What Size Wiper Blades For 2017 Honda Civic?

The 2017 Honda Civic wiper blade size can vary depending on whether it is for the driver or passenger side. Typically, the driver’s side wiper is 26 inches, while the passenger side is 18 inches. Knowing the correct size will ensure proper coverage and visibility. Wiper blades should be replaced at least twice a year for optimal performance.

Recommended Wiper Sizes For 2017 Honda Civic

The 2017 Honda Civic Sedan requires two different wiper blade lengths for full windshield coverage:

Driver’s Side Wiper

  1. The recommended 2017 Honda Civic wiper blade size for the driver’s side is 26 inches.
  2. This longer blade spans the entire left side of the windshield for maximum visibility.
  3. Many major wiper blade brands make 26 inch replacements specifically for the 2017 Civic driver’s side.

Passenger’s Side Wiper

  1. For the passenger side, the correct 2017 Honda Civic wiper blade size is 18 inches.
  2. This shorter blade covers the right side of the windshield.
  3. 18 inch replacement blades for the Civic passenger side are readily available from reputable suppliers.

2017 Honda Civic Wiper Size Summary

Driver’s Side
26 inches
Passenger’s Side
18 inches

Where to Buy Correct Size Wiper Blades?

Now that you know the specific 2017 Honda Civic wiper blade size needed, here are some recommendations on where to purchase:

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What Size Windshield Wipers 2014 Honda Civic

Online Retailers

  1. Amazon – Carries a full selection of 26 inch and 18 inch wiper blades from brands like Bosch, Rain-X, Aero, and Anco. Prime delivery available.
  2. AutoZone – Large online catalog of wipers including exact fit for 2017 Civic sedan. Offers in-store pickup.
  3. NAPA Auto Parts – Trusted source for OEM and aftermarket wiper blades. Find the right size wipers for your Civic and have them shipped to your door.

Local Auto Parts Stores

  1. AutoZone – Wide variety of blade styles and sizes. Staff can assist in finding the 26 inch and 18 inch wipers for your car.
  2. O’Reilly Auto Parts – Carries all the big wiper brands in 26 and 18 inch lengths for the 2017 Honda Civic.
  3. NAPA Auto Parts – Helpful parts specialists to ensure you get the correct driver and passenger wiper blade sizes.

Installing The New Wiper Blades

Once you have the new 26 inch driver’s side and 18 inch passenger side wiper blades, here are some tips for properly installing them on your 2017 Honda Civic:

  1. Refer to your Civic’s owner’s manual for official wiper removal instructions.
  2. Lift the wiper arm off the windshield and look for the release tab.
  3. Press the tab and slide out the old wiper blade.
  4. Slide in the new blade until it clicks into place securely.
  5. Carefully lower the wiper arm back onto the windshield.
  6. Test that the new blades work before driving.
What Size Windshield Wipers For Honda Civic
What Size Windshield Wipers For Honda Civic

Take your time swapping the old blades for the new ones. Correctly installed 2017 Honda Civic wiper blades will provide clearer visibility and safer driving.

Signs You Need New Wiper Blades

Don’t wait until your wipers completely fail to replace them. Here are some signs it’s time for new 2017 Honda Civic wiper blades in the proper 26 inch and 18 inch sizes:

  1. Streaking, smearing or skipping across the windshield
  2. Wiper blades appear cracked, split or frayed
  3. Sections are missing from the rubber wiping edge
  4. Noise or squeaking when operating
  5. Buildup of debris, dirt or oil

Worn out wipers can quickly go from annoying to hazardous if visibility is reduced. Always swap both the driver and passenger blades at the same time for balanced wiping.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Replace The Wiper Blades?

Plan to install new 2017 Civic wiper blades at least twice per year. More frequent changes may be needed depending on weather conditions.

Where Is The Size Information Located?

Check the old blades you are replacing, Honda’s specifications or the owner’s manual. Driver’s side should be 26 inches. Passenger’s side should be 18 inches.

Can I Use Generic “One Size Fits All” Wipers?

No. Get wiper blades made specifically for the 2017 Honda Civic in the 26 inch and 18 inch sizes to ensure proper fit and coverage.

Should I Choose Oem Or Aftermarket Replacement Blades?

Both OEM and aftermarket brands offer quality wipers. Choose a reputable brand that matches your Civic’s needed 26 inch and 18 inch blade lengths.


Equipping your 2017 Honda Civic with the manufacturer recommended wiper blade sizes is important. Use 26 inch blades on the driver’s side and 18 inch blades on the passenger side for full windshield visibility in all weather. Replace the blades at least twice yearly or when wear is noticed. With fresh wipers in the proper size, you’ll stay safe on the road.

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