Why Is My Honda Accord USB Not Working?

The Honda Accord USB not working properly is a common complaint among owners. Malfunctioning USB ports in Honda Accords can prevent drivers from playing music, charging devices, or utilizing other connected gadgets. While this can be inconvenient, the problem is often easy to diagnose and repair. Typical culprits include damaged connectors, software bugs, inadequate power delivery, and general wear and tear. With some basic troubleshooting, you can likely get your Honda Accord’s USB working again.

Reasons Why Honda Accord USB Not Working?

There are several potential reasons why your Honda Accord USB is not functioning:

  • Faulty Or Loose Connection
  • Outdated Drivers And Software
  • Power Delivery Issues
  • Damaged Or Worn Out USB Port
  • Aftermarket Infotainment System

Faulty Or Loose Connection

One of the most common reasons a Honda Accord’s USB port stops working is a faulty or loose connection. If cables are not properly plugged in, not fully inserted, or have become disconnected, communication between devices will fail.

  1. Check that both ends of your USB cable are securely connected. Wiggling cords can sometimes resolve a bad connection.
  2. Inspect the port for broken/bent pins or obvious damage. Debris like dust or lint can also interfere with connections.
  3. If using an adapter, try plugging your device directly into the USB port. Faulty adapters are a frequent culprit.

Outdated Drivers And Software

Your Honda Accord’s USB relies on up-to-date drivers and firmware to operate correctly. Old, corrupt, or missing drivers can lead to malfunctions.

  1. Update Honda’s USB drivers, infotainment system software, and your device’s OS to the newest versions.
  2. Reset infotainment system to factory settings if software is buggy after an update.
  3. Delete and reinstall connecting device apps and software that interface with the car.
My Honda Accord USB Not Working
My Honda Accord USB Not Working

Power Delivery Issues

USB ports supply power to charged devices. Insufficient power can cause connectivity problems.

  1. Some USB ports on older Accords may not provide enough amperage for modern hungry devices.
  2. Faulty car battery unable to adequately power USB. Have your Accord’s battery tested if USB issues arise.
  3. Check fuse box for blown fuse linking to USB port and replace if needed.

Damaged Or Worn Out USB Port

With frequent use, the physical USB port components can deteriorate over time. The port may need to be repaired or replaced entirely.

  1. Inspect the port for bent/missing pins, cracks, chips, and other physical defects.
  2. If the USB port feels loose or wobbly, the connections may have broken internally.
  3. Repair costs can range from $100-$300+ to replace a malfunctioning USB port.
Honda Accord USB Not Working
Honda Accord USB Not Working

Aftermarket Infotainment System

Non-OE car infotainment systems can cause compatibility issues and USB problems.

  1. Update aftermarket infotainment firmware and re-sync it with your phone/device OS.
  2. The USB port itself could have been improperly installed or wired. Have an expert inspect the setup.

How To Diagnose The Honda Accord USB Not Working

Diagnosing why your Honda Accord’s USB is not working takes some deductive troubleshooting to pinpoint the issue:

Try Different Cables And Devices

Use alternate USB cords and devices to see if the problem persists. This helps determine if the issue is isolated to one device/cable.

Visually Inspect USB Port And Cables

Carefully check both ends of cables for bent/broken pins or contaminants inside the port. Wiggle connectors while inserted to check looseness.

Update Software And Drivers

Update the vehicle infotainment firmware, your device OS, and relevant USB device drivers. Restart them after updating to apply changes.

Test With Voltmeter

Use a voltmeter to check if the USB port is actually receiving power. No power indicates an electrical issue.

Get Diagnostic Testing

If you are still uncertain of the cause, have a dealership technician diagnose the electrical and connection issues.

How To Fix Honda Accord USB Not Working Issues?

