2014 Honda Accord Recalls – A Comprehensive Guide

If you own a 2014 Honda Accord, you should be aware of any recalls for this model. It’s critical to be informed about potential issues ranging from transmission to ABS module and starters. This article delves into the specifics of the 2014 Honda Accord recalls, providing comprehensive insights and actions to ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle. Stay tuned to find out what you need to know and do to keep your Honda Accord in great shape.

2014 Honda Accord Recalls

Over the years, Honda has issued several safety recalls for the 2014 Accord to address potential issues that could increase the risk of accidents or injuries. Below I summarize the major recalls impacting this model and what owners should know.

Recall Number
Number of Vehicles
Dec 2020
1 vehicle
Fracturing drive shaft
Jul 2017
1 vehicle
Battery sensor electrical short and fire risk
Sep 2015
1 vehicle
Hybrid system stalling
Mar 2015
2 vehicles
Loss of engine power and oil leaks

Recall 20V769000 – Drive Shaft Fractures

This important recall was made to fix a dangerous issue with the driveshaft possibly fracturing on one specific 2014 Accord. The driveshaft is the rotating component transferring engine power to the front wheels. If it breaks, drivers would experience a sudden loss of propulsion which could lead to a crash. There was also a risk of the vehicle rolling away unrestrained after parking due to drive loss. For the single impacted VIN, Honda dealers inspected the driveshaft and replaced it as needed to prevent failure and ensure safety.

Recall 17V418000 – Short Circuit in Battery Sensor

Only one 2014 Accord was included in this recall for a faulty Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) that contains the battery sensor. Due to an improper seal, water could enter the sensor and cause an electrical short circuit leading to potential overheating or fire. Honda corrected the issue by replacing the IPU/battery sensor assembly in the recalled vehicle.

Recall 15V602000 – Hybrid System Failure

A single 2014 Accord Hybrid was recalled to fix an issue with the hybrid powertrain control module software. Problems with the software could lead to hybrid system failure and stalling of the vehicle while driving. Honda updated the firmware to prevent sudden loss of propulsion and risk of an accident for the affected vehicle.

Recall 15V121000 – Oil Leaks and Power Loss

The largest recall affected two 2014 Accords equipped with V6 engines. One had an oil leak from the valve cover gasket which could lead to engine damage over time. The other experienced a total loss of power due to unknown causes. For these vehicles, Honda corrected the oil leak and inspected the engine assembly to ensure proper performance and safety.

2014 Honda Accord Recalls Service Centers Near Manassas, VA

Understanding the 2014 Honda Accord recalls is essential, and finding the right service center to address these recalls is equally crucial. Below are some prominent Honda Recall Service Centers near Manassas, VA, offering specialized services.

Ourisman Honda Of Tysons Corner

  • Address: 1580 SPRING HILL RD, VIENNA, VA 22182
  • Services: Servicing Honda Vehicles
  • Contact: (571) 668-5579

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  • Joyce Koons Honda Buick GMC
  • Address: 10640 Automotive Dr., Manassas, VA 20109
  • Services: Servicing Honda, Buick, and GMC Vehicles
  • Contact: (571) 385-0711

Honda Of Chantilly

  • Address: 4175 Stonecroft Blvd, Chantilly, VA 20151
  • Services: Servicing Honda Vehicles
  • Contact: (571) 899-5124

Rosenthal Fairfax Honda

  • Address: 11020 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 22030
  • Services: Servicing Honda Vehicles
  • Contact: (703) 872-7702

Hendrick Honda-Woodbridge

  • Address: 14201 Richmond Hwy, Woodbridge, VA 22191
  • Services: Servicing Honda Vehicles
  • Contact: (571) 517-6814

Autonation Honda Dulles

  • Address: 21715 Auto World Cir, Sterling, VA 20166
  • Services: Servicing Honda Vehicles
  • Contact: (571) 500-1734

Sheehy Honda

  • Address: 7434 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22306
  • Services: Servicing Honda Vehicles
  • Contact: (571) 775-2220

Browns Arlington Honda

  • Address: 3920 LEE HIGHWAY, ARLINGTON, VA 22207
  • Services: Servicing Honda Vehicles
  • Contact: (571) 297-9273

Pohanka Honda Of Fredericksburg

  • Address: 60 S Gateway Dr, Fredericksburg, VA 22406
  • Services: Servicing Honda Vehicles
  • Contact: (540) 701-0935

…and more locations are available to serve your needs regarding the 2014 Honda Accord recalls. These centers provide specialized attention to Honda vehicles and are well-equipped to handle recall inspections and necessary repairs or replacements. Always choose a service center that caters specifically to Honda vehicles to ensure quality service and proper care for your car.

