Can You Replace The Honda Accord Emblem On A Steering Wheel?

Many Honda Accord owners want to know if they can easily replace the emblem on their steering wheel. The short answer is yes, you can replace the Honda Accord emblem on a steering wheel, but it does require some work. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through the Can You Replace The Honda Accord Emblem On A Steering Wheel.

The Honda Accord steering wheel emblem is an important styling feature that adds personality to the interior. Over time, it may become faded, damaged, or you simply want to upgrade to a different style. Replacing it properly ensures the new emblem looks great and functions properly.

Below we dive into everything you need to know Can You Replace The Honda Accord Emblem On A Steering Wheel?

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How The Honda Accord Steering Wheel Emblem Works

The first step is understanding how the emblem integrates into the steering wheel itself. Here’s a quick overview:

  • The emblem is attached to the airbag cover on the steering wheel.
  • It uses a combination of adhesive, clips, and plastic fasteners to secure it in place.
  • On certain models, the emblem also houses illuminated elements for nighttime visibility.
  • Accessing the emblem requires removing the airbag cover first.

So while the emblem itself may seem simple, integrating it into the steering wheel while preserving airbag functionality requires care.

Gather The Correct Replacement Honda Emblem

Once you understand how the emblem integrates, next you need to source the correct replacement part. There are a few key factors to get right:

  • Model Year – Each generation of Accord uses a different steering wheel design and emblem style. Make sure you order the emblem for your specific model year.
  • Trim Level – Higher Accord trim levels often have different steering wheel emblem designs. Verify you get the right one for your EX, Sport, Touring etc trim.
  • Color – Some emblems come in multiple color options. Choose the right color for your interior’s color scheme.

With the right replacement emblem that matches your Accord, you can move forward confidently with the repair. Using the wrong part can lead to fitment issues down the road.

Necessary Tools And Supplies

You’ll need a few essential tools and supplies to complete the steering wheel emblem replacement:

  • New steering wheel emblem
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Plastic pry tool
  • Clean rags

The screwdrivers allow you to remove any screws securing the emblem and/or airbag cover. The plastic pry tool helps pop clips and fasteners free carefully without damage. Clean rags help keep the steering wheel immaculate throughout the process.

Step-By-Step Emblem Replacement Instructions

With the right parts on hand, now we can dive into the repair step-by-step:

  • Remove The Airbag
  • Remove The Airbag Cover
  • Remove The Emblem
  • Install The New Emblem
  • Reconnect Components And Test
Replace The Honda Accord Emblem On A Steering Wheel
Replace The Honda Accord Emblem On A Steering Wheel

Remove The Airbag

Before accessing the emblem, you need to remove the airbag from the steering wheel. Refer to your Accord’s service manual for the exact airbag removal procedure. It typically involves:

  • Disconnecting the negative battery cable
  • Locating and removing the airbag retaining screws (if equipped)
  • Carefully detaching the airbag from the steering wheel
  • Disconnecting the airbag wiring connector

Remove The Airbag Cover

With the airbag removed, you can now access the airbag cover containing the emblem. Depending on the model year, it is secured in various ways:

  • Plastic clips – Use a plastic pry tool to pop the airbag cover free from the wheel
  • Screws – Remove any perimeter screws securing the airbag cover
  • Adhesive – Carefully pry/peel the airbag cover free with plastic tools

Remove The Emblem

With the airbag cover removed, you can now access and remove the emblem itself:

  • Emblem screws – Remove any screws specifically holding on the emblem
  • Clips – Use a plastic pry tool to detach any emblem clip fasteners
  • Adhesive – Carefully pry the emblem free using plastic tools

Carefully detach any wiring for illuminated emblems as you remove it.

Install The New Emblem

Once the old emblem is off, installation of the new one follows similar steps in reverse:

  • Clean the emblem area thoroughly remove all old adhesive
  • Peel adhesive backing and carefully press into place (use screws/clips if equipped)
  • Connect any illuminated emblem wiring as required
  • Reinstall the airbag cover and secure with clips/screws/adhesive
  • Reinstall the airbag and reconnect wiring connector
Replace Honda Accord Emblem On A Steering Wheel

Take care to properly align the new emblem as you secure it. Wipe away any excess adhesive for a clean install.

Reconnect Components And Test

With the new emblem installed:

  • Reconnect the negative battery cable
  • Start the vehicle and test all systems – lights, horn etc.
  • Verify emblem illumination works correctly (if equipped)

Now you can enjoy your refreshed Honda Accord steering wheel emblem!

Tips For A Successful Emblem Replacement

Follow these tips to ensure your emblem replacement goes smoothly:

  • Review the service manual for exact instructions based on your Accord’s model year
  • Work slowly and carefully when prying and popping free clips and fasteners
  • Completely remove any remaining old adhesive before attaching the new emblem
  • Ensure proper emblem alignment as you press into place
  • Protect the steering wheel leather/material throughout the process
  • Confirm all systems function properly before driving

Taking the time to do the job right ensures your new emblem looks and performs as expected.

Professional Emblem Replacement Alternative

While DIY replacement is certainly possible, you may prefer having a professional tackle the repair. An experienced Honda technician has specialized tools and expertise that helps them safely and efficiently replace the Honda Accord emblem on a steering wheel.

They can handle the entire process flawlessly in less time, allowing you to get back on the road faster. If you choose a professional replacement, find a qualified Honda service center in your area to take on the project.

Maintain Your Honda Accord Steering Wheel

The steering wheel is one of the most frequently used components in your vehicle’s interior. Keeping it looking its best requires diligent maintenance:

  • Clean regularly with a quality leather or vinyl cleaner
  • Condition the leather frequently to prevent drying and cracking
  • Fix cracks and damage immediately to prevent further deterioration
  • Replace faded or damaged emblems to keep the interior looking fresh

Proper maintenance keeps your Accord’s steering wheel looking and functioning like new for years to come. With the steps above, you can confidently replace the Honda Accord emblem on a steering wheel when the time comes.

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