How To Remove Honda Emblem From Grille?

Removing the Honda emblem from the grille can be done with some careful effort and planning. Start by gathering the proper tools, taking precautions to protect the car’s paint and grille, and following step-by-step instructions. With patience and care, the emblem can be taken off without leaving damage behind. Check that the tabs, adhesive, or screws securing the emblem can be accessed or removed. Work slowly and double-check to avoid accidentally cracking the emblem.

Necessary Tools and Materials

Taking off the Honda emblem requires having certain tools on hand. Here are some of the essentials:

Safety Equipment

  1. Gloves – Protect hands from sharp edges
  2. Safety goggles – Shield eyes from debris
  3. Masking tape – Cover paint around emblem

Removal Tools

  1. Putty knife – Carefully pry off emblem
  2. Razor blades – Cut adhesive tabs
  3. Screwdriver – Remove screw-mounted emblems
  4. Dental floss – Slice through adhesive

Cleaning Supplies

  1. Soft cloths
  2. Gentle cleaner or solvent to remove adhesive

Step-By-Step Removal Process

With the right supplies gathered, follow these key steps to properly remove the Honda emblem from the grille:

Protect the Surrounding Area

Cover paint or chrome around the emblem with masking tape or clean cloths. This prevents scratches or other damage.

Check How the Emblem Is Mounted

Look to see if it uses adhesive tabs, simple friction and tabs, or small screws. This determines the best pry tools and techniques to use.

Loosen One Side of the Emblem

Insert a putty knife covered in cloth under one edge of the emblem. Gently pry up to break the adhesive seal or pop loose any tabs.

Work Around the Edges

Keep using the putty knife to carefully remove the Honda emblem by lifting up the edges little by little.

Heat Emblem If Needed

For stubborn adhesives, use a hairdryer to heat and soften the glue before prying. Avoid direct heat on paint.

Cut Through Adhesive Tabs

Use a new razor blade to slice through any adhesive tabs still holding the emblem on. Dental floss also works for this.

Remove Any Screws

Use a properly sized screwdriver to take out screws used to mount emblems, if applicable.

Clean Adhesive Residue

Use a gentle cleaner or adhesive solvent on a soft cloth to remove any remaining sticky tabs or glue.

Reattach or Replace the Emblem

Decide whether to reinstall the original or a new emblem. Use fresh adhesive tabs or screws to properly remount it.

Tips for Avoiding Damage

When undertaking this project, keep these warnings in mind to avoid permanently damaging the Honda emblem or grille:

  1. Never pry too aggressively or quickly to prevent cracking the emblem.
  2. Don’t use sharp tools near paint or risk deep scratches.
  3. Heat plastic emblems very briefly and evenly to prevent warping.
  4. Clean all adhesive residue to allow proper reinstallation later.
  5. Consider hiring a mechanic if the process seems too difficult.

Why Remove The Honda Emblem?

There are a few key reasons owners look into eliminating the Honda emblem:

  1. Customization – Blacking out, removing, or replacing the emblem changes the look.
  2. Racing – Reduced drag and weight benefits some track models.
  3. Repair – Damage to the emblem sometimes requires its removal.
  4. Theft protection – Taking off the emblem helps deter thieves targeting specific models.

So whether aiming for a sleek, unique appearance or making repairs, it is possible to safely remove the factory Honda emblem from the grille with some care and the right process.

How Do You Take Off A Honda Emblem Without Breaking It?

The best way to remove a Honda emblem without breaking it is to use dental floss or fishing line. You’ll want to slide the floss or line behind the emblem, moving it back and forth in a sawing motion to cut through the adhesive. Go slowly and apply even pressure. Using a plastic pry tool, work around the edges once the floss has severed the adhesive. Move the tool carefully to avoid cracking the emblem. 

Remove The Honda Emblem From Grille
Remove The Honda Emblem From Grille

Heat from a hairdryer can help soften particularly stubborn adhesive. Always use gentle pressure and patience for the safest removal. Avoid metal pry bars or scrapers that could scratch or shatter the emblem.