Once the root cause is determined, you can take appropriate action to get your Honda Accord USB working again:

  • Fix Loose Connections
  • Update Outdated Software
  • Add Power Adapter
  • Repair Or Replace Damaged Hardware
  • Uninstall Potentially Conflicting Apps

Fix Loose Connections

  1. Secure and fasten any loose cables or wiggly inserted connectors. Clean out any debris inside the port.
  2. Replace visibly damaged USB cables that are frayed or have bent/broken pins.

Update Outdated Software

  1. Install updated drivers, OS software, and infotainment firmware. Reboot devices and reset to factory settings if necessary.

Add Power Adapter

  1. For insufficient power, use a powered USB hub or 12V car power adapter to provide extra current.

Repair Or Replace Damaged Hardware

  1. If USB port pins are bent, carefully straighten them. Replace extensively damaged ports.
  2. For wiring issues, splice in any broken connections and re-solder if needed.
Honda Accord USB Is Not Working
Honda Accord USB Is Not Working

Uninstall Potentially Conflicting Apps

  1. Remove third-party apps that may conflict with your car’s infotainment system and reinstall fresh.

Why Is My Car Not Reading My USB?

There are a few reasons why your car may not be reading your USB device. The most common causes are an incompatible file format, a bad USB cable, corrupted files on the device, or an issue with the car’s infotainment system. Try using a different cable, reformatting the USB drive, or updating your car’s software. If the issue persists, have the USB port checked for damage or faulty wiring.

How Do I Connect My USB To My Honda Accord?

Connect your USB device to your Honda Accord by locating the USB port, usually found in the center console or armrest storage area. Make sure nothing is obstructing the port. Use the appropriate USB cable for your device, insert it firmly into the port, and check that your device is turned on. The connection should begin automatically, but you may need to select the USB input on your car’s infotainment screen.

What Format Is USB For Honda Accord?

Honda Accords support the most common USB formats like FAT32 and exFAT. Media files for music playback should be MP3, WMA, AAC, or WAV format. Copy media files to your USB drive in supported formats to ensure compatibility with your Accord’s infotainment system. Refer to your owner’s manual for full USB capability details.

Why Is My USB Port Not Working?

If your Honda Accord’s USB port is not functioning, it could be a bad connection, blown fuse, software issue, or physical damage to the port. Check that cables are fully seated in the port. Inspect for broken pins or debris inside the port. Update your car’s software and re-pair devices. Test the fuse and wiring to ensure the port has power. If other troubleshooting fails, the USB hardware may need replacement.

FAQs About Honda Accord USB Issues

Why Does My Honda Accord Say “No Data” When I Plug In My Iphone?

This usually indicates a communication issue between the device and car infotainment system. Try a different cable, update software, remove debris in the port, and make sure the phone connector is dry.

Why Won’t My Phone Charge Through The USB In My Accord?

If your device charges slowly or not at all, the USB port may provide insufficient power. Add an extra power source, check fuses, cables, and the car battery condition. The port itself could also just be damaged.

Do I Need To Take My Accord To The Dealership To Fix USB Problems?

Not necessarily initially. Much troubleshooting and fixes like cleaning ports, changing cables, or updating software can be done yourself. But for wiring issues, port replacement, or extensive electrical diagnosis, dealership service may be required.

What’s The Easiest First Step To Troubleshoot My Accord’s USB?

Start by visually inspecting the port for any debris or bent/broken pins. Then try connecting multiple different cables and devices to isolate the issue. Updating your vehicle’s infotainment firmware is also a quick and easy first step.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A USB Port On An Accord?

USB port replacement costs typically range from $100-$300+ in labor and part costs. The exact price depends on your Accord model year, whether other repairs are needed, and dealership rates.


A non-working USB port in your Honda Accord can certainly be annoying and limit functionality. But in most cases, the problem can be resolved with some basic troubleshooting steps. Confirm all connections are secure, update software, check for physical damage, and test power delivery to the port. If you are still experiencing issues, have a certified Honda technician inspect and identify any underlying electrical or hardware problems that may need repair or replacement. With the proper diagnosis and fix, your Accord’s USB can be restored and working properly again.

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