2014 Honda Accord Starter Recall

The 2014 Honda Accord starter recall concerns a critical component responsible for initiating the engine’s operation. The recall has been issued to address potential failures in the starter system, which can lead to a no-start condition or intermittent starting issues.

Honda will notify owners of affected vehicles, and dealers will inspect the starter system, performing necessary replacements free of charge. Immediate attention to this recall ensures that your vehicle remains reliable and minimizes the risk of being stranded due to starter failure.

Contact Information

  • Honda Customer Service: 1-888-234-2138
  • Recall Number: Specific to the vehicle’s VIN

2014 Honda Accord Abs Module Recall

The 2014 Honda Accord ABS module recall involves the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) module, a vital part of the vehicle’s braking performance. This recall targets a possible defect that could compromise the ABS functionality, leading to reduced braking efficiency or failure.

Owners with affected vehicles will be contacted by Honda, and dealers will carry out necessary inspections and replacements of the ABS module at no cost. Attending this recall promptly ensures the vehicle’s braking system operates as designed, providing safety and control during driving.

Contact Information

  • Honda Customer Service: 1-888-234-2138
  • Recall Number: Specific to the vehicle’s VIN

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2014 Honda Accord Transmission Recall

The 2014 Honda Accord transmission recall pertains to the vehicles equipped with a 4-cylinder engine and a continuously-variable transmission (CVT). The issue centers around the drive shafts, which were assembled with a lubricant that may have degraded the protective coating. This can cause more susceptibility to damage from road salt or contaminants, potentially leading to breakage.

Addressing this recall ensures that your vehicle’s transmission system functions optimally, eliminating the risk of sudden breakdowns due to drive shaft failure.

Contact Information

  • Honda Customer Service: 1-888-234-2138
  • Recall Number: Specific to the vehicle’s VIN

Owners of 2014 Honda Accord should keep an eye on these recalls and act promptly by contacting the nearest Honda Recall Service Center to ensure their vehicle’s safety and performance.

Does The 2014 Honda Accord Have Any Recalls?

Yes, the 2014 Honda Accord has been recalled. Honda (American Honda Motor Co.) in particular issued a recall for certain 2013-2016 Honda Accord vehicles. The battery sensor, which is part of the battery management system, is being recalled. The problem is that the battery sensor’s case can allow water to enter, potentially causing an electrical short. 

It should be noted that recalls do not always affect all vehicles of the same year, make, and model. You can use the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to perform a VIN search for recall information to see if your specific 2014 Honda Accord is affected.

How Do I Know If My Honda Accord Has A Recall?

The most effective way to determine if your Honda Accord, including the 2014 model, has any outstanding recalls is to use your vehicle’s 17-character VIN. By entering the VIN into a recall database, you can obtain results specific to your vehicle, indicating any outstanding safety recalls.

What Is The Latest Recall On Honda Accord?

The most recent Honda Accord recall, as of my most recent knowledge update in January 2022, is not specified. Recall data can change over time, and new recalls may have arisen since then. 

To get the most up-to-date and specific recall information for the Honda Accord, go to Honda’s official website (American Honda Motor Co.) or check with a local Honda dealership or authorized service center. Because recall information is subject to change, it’s critical to stay current on the most recent announcements for your vehicle’s safety.


What Are The 2014 Honda Accord Recalls?

The recalls include issues with the powertrain, drive shaft, and potentially other components like starter and ABS modules.

How Can I Get My 2014 Honda Accord Serviced For These Recalls?

Contact a Honda dealer near you. Many locations are offering free inspection and replacements if needed.

What Is The 2014 Honda Accord Transmission Recall?

The transmission recall involves a lubricant that may have degraded the drive shaft’s protective coating, potentially causing it to break.


The 2014 Honda Accord recalls are a vital part of vehicle ownership that must not be ignored. Understanding the 2014 Honda Accord starter recall, 2014 Honda Accord ABS module recall, and 2014 Honda Accord transmission recall ensures your car’s safety and optimal performance. Stay informed and contact your local Honda dealer to address these recalls promptly.

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