2008 Honda Accord Wiper Blade Size – A Complete Guide

The 2008 Honda Accord came equipped from the factory with 26-inch wiper blades on the driver’s side and 19-inch wiper blades on the passenger side. However, there are a few key factors to consider when selecting replacement wiper blades. Proper sizing, connector type, and blade style will ensure optimal performance and visibility. This guide will examine the correct measurements and connector types and provide top wiper blade recommendations for a 2008 Honda Accord.

2008 Honda Accord Wiper Blade Sizes

The table below shows the factory wiper blade sizes for the 2008 Honda Accord:

Driver’s Side
26 inches
Passenger Side
19 inches

However, it’s important to physically measure the blades being replaced to ensure accuracy. Wiper blade sizes can vary slightly by vehicle trim and options. A quick measurement with a tape measure will confirm the correct length needed.

Be sure to measure the rubber wiping blade and not the metal wiper arm. This will give an accurate reading for replacement blades.

When purchasing replacement blades, opt for ones that match OEM length or go slightly shorter. For example, choosing 24-inch or 25-inch blades for the driver’s side is acceptable. Just avoid going longer than the original factory size.

Wiper Blade Connector Types

Honda utilizes two common connector types – hook and pin. The 2008 Honda Accord uses a hook-style connector on both driver and passenger sides.

Hook connectors have a locking hook that clips onto the wiper arm. Pin connectors use a vertical pin that slides into a slot on the wiper arm.

Using the matching connector style ensures a secure fit. Mixing the connector types can lead to premature wiper arm or blade damage.

Popular Wiper Blade Styles

There are several varieties of replacement blades to consider for the 2008 Accord:

  1. Traditional Bracket Blades – These have a metal bracket that runs the length of the rubber blade. They provide a rigid frame and uniformly press the blade to the windshield. This is the most common type.
  2. Low-Profile Blades – These have a lower profile without the full bracket. The rubber blade flexes along a slender frame. Low-profile design can help improve aerodynamics and reduce wind lift.
  3. Hybrid Blades – Hybrid blades combine features of traditional and low-profile designs. They often have a shorter bracket at the end with an embedded flex frame along the blade length. This improves conformance to the windshield glass.

All three styles can work well, but hybrid wiper blades offer a good balance of uniform pressure and aerodynamics.

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Top Recommended 2008 Honda Accord Wiper Blades

Taking all the above criteria into account, here are my top recommendations for replacement 2008 Honda Accord wiper blades:

Driver’s Side – 26 Inches

  1. Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blade – Provides a perfect frame fit with enhanced pressure points along the length of the blade.
  2. AERO Premium All-Season 26″ Wiper Blade – Aerodynamic low-profile design with a durable rubber compound and zinc-plated steel frame.
  3. Michelin Stealth Hybrid 26″ Wiper Blade – A hybrid design from a trusted tire brand with a cover to reduce air drag and noise.

Passenger Side – 19 Inches

  1. Rain-X Latitude 19″ Wiper Blade – A popular traditional bracket blade with weather-repelling graphite coating on the rubber.
  2. TRICO Exact Fit 19″ Wiper Blade – An OE-quality wiper made for direct fit replacement on Honda vehicles.
  3. ACDelco Metal 19″ Wiper Blade – A sturdy, traditional bracket blade from a reputable OE parts manufacturer.


Choosing the correct 2008 Honda Accord wiper blade size is critical for maximizing visibility and wiping performance. Following the recommendations in this guide will help you select the ideal replacement blades. Referencing the factory sizes, measuring current blades, matching the connector type, and choosing quality products from reputable brands provide the best results. With fresh wiper blades, you can continue driving your 2008 Accord safely in all weather conditions.

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