2007 Honda Accord Wiper Blade Size – A Detailed Guide

When replacing wiper blades on your 2007 Honda Accord, you need ones that are precisely the right length and attachment style. Getting the wrong size can result in streaking, chatter, and reduced visibility in wet weather. 

This article provides detailed information on identifying the correct wiper blade size for both the driver and passenger sides of the 2007 Honda Accord. We’ll also discuss how to measure your existing blades and select new ones with the proper attachment type. Equipped with these details, you can ensure you get perfect-fitting Honda Accord wiper blades to keep your windshield clear.

2007 Honda Accord Wiper Blade Sizes

The 2007 Honda Accord requires two different wiper blade lengths, one for the driver’s side and one for the passenger side. Here are the specific sizes:

  1. Driver’s Side – 26 inches
  2. Passenger Side – 18 inches

It’s crucial to get blades in these exact lengths for optimal performance. The driver’s side needs a longer 26-inch blade due to the extra curve of the windshield on that side. The shorter 18-inch passenger blade is precisely contoured to wipe the flatter portion of the glass.

Another important factor is the attachment type. 2007 Accord wipers use blades with a large hook attachment that clicks onto a 9mm pin adapter on the wiper arm. When purchasing new blades, always double-check that they have this specific hook-style adapter to correctly attach to your Honda.

Measuring Old Wiper Blades

If you need to measure your existing 2007 Honda Accord blades to confirm the size, it’s a quick process. Here are the steps:

  1. Lift the wiper arm away from the windshield.
  2. Find the plastic joint where the wiper blade attaches near the middle of the arm.
  3. Measure from end to end on the wiping surface of the blade.
  4. Round to the nearest inch to determine the overall length.

This will give you an accurate measurement of your old blades for comparison. Make sure you measure both the driver and passenger sides separately, as the lengths often differ. Refer to the size chart above and purchase new Honda Accord blades to match.

How to Choose Correct Replacement Blades?

When selecting new 2007 Honda Accord wiper blades, check that they meet these criteria:

  1. The driver’s side blade is 26 inches long
  2. The passenger blade is 18 inches long
  3. Blades have a large hook attachment system
  4. The adapter fits a 9mm wiper blade pin

Reputable auto parts stores will have dedicated sections for replacing wiper blades with all the exact sizes and connections needed for specific vehicle makes and models. Referencing the year, make, and model ensures you get the perfect match.

Some other tips for choosing the ideal wiper blades for your 2007 Honda Accord:

  1. Opt for durable rubber wiping material
  2. Look for models with wind-lifters and equal-pressure technology
  3. Consider coated or treated blades for enhanced wipe quality
  4. Choose OEM or original equipment style for proper fit

Taking these factors into account allows you to select high-quality blades that work optimally with your Accord’s windshield design and arm.

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Consult Your Vehicle Manual

Your 2007 Honda Accord owner’s manual is another excellent resource for confirming the right wiper blade sizing before you purchase. Consult the windshield wipers section for details on:

  1. Recommended replacement blade lengths
  2. Diagrams of driver/passenger size differences
  3. Part numbers for OEM Honda wiper blades
  4. Instructions for wiper arm adapter types

With the Accord manual specifications, you can zero in on the exact replacement wiper blades tailored for your car. This ensures certainty in getting properly fitting blades for safe driving visibility.

Contact a Honda Dealer

If you need additional help determining the correct 2007 Honda Accord wiper blades to buy, your local Honda dealer can provide assistance. Give the parts department a call with your VIN number and model year. 

The staff can look up the factory specs for you in their systems to verify OEM blade sizing. They can also order the Accord wiper blades on your behalf to save you the trouble. Dealerships often stock or can quickly get blades made specifically for your car model.


Identifying the proper wiper blade sizing is key to visibility and safety when driving your 2007 Honda Accord. By understanding the correct 26-inch and 18-inch lengths, 9mm large hook attachment type, and buying from reputable brands, you can ensure you get perfect fitting blades. 

Referencing this guide, measuring old blades, consulting manuals, and contacting dealers give you several options for determining the right Accord wipers for your car. With the correct sizing, your new blades will provide maximum wet-weather visibility.

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