2006 Honda Accord Wiper Blade Size: A Complete Guide

Selecting new wiper blades for your 2006 Honda Accord may seem straightforward, but there are actually a few important factors to consider. The wiper blade length is determined by the sweep area of your Accord’s windshield, and using the wrong size can lead to streaking, chatter, and reduced visibility. As experienced Honda owners ourselves, we have researched the proper 2006 Honda Accord wiper blade sizes to ensure a perfect fit and optimum performance. 

Read on as we cover the driver’s and passenger’s side measurements, rear wiper blade size, beam type, connector style, and top brand recommendations for your 2006 Accord. With the right information, you can purchase the ideal wiper blades for your climate and driving needs.

Driver’s Side Wiper Blade Size

The driver’s side windshield wiper blade on the 2006 Honda Accord has a 26-inch length. This is the most common OEM factory size on the driver’s side for this Accord generation, spanning model years 2003 to 2007. 

When purchasing new wiper blades, be sure to select a 26-inch length for the driver’s side to ensure full swept area coverage without overhang. The correct sizing is crucial for optimal wipe-down of the left side of the windshield in front of the driver. 2006 Honda Accord wiper sizes are specific to each side, so do not try to install two driver’s side 26-inch blades.

Passenger’s Side Wiper Blade Size

Contrasting the driver’s side, the passenger’s side wiper blade size on the 2006 Honda Accord is 18 inches. This shorter length on the right side of the windshield provides full swept coverage without overhang. 

Using the specifically-designed 18-inch blade on the passenger side complements the longer 26-inch driver’s side blade to clear the entire windshield of rain, snow, and debris. When installing new wiper blades, the 2006 Honda Accord wiper blade sizes must match each side’s length for proper visibility, coverage, and performance.

Rear Wiper Blade Size

In addition to the front driver’s and passenger’s wiper blades, the 2006 Honda Accord has a rear wiper to clear the back window. The rear wiper blade size is commonly 9 inches on Accord models of this generation. When the original rear wiper wears out and streaks, selecting a new 9-inch rear wiper blade will restore full wipedown functionality. 

This shorter length sufficiently clears the rear window without overhanging the edges. Keeping the correct 2006 Honda Accord wiper blade size of 9 inches on the back maintains visibility through the rearview mirror in wet weather.

Wiper Blade Beam Type

Beyond the lengths, choosing the ideal beam type is also important when selecting 2006 Honda Accord wiper blades. Most manufacturers offer two main beam designs: bracketless and traditional bracketed. The bracketless beam features an integrated mounting system within the structure of the blade itself.

This creates a lower-profile, aerodynamic design. The traditional beam has a bracket that attaches the wiper to the arm. Bracketed blades tend to be more affordable, while bracketless models are sleeker and perform better at higher speeds. Both designs are available in the proper 26”, 18”, and 9” sizes for the 2006 Accord.

Connector Style

Another factor in choosing new Honda Accord wiper blades is the connector style where the wiper mounts to the arm. Most blades will have either a side pin, bayonet, or I&L style connector. The OEM Honda wiper arms have side pin connectors. Aftermarket replacement blades with universal adapters are available, but your simplest option is to match the side pin style for a direct OEM fit. 

This ensures a quick and secure attachment of the new blades onto the factory Honda arms. Selecting the proper connector type along with the correct sizing facilitates direct bolt-on installation and optimal performance.

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Top Brand Recommendations

When it comes time to replace your old, worn-out 2006 Honda Accord wiper blades, you have many brand options to choose from. Here are our top recommendations for quality wiper blades that provide long life, superior wipe down, and quiet performance tailored to the exact OEM specs of your 2006 Honda Accord:

  1. Bosch ICON – Bracketless beam with weather-resistant FX dual rubber and quiet glide technology
  2. Rain-X Latitude – Bracketed beam with durable synthetic rubber squeegee and graphite-coated
  3. ACDelco Metal – Traditional bracketed beam with galvanized steel frame and non-stick graphite rubber
  4. ANCO 31 Series – Bracketless contour beam with durable DuraKlear rubber compound
  5. PIAA Super Silicone – Silicone rubber compound for smooth wipe, ozone resistance, and long life

No matter which brands you choose, always verify the proper 26-inch driver’s side, 18-inch passenger side, and 9-inch rear sizes. This ensures each blade perfectly fits your 2006 Honda Accord for optimal visibility and safe driving in all conditions.


Following the recommendations in this guide will ensure you get the right-sized 2006 Honda Accord wiper blades to keep your windshield wiped down and maximize visibility during stormy weather. With the proper 26 inch driver’s, 18 inch passenger’s, and 9 inch rear blades installed, you can drive safely in any conditions you encounter.

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