10-speaker premium sound system
  4. Satellite-linked HondaLink system with emergency services
  5. Wireless smartphone charging
What Does EXL Mean On A Honda Accord
What Does EXL Mean On A Honda Accord

The larger touch screen makes accessing music, navigation, and smartphone integration easier. Better audio quality comes from the 10-speaker sound system versus just four speakers in lower trims. Wireless charging and WiFi hotspots allow occupants to stay connected on the go.

Safety Upgrades

Honda packs the EXL trim with extra driver-assistive safety technologies including:

  1. Blind spot information system
  2. Rear cross-traffic monitor
  3. Forward collision warning
  4. Lane-keeping assist
  5. Road departure mitigation
  6. Adaptive cruise control

Sensor systems like the blind spot monitor and cross-traffic alert help drivers change lanes and reverse safely. The forward collision and lane keeping features help avoid or lessen frontal and side impacts. These upgrades provide peace of mind and added protection for EXL owners.

Exterior Treatments

On the outside, the EXL gains styling distinguishments over lower trims:

  1. LED headlights
  2. Heated side mirrors
  3. Chrome door handles
  4. Dual exhaust finishers
  5. Hands-free power trunk

Sleek LED headlamps and taillights give a modern upscale look. Heated mirrors prevent frost and fog. Power operation makes accessing the trunk more convenient, especially when hands are full. Overall, the EXL exterior styling enhancements reflect the premium interior.

How Does EXL Compare To Other Accord Trims?

To fully understand the EXL trim positioning, it helps to see how it compares against the lower Sport trim and upper Touring model.

EXL vs Sport

The Sport model gains performance and styling upgrades over the base LX trim. Key differences versus the EXL include:

Sport Trim
EXL Trim
2.0-liter turbo 4-cylinder
1.5-liter or 2.0-liter 4-cylinder
6-speed manual or CVT
CVT only
5-inch display, 4-speaker audio
7-inch display, 10-speaker audio
Cloth upholstery
Leather seating
Blind spot info system
Adds more advanced driver assists

The Sport prioritizes performance and value. But the EXL brings more luxurious and tech upgrades to create a more indulgent driving experience.

EXL vs Touring

As the range-topping model, the Touring trim piles on even more opulent features:

EXL Trim
Touring Trim
Leather seats, moonroof
Ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, heated steering wheel
10-speaker system
12-speaker premium audio
Adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist
Traffic sign recognition, rain-sensing wipers
Remote start, power trunk
Front and rear parking sensors, hands-free power trunk

The EXL provides a thoroughly modern luxury experience. But the Touring goes further with extras like ventilated front seats, premium audio, and parking sensors. It also costs around $4,000 more, so the EXL hits a nice sweet spot for many buyers.

Is The Accord EXL A Good Buy?

The EXL trim gives Accord buyers a great mix of luxury, technology, and performance. While costing more than basic LX and Sport models, it delivers interior comfort, safety assurances, and convenience features lacking in the lower trims. Compared to the top Touring, it sacrifices some opulent extras but costs significantly less.

The EXL starting MSRP is around $30,000 for 2021 models. That’s a reasonable price bump of $3,000 over the EX for all the upgrades included. For shoppers wanting more premium features without going all-out luxury, the Accord EXL hits that sweet spot. It brings style, comfort, technology, and refinement well beyond basic trims.

What Does EXL Mean On A Honda Accord
What Does EXL Mean On A Honda Accord

Before choosing the Accord EXL, weigh the benefits versus the EX and Touring models based on your budget and feature preferences. Test drive all three to decide if the EXL cabin luxury, technology extras, and styling are worth the price increase to you. For many buyers, the EXL nails the right mix of features and value in a premium Honda sedan.

Is EX-L or LX Better?

When comparing the Honda Accord EX-L and LX trims, the decision depends on your preferences and priorities. The EX-L trim incorporates all the features of the LX configuration and goes a step further by adding Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission (E-CVT) with Sport Mode and Deceleration Selectors, 17-inch Machine-Finished Alloys, and availability in the Hybrid model. If these additional features align with your driving preferences and needs, the EX-L might be the better choice.

How Can I Tell If My Honda Is An EX or EX-L?

Determining whether your Honda is an EX or EX-L is relatively straightforward. Check the back of the car for badging – it will clearly indicate whether it’s an EX or LX model. If the badging is not present, you can refer to the vehicle’s documentation or go online to review the standard features of the EX trim for the specific year of your car. If your car has the features listed for the EX model, it is likely an EX or EX-L.

Which Is Cheaper, EX or LX?

In terms of pricing, the 2019 Honda Civic LX has a more budget-friendly starting price of $23,570 MSRP compared to the slightly higher starting point of $27,470 MSRP for the 2019 Honda Civic EX. If cost is a significant factor in your decision-making process, the LX trim may be the more economical option.

Bottom Line

The EXL badge signifies the Executive Luxury edition of the Honda Accord. It adds leather, heated seats, advanced safety systems, and other upscale features over lower LX and Sport trims. The EXL provides a satisfying blend of luxury, performance, and technology in a midsize sedan package. While not as opulent as the flagship Touring model, its premium upgrades help justify the higher cost over basic trims for buyers wanting upscale features.

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