2016 Honda Accord Wiper Blade Size – A Complete Overview

The windshield wipers are a crucial safety component of any vehicle, allowing the driver to maintain visibility in inclement weather. For the 2016 Honda Accord models, the manufacturer recommends using 26-inch blades on the driver’s side and 19-inch blades on the passenger side. Knowing the proper wiper blade size for your specific Accord model ensures you get blades that fit correctly and wipe the windshield cleanly.

Why Proper Sizing Matters?

Using the wrong wiper blade size can lead to streaking, chatter, and even wiper damage or detachment at high speeds. Undersized blades may not wipe the entire area they are supposed to cover, leaving dangerous blind spots and reduced visibility. Oversized blades can be warped by the wiper arm framework, quickly wearing out the blade and motor.

Using complex aerodynamic testing, Honda engineers have determined the ideal wiper coverage area and shape for the 2016 Accord’s windshield. Therefore, staying within their recommended sizing guidelines ensures your wipers perform as intended for optimal safety and effectiveness.

Driver Side Wiper Size

The driver’s side wiper on the 2016 Honda Accord needs a 26-inch blade. This length allows the wiper to properly clear debris from the left side of the windshield and A-pillar.

Honda part 75801-TZ5-A01 wiper provides full side-to-side wiping action without streaking or chatter. Many popular aftermarket brands also offer direct replacement 26-inch blades for a cheaper price. Just ensure any aftermarket blade is specifically made for your 2016 Accord.

Passenger Side Wiper Size

The passenger side needs a shorter 19-inch blade on the 2016 Accord. This matches the smaller wiped area on the right side of the windshield.

Factory part 75802-TZ5-A01 is a 19-inch wiper tailored for optimal cleaning of the defined passenger side zone. Aftermarket 19-inch alternatives are also available in many brands. Again, match the specific make and model to your 4-door Accord from this year.

Recommended Replacement Intervals

Honda recommends replacing your 2016 Accord’s wiper blades at least twice yearly. Wiper blades are made of rubber and plastic materials that deteriorate over time from exposure to sun, rain, snow, and debris. Old blades quickly lose wiping performance, leading to streaking and chatter.

Check the condition of the blades whenever you fill up on gas or wash your car. Look for cracking, splitting, or hardening on the edge. If the blades leave streaks and unwiped areas on the windshield, it’s time to install fresh ones.

More frequent replacements may be needed depending on driving conditions and climate. Frequent use of wiper fluid to dislodge salt and grime also accelerates wear.

OEM Vs Aftermarket Wiper Blades

You can purchase direct replacement Honda wiper blades from the dealership parts counter. These OEM blades are identical in design and materials to the factory blades. However, they are also the most expensive option.

Many leading aftermarket manufacturers offer alternative 2016 Accord wiper blades that cost significantly less than OEM. These include Bosch, Rain-X, Aero, Michelin, Anco, and PIAA brands. Consult reviews and forums about quality and fit comparisons before purchasing aftermarket blades.

Proper Installation Matters Too

Using the manufacturer-recommended wiper blade sizes is only part of the equation. You must also carefully install them in the correct orientation onto the wiper arm hooks according to the directions.

Proper installation ensures an even, uniform pressure along the entire blade length. This prevents lifting or detachment at high speeds. It also allows the blade to conform to the windshield’s curvature for streak-free wiping.

Take your time and read the instructions when replacing the 2016 Accord blades. Damaging the blades or wiper arms due to hasty installation creates bigger problems.

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Equipping your 2016 Honda Accord with the optimal wiper blade sizes is important for safety and visibility in inclement weather. Follow the recommendations for 26-inch blades on the driver’s side and 19-inch blades on the passenger side. Replace them at least twice annually, and properly install new blades for reliable wiping performance. With the right fit and maintenance, your Accord’s wipers will provide miles of clear vision ahead.

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