How Do I Remove The Emblem From My CRV?

For a CR-V, locate the tabs or adhesive strips holding on the Honda emblem. Cover the surrounding paint with masking tape to prevent scratches. Use a plastic pry tool and gently insert it under the emblem perimeter to pop the tabs loose or break the emblem free. 

You can also try dental floss behind it to cut through the adhesive. Work slowly around the emblem until it detaches. Use a heat gun to warm the adhesive first if needed. Check for any remaining residue and clean it off to prep the area for a new emblem.

How Do You Debadge The Front Emblem?

To debadge the front Honda emblem, first mask off the chrome grille around it. Use a plastic razor blade to pry up the bottom edge of the emblem. Then slide dental floss back and forth under the emblem to sever the adhesive mounting. 

Alternate sides as you cut through the adhesive tabs. With the tabs severed, you can then carefully pry and peel the emblem off. Avoid using metal tools to prevent scratching. Clean any leftover adhesive before installing a new emblem or leaving it debadged.

How Do You Remove The Emblem From A Honda Ridgeline?

On a Ridgeline, the Honda emblem should detach by locating the plastic fastener tabs securing it. Cover the paint or grille around the emblem with tape. Take a plastic pry bar and gently insert it under the emblem edge, working your way around to pop the tabs loose.

Remove Honda Emblem From Grille
Remove Honda Emblem From Grille

Go slowly to avoid cracking the emblem. Some Ridgelines use adhesive instead, so try dental floss behind the emblem to saw through that adhesive. Once free, clean any leftover tape or adhesive before reinstalling or replacing the Honda emblem. Check a manual to confirm the proper mounting style first.

Professional Honda Emblem Removal

For those concerned about accidentally harming their car’s appearance, professional auto detailing services are an alternative. Reputable detailers have specialized tools and expertise to remove Honda emblems without a hitch.

Benefits of Professional Services

  1. No risk of cracking plastic or scratching paint
  2. Ability to safely deal with stubborn adhesives
  3. Proper cleaning of the grille area after emblem removal
  4. Option to have a new custom emblem installed

What to Look for in a Detailing Service

  1. Strong reviews and reputation for high-quality work
  2. Experience with Honda models and emblem removal specifically
  3. Guarantee against damage during the process
  4. Competitive and transparent pricing

Turning to professionals takes the guesswork out of properly taking off the Honda emblem from the grille. Their skill allows for a pristine finish.


Does The Grille Need To Be Removed Too?

In most cases no – the emblem can be removed by itself without needing to detach the entire grille assembly.

Will It Damage The Paint?

If proper precautions are taken, such as using masking tape and gentle prying motions, paint damage can be avoided.

Can I Reattach The Original Emblem Later On?

Yes, as long as the attachment tabs or spots are not damaged during initial removal, the original emblem can be reinstalled.

What About Models With Screws Rather Than Adhesive?

Use a screwdriver matching the screw head size to carefully detach screw-mounted emblems.

Is There A Quick Hack Method Using Floss?

Dental floss behind the emblem severs adhesive tabs nicely but takes patience and care. Do not simply yank on the floss.

Knowing the techniques, tools, and risks allows for the safe DIY removal of Honda emblems from grilles. With care and time, owners can customize their car’s look without harm.


The Honda emblem on the front grille is held on securely, but can be removed with the proper precautions and methods. Gather the necessary razor blades, screwdrivers, adhesive solvents, and protective gear. Then follow the step-by-step process, using gentle prying and slicing motions to work the emblem loose without cracking it. 

Heat can help with stubborn adhesives. Take care not to damage paint or tabs in the process. With precision and patience, you can successfully remove the Honda emblem from the grille for customization or repairs. Consider letting a professional detailer take on this delicate project if any doubts exist about safely completing the job without harm.

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