2011 Honda Civic Tire Size

The 2011 Honda Civic has three different tire sizes depending on the trim level. The sizes range from 15″ to 17″ wheels with tire widths between 195mm and 215mm.

Overview Of 2011 Honda Civic Trim Levels And Tire Sizes

The 2011 Honda Civic was available in several different trim levels, each with their own unique wheel and 2011 Honda Civic Tire Size combination. Here is a quick overview:

  1. DX – Came with 15″ wheels and P195/65HR15 tires
  2. LX – Came with 16″ wheels and P205/55HR16 tires
  3. EX – Came with 16″ wheels and P205/55HR16 tires
  4. Si – Came with 17″ wheels and P215/45R17 tires
  5. Hybrid – Came with 16″ wheels and P205/55HR16 tires

So, there were three different 2011 Honda Civic Tire Size options ranging from 15″ to 17″ diameters.

2011 Honda Civic DX Trim Tire Size

The base DX trim of the 2011 Honda Civic came equipped with 15″ steel wheels. These had a tire size of P195/65HR15.

Some key details on this OEM tire size:

  1. P – Stands for Passenger vehicle tire
  2. 195 – Tire width in mm. This tire has a width of 195mm
  3. 65 – Aspect ratio. This is 65% of the tire width, so 195 x 0.65 = 126.75mm sidewall height
  4. H – Speed rating of 130 mph
  5. R – Radial tire construction
  6. 15 – Rim diameter in inches

So the 2011 Honda Civic Tire Size on the DX trim is a very common 15″ tire size well-suited to basic transportation needs.

2011 Honda Civic LX and EX Trim Tire Size

Moving up to the LX and EX trims of the 2011 Honda Civic got you an upgrade to 16″ alloy wheels. These models came equipped with 205/55HR16 tires from the factory.

Key details on this OEM tire size:

  1. 205 – Increased tire width to 205mm
  2. 55 – Lower aspect ratio of 55% or 112.75mm sidewall
  3. H – Same 130 mph speed rating
  4. R – Still a radial tire
  5. 16 – Larger 16″ wheel diameter

So the 2011 Honda Civic Tire Size was wider on the LX and EX trims, with a shorter sidewall profile and bigger wheels. This provided better handling and braking compared to the DX.

2011 Honda Civic Si Trim Tire Size

The top performance Si trim of the 2011 Honda Civic came with 17″ alloy wheels and a P215/45R17 tire size.

Details on this tire size:

  1. P – Passenger car tire
  2. 215 – Wider 215mm width
  3. 45 – Lower aspect ratio of 45% or 96.75mm sidewall
  4. R – Radial construction
  5. 17 – Biggest wheel size at 17 inches

So the Si got the widest, lowest profile 2011 Honda Civic Tire Size for maximum grip and performance. The 17″ wheel size also allowed larger brakes to be fitted.

2011 Honda Civic Hybrid Tire Size

Like the LX and EX models, the Hybrid version of the 2011 Honda Civic came equipped with 16″ alloy wheels. It used the same P205/55HR16 OEM tire size.

The hybrid prioritized fuel efficiency over performance, so didn’t get the larger 17″ wheel and tire combination. But it matched the mainstream LX and EX trims.

Chart of 2011 Honda Civic Trim Levels and Tire Sizes

Here is a helpful chart summarizing the 2011 Honda Civic Tire Size for each trim level:

Trim Level
Wheel Size
2011 Honda Civic Tire Size

Finding Replacement 2011 Honda Civic Tires

When it comes time to replace your original tires, you’ll want to stick with the same 2011 Honda Civic Tire Size as originally equipped. This ensures proper tire fitment and speedometer accuracy.

You can purchase replacement tires with the same specifications from brands like Michelin, BFGoodrich, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Firestone, Hankook, Kumho, Falken, and more. Stick with a quality name brand tire for best performance and safety.

Be sure to do regular tire rotations and alignments as well to maximize tire life. With proper maintenance, you should be able to get 50,000+ miles out of a set of tires on your 2011 Civic.

What Kind Of Tires Are On A 2011 Honda Civic?

The factory tires on a 2011 Honda Civic depend on the trim level. The base DX model came with 195/65R15 size tires, while the LX, EX and Hybrid trims had 205/55R16 tires. The higher performance Si model came equipped with the largest 215/45R17 tire size. 

So in summary, 2011 Civics came with 15″, 16″ or 17″ tires from the factory ranging in width from 195mm to 215mm. Most models used a 55-65 aspect ratio for decent sidewall height. All were radial construction. Brands would have been from major manufacturers like Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, etc.

Will 215 60r16 Fit On A Honda Civic?

Yes, 215/60R16 tires should fit on most Honda Civic models without any issues. This size is very close to the OEM tires – just 5 mm wider and 5 aspect ratio points taller. As long as you stick with a 16″ wheel, the 215/60R16 tire will fit within the fender wells and maintain proper speedometer accuracy. This is a common alternate size for Civics. Just make sure to check that the new tires do not rub at full lock.

Can I Go From 205 To 215 Tires?

Yes, you can upgrade from 205 width tires to 215 width tires on your Honda Civic. Going up by 10mm in width will provide a little more traction and stability without needing to change wheels. 

The speedometer may read about 2% slower with the slightly larger overall diameter. Ensure the wider 215 tires will clear suspension components and fender lips. A 205 to 215 width increase is a common upgrade for improved performance and handling.

Can I Replace 215 60 R16 With 215 65 R16?

You can install 215/65R16 tires in place of 215/60R16 tires, but the new tires will be slightly taller. The aspect ratio goes from 60 to 65, increasing sidewall height by about 6mm. This will make the speedometer read around 2% faster than before. 

Make sure the extra sidewall height will clear any suspension parts at full compression and turning. Overall, going from 215/60R16 to 215/65R16 is possible with minimal issues on most vehicles.

How Much Taller Is A 215 Than A 205?

When going from a 205 width tire to a 215 width tire of the same aspect ratio and wheel size, the overall diameter increases by approximately 10mm. This is due to the 10mm increase in tread width. So for example, if a 205/55R16 tire measures 24.8″ in diameter, a 215/55R16 tire will measure around 24.9″ in diameter. This half inch height increase is small enough to avoid clearance issues in most cases.

Overall 2011 Honda Civic Tire Sizes and Dimensions

In summary:

  1. The base DX model came with a 195/65R15 tire size
  2. The LX, EX and Hybrid had 205/55R16 tires
  3. The Si performance model got 215/45R17 tires
  4. Replacement tires should follow OEM specifications
  5. Proper maintenance will extend tire life

So choose the right 2011 Honda Civic Tire Size for your trim level, and be diligent with tire care. This will ensure you get many miles of safe driving out of your tires. Contact a tire shop if you have any questions!

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