2009 Honda Accord Wiper Blade Size – A Detailed Guide

The windshield wiper blades on your 2009 Honda Accord are essential for maintaining a clear view of the road during rain, snow, and other wet weather conditions. Over time, the rubber on the wiper blades can become brittle and cracked, reducing their effectiveness at cleaning the windshield. Replacing old wiper blades with new ones of the correct size will restore proper visibility and ensure safe driving.

This article explains the different 2009 Honda Accord wiper blade sizes for both the driver and passenger sides. I will also discuss wiper blade types and provide tips on how to install new Honda Accord wiper blades. With the right size wiper blades installed, your 2009 Accord will be ready to handle any wet weather driving.

2009 Honda Accord Wiper Blade Sizes

The 2009 Honda Accord requires specific wiper blade lengths for the driver and passenger sides. Using the wrong size wiper blade can result in streaking, chattering, or reduced wiping capability.

Here are the correct 2009 Honda Accord wiper blade sizes:

  1. Driver’s Side – 26 inches
  2. Passenger Side – 19 inches

The driver’s side uses a longer 26-inch wiper blade to reach the full sweep of the windshield on that side. The passenger side needs a shorter 19-inch wiper blade.

When purchasing new Honda Accord wiper blades, be sure to get the specifically required length for each side. The sizing difference prevents issues with wiper blade coverage and performance.

Types of Wiper Blades

In addition to the correct length, you also need to consider the type of wiper blade when replacing your 2009 Honda Accord wipers. Here are the main types of wiper blades:

  1. Conventional wiper blades – These have a single rubber wiping edge mounted to a metal frame. They provide good wipe quality but can be prone to breakage.
  2. Beam wiper blades – More modern design with internal support beams to distribute pressure evenly. Provides consistent wipe performance.
  3. Hybrid wiper blades – Combines features of beam and conventional blades. Has internal flexors but also some exposed frame.

Beam and hybrid wiper blades are considered better choices for most vehicles today. The advanced designs provide more uniform pressure to the windshield for smoother wiping.

For optimal performance, consult your 2009 Honda Accord owner’s manual on recommended wiper blade types. Using the right beam or hybrid wiper will provide the best windshield wiping.

Choosing the Correct Hook Style

Another important factor in selecting replacement 2009 Honda Accord wiper blades is the correct hook or adapter style. This ensures the wiper blade can connect properly to the wiper arm on your 2009 Accord.

The hook style is typically noted when looking at wiper blades. Common ones include:

  1. Large J-Hook – The Hook has a wide J shape and is pinched to attach. One of the most widely used hook styles.
  2. Small J-Hook – A smaller J-hook that squeezes to attach to the wiper arm.
  3. Side Pin – The wiper arm has a side pin that slides into a slot on this hook adapter.
  4. Bayonet – Circular hook with tabs to twist and lock onto the wiper arm.
  5. I&L (Integral Lock or Integrated Lock) – No exposed hook. Has a lock system built into the wiper blade to attach securely to the wiper arm.

For a 2009 Honda Accord, the correct hook style is a Large J-hook, 9mm wide, that connects with a 4-point pinch adapter. Be sure to get this hook style for proper attachment and wiping.

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How to Install New Wiper Blades?

Once you’ve purchased the correct 2009 Honda Accord wiper blade sizes and types, it’s time to install them. Follow these steps for safe and easy wiper blade replacement:

Materials Needed

  1. New wiper blades (correct driver and passenger side lengths)
  2. Masking tape
  3. Clean cloth
  4. Silicone lubricant spray (optional)

Raise the wiper arm

Turn the car on and activate the windshield wipers to the mid-way point in their arc. This raises the wiper arms up off the windshield. Turn the car back off when the wipers are at their mid-point.

Undo the old wiper blade

There may be a small tab to press down to release the wiper, or just carefully pry it off the wiper arm starting at the base. Remove the old wiper blade.

Prep the wiper arm

Use the masking tape to wrap around the tip of the now-exposed wiper arm. This protects the windshield from scratches when snapping on the new wiper blade. You can also lubricate the wiper arm joint with silicone spray.

Install new wiper blade

Slide the new 2009 Honda Accord wiper blade into place and firmly press down until you hear it click locked onto the wiper arm. Tug on the wiper blade to ensure it is secured.

Test and repeat

Turn the wipers back on to lower the blades onto the windshield. Make sure the new wipers are wiping properly without streaking. Turn off the wipers and repeat steps 2-4 to install the second new blade on the other side.

You now have fresh 2009 Honda Accord wiper blades ready to give you better visibility during wet weather driving. Be sure to replace them once a year or when cracking, splitting, or streaking occurs.

Finding the Right Wiper Blades

Now that you know the correct sizing and types, here are some top 2009 Honda Accord wiper blades to consider purchasing:

Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blade – 26″

  1. Specifically designed to precisely fit the 2009 Honda Accord driver’s side.
  2. Award-winning beam design for uniform wiping pressure.
  3. Patented FX dual rubber technology.

ANCO 31-Series 19″ Wiper Blade

  1. Created to provide a direct OEM fit for the 2009 Honda Accord passenger side.
  2. Durable enclosed metal frame with natural rubber wiping edge.
  3. Various connector adapters are available, including Large J-hook.

Rain-X Latitude 26″ Wiper Blade

  1. Contours to match the curve of modern windshields.
  2. Graphite-coated wiping edge for smooth, chatter-free wiping.
  3. Easy attachment with universal adapters.

Aero Premium All Season 19″ Wiper Blade

  1. OE-style bracketless wiper fits the 2009 Honda Accord.
  2. Aerodynamic spoiler design to reduce drag and noise.
  3. Teflon rubber formula repels rain, snow, and ice buildup.

Be sure to verify the correct length, hook type, and beam or hybrid style when choosing new 2009 Honda Accord wiper blades. Investing in premium blades will provide the best visibility and performance.


Regularly replacing your 2009 Honda Accord wiper blades using the correct sizing and styles is critical for maintaining excellent visibility and safe driving. By following this guide, you can select high-quality wiper blades designed specifically to fit the driver and passenger sides of your 2009 Accord. With fresh wipers installed, your Honda will be ready to take on any wet weather driving challenges.

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