Can You Change The Voice On Honda Navigation?

Navigation systems in Honda vehicles provide extremely helpful driving directions and traffic updates through voice prompts. However, some drivers may grow tired of the default voice or prefer prompts in another language. So, can you change the voice on Honda navigation?

The short answer is: not directly. Most newer Honda models do not let drivers select between voice options for navigation prompts. However, drivers can often adjust language settings to change the accent and pronunciations used. Turning off voice guidance is another option for drivers who dislike the navigation voice.

While lacking in voice customization, Honda navigation systems excel in other areas. This article shares tips for optimizing your Honda navigation voice and reviews the impressive capabilities these systems offer. Read on to learn all about changing the voice on Honda navigation.

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Honda Navigation Voice Customization

Honda navigation systems in older vehicles like the Pilot and Accord provided an option for switching between a male or female voice. However, this feature disappeared in 2009 when Honda updated their navigation systems.

So in most newer Honda models, including recent Accords and CR-Vs, you cannot directly change the navigation voice. The default female voice is the only option for turn-by-turn prompts.

But while you cannot swap out the core navigation voice, drivers do have some limited customization abilities:

Language Settings

The best way to modify the navigation voice is by adjusting language settings. From the audio menu, you can set the system language to English, Spanish, French, or other options.

Changing the language settings changes pronunciation and accenting for the navigation voice. So switching from English to Spanish provides some voice variation, even though the underlying voice remains the same.

Volume Control

Another simple way to alter the navigation voice is by adjusting the volume. From the audio menu, drivers can increase or decrease the navigation volume independent of music or other audio.

Turning the navigation volume down or muting it entirely keeps the directions accessible without the potential annoyance of a talkative voice.

Disabling Voice Guidance

If you decide the navigation voice is not for you, it can be disabled entirely. Through the navigation settings menu, uncheck the option for “Voice Prompts” to turn off spoken directions.

The system will still provide on-screen directions and warnings, just without the accompanying voice. However, voice guidance provides important safety alerts while driving, so muting it is not ideal.

While Honda does not offer custom voice options directly, tweaking language and volume settings allows some adjustment of the navigation voice. But disabling prompts should only be done when parked, not while driving.

Why Voice Customization is Limited

Honda’s decision to move away from selectable navigation voices reflects the evolution of in-vehicle technology and artificial intelligence. Here are some reasons customizable voices are not a common feature:

  1. Streamlined interfaces: Opening up custom voice options would add complexity to in-vehicle menus. Honda strives for simplified controls focused on key functions.
  2. Behind-the-scenes processing: Modern navigation systems utilize a lot of data and background processing to generate verbal prompts on the fly. Pre-recorded voices do not allow the same flexibility.
  3. AI advancements: Voices generated using artificial intelligence can provide more natural verbal guidance compared to spliced recordings. Custom options would limit AI potentials.
  4. Cost considerations: Additional recordable voices would increase data demands and production costs. Honda focuses resources on core vehicle capabilities.
  5. Safety factors: Limiting voice customization helps minimize driver distraction from attention-grabbing gimmicky voices. Safety is paramount.

By utilizing AI-enabled, dynamically generated voices, Honda can provide useful verbal guidance without cluttering the user interface. But they accomplish this by limiting custom options that could sacrifice processing needs and safety.

Honda Navigation System Capabilities

Although direct customization is restricted, Honda navigation systems offer many cutting-edge capabilities. Highlights include:

Responsive Guidance

Honda navigation utilizes real-time GPS and traffic data to provide accurate route guidance. The system automatically reroutes you if traffic or other factors delay your trip. Voice prompts clearly communicate each turn in the road ahead.

Predictive Routing

Based on GPS tracking, Honda navigation can learn your common routes and predict destinations. For example, the system may proactively provide directions to work in the mornings. This thoughtful functionality minimizes reliance on voice input.

Point of Interest Search

The navigation allows you to search for points of interest along your route or in a selected area. Look up restaurants, hotels, gas stations and other destinations and send their location to the route guidance. Up-to-date business information is included.

App Integration

Through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, you can access navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze directly through the infotainment system. Seamlessly switch between the Honda navigation and smartphone apps.

Over-the-Air Updates

Honda provides continuous over-the-air software updates to enhance capabilities and accuracy and fix bugs. No need to schedule updates at the dealership. Enhancements install automatically in the background.

While you cannot pick between a male or female navigation voice, Honda packs its systems with intelligent capabilities optimized for usefulness and convenience. Focusing resources on core performance helps elevate the overall driving experience.

Can You Change The Voice In A Honda Accord?

No, most newer model Honda Accords do not allow you to directly change or select alternate voices for the navigation system. In older Accord models, such as from 2008 and earlier, drivers had the option to choose between a male or female voice. However, Honda removed this feature in 2009 when they updated it to a new navigation system.

The current Accord navigation utilizes advanced voice generation technology that dynamically creates prompts tailored to directions and street names. While you cannot change the core voice, drivers can adjust language and volume settings to modify navigation voice properties indirectly. For those unhappy with the default voice, fully disabling voice guidance is also an option.

Can I Update My Honda Navigation System?

Yes, Honda provides over-the-air updates that automatically improve and enhance the navigation system on supported Honda models. You do not need to manually install updates or bring your car to the dealer. Instead, updates install in the background when the vehicle is connected to the internet via WiFi or LTE.

The updates add new features, increase GPS accuracy, and fix bugs or issues with the software. They help keep the navigation current and optimized. Honda releases new updates a few times per year depending on needs. As long as your system is not modified, it will continue receiving updates.

How Do I Change The Language On My Honda Car?

You can change the language through the audio or navigation settings menu. Options vary by model but generally include English, Spanish, French, and a few others. Changing languages adjusts the accent and pronunciation used by the navigation voice prompts.

On models with a central screen, look for a Language or Voice setting under System Settings or Audio. Use the touchscreen to select your preferred language. For cars without a central display, use the physical buttons and knobs on the dashboard to navigate to the language options. Refer to your owner’s manual for detailed steps.

How Do You Change The Volume On A Honda CR V Navigation?

There are a few ways to adjust the navigation volume in a Honda CR-V. If your CR-V has a touchscreen, tap the volume icon on the display and drag the slider for navigation volume up or down. Alternatively, press the volume knob while the navigation voice is speaking to highlight that volume, then turn the knob to increase or decrease.

On models without a touchscreen, press the Settings button, select System Settings, choose Volume, select Guidance Volume, and adjust the level. You can also use the steering wheel or dashboard volume buttons when the navigation is speaking to specifically change that volume. Refer to your owner’s manual for more details.


Most Honda vehicles produced from 2009 onward do not allow drivers to directly change the navigation voice. Unlike some older models, there is no setting for switching between male and female voice options.

Honda’s newer navigation systems rely on advanced generation technology to provide dynamic verbal prompts tailored to each trip. While drivers cannot pick alternate voices, they can modify language and volume settings to indirectly adjust the voice. Completely disabling voice guidance is also an option for those who find the navigation voice unpleasant.

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