Honda Accord Hood Latch Replacement – Easy Steps

On older Accords, a sticky or broken hood latch that won’t release properly is a common problem. The latch mechanism wears out or becomes clogged with dirt and corrosion over time, preventing the hood from opening when the interior release handle is pulled. Fortunately, replacing the entire latch assembly is a cheap and simple fix that you can do yourself in a few hours with basic mechanical skills and tools. 

This DIY guide will teach you how to troubleshoot and diagnose common Honda Accord hood latch problems, as well as step-by-step instructions for removing and replacing the faulty latch and prevention tips. With the right parts and proper procedure, you can have your Accord’s hood opening smoothly once again after a quick latch replacement.

Diagnosing Problems With Honda Accord Hood Latch

Before replacing the hood latch on your Honda Accord, you should properly diagnose the problem to determine if the latch is the source of the problem. The following are some of the most common symptoms of a faulty hood latch, as well as their likely causes:

Hood Won’t Open When Pulling Release Handle

When pulling the interior release handle does nothing, this is the most obvious sign of a faulty latch. This usually indicates a problem with the cable or latch mechanism. Look for a broken or disconnected cable, a broken handle, or worn out latch components.

Honda accord hood release broken
Honda accord hood release broken

Hood Shakes or Rattles While Driving

If the hood makes a noise while driving, it is most likely due to the latch not fully engaging to securely hold the hood closed. This could be caused by a worn latch, a faulty hood striker, or bent components.

Hood Opens When Driving

In an extreme case, a severely damaged latch can cause the hood to pop open unexpectedly when driving. This dangerous situation points to a latch that is completely broken and no longer able to latch onto the hood striker to keep the hood securely closed.

Corrosion on Latch Assembly

Over time, dirt, debris and exposure to the elements can cause the latch assembly to become corroded. This can prevent the latch from smoothly engaging and cause it to stick or malfunction.

Accident Damage

A front end collision can bend or damage the hood, causing misalignment that prevents the latch from properly closing. Any accident damage needs to be professionally repaired and realigned.

Gathering Necessary Tools And Parts

Replacing a faulty Honda Accord hood latch requires only basic hand tools and a new replacement latch assembly. Here are the recommended tools and parts you’ll need:


  1. Socket wrench with metric socket set
  2. Phillips head screwdriver
  3. Flat head screwdriver
  4. Needle nose pliers
  5. Clean rags and degreaser


  1. Replacement hood latch assembly specific to your Honda Accord model year
  2. Can of brake parts cleaner or electrical contact cleaner

The latch assembly is attached with metric bolts, so make sure your socket set includes common sizes like 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm. Also have cleaning supplies like brake parts cleaner on hand to clean and degrease any dirt or grease from the mounting surfaces.

Step-By-Step Honda Accord Hood Latch Replacement

With the right tools and parts gathered, you’re ready to get started with replacing the faulty Honda Accord hood latch.

Honda accord hood latch won't close
Honda accord hood latch won’t close

Follow these key steps:

Disconnect the Battery

Begin by locating the battery in the engine bay and disconnecting the negative terminal. This will prevent any accidental electrical shorts while working on the latch. Use a wrench to loosen and remove the negative battery cable end from the terminal post.

Remove Hood Latch Cables

Look for the cables running from the latch assembly to the interior hood release handle. There will be two cables that you need to detach from the latch.

Use pliers to slide back the retaining clips from the mounting posts on the latch mechanism. With the clips detached, you can then pull the cable ends off the posts to detach them from the latch.

Remove Mounting Bolts

Now you’re ready to go under the hood and remove the mounting bolts. There are typically 2-4 bolts that secure the latch assembly to the hood support structure. Use your socket wrench and appropriate metric socket to loosen and remove the mounting bolts. Keep track of each bolt and disassemble any plastic fastener clips.

Clean Mounting Surfaces

Before installing the new latch, use your brake parts cleaner and rags to thoroughly clean the mounting surface areas. Remove any dirt, grease or corrosion so the new latch assembly mounts flush and secure.

Install New Latch

Once prepped, you can install your replacement Honda Accord hood latch. Line up the new latch in the proper orientation and hand thread the mounting bolts by a few turns. Then use your socket wrench to tighten each bolt to the proper torque specs. Refer to your factory service manual for the recommended specs for your model’s bolt size and grade.

Reconnect Cables & Battery

With the new latch tightened down, reconnect the two release cables by popping their locking clips back onto the mounting posts. Also reconnect the negative battery cable and tighten the terminal nut with a wrench.

Test Hood Release

The final step is to test that the new latch works properly. Close the hood securely, then go inside the car and pull the release handle. The hood should pop open slightly, indicating the latch is disengaged. Lift the hood open fully and check that the latch properly engages the hood striker. If all checks out, the repair is complete!

Troubleshooting Common Honda Accord Hood Latch Problems

While replacing the faulty latch will solve most issues with the hood not opening, here are some additional troubleshooting tips for other problems that may occur:

Cable Detached from Release Handle

If the release handle moves but doesn’t open the latch, the inner cable is likely detached. Access and reattach the cable end fitting to the release handle anchor point.

Latch Not Fully Engaging

If the hood still shakes after replacing the latch, the striker pin may be damaged or misaligned. Inspect the striker mount and adjust as needed to ensure proper latch engagement.

Hood Misalignment

Any front end collision can cause the hood to be out of alignment with the latch, preventing proper closure. Any misalignment issues need to be professionally repaired and realigned.

Corroded Electrical Contacts

Electrical issues like a stuck latch solenoid can also prevent remote or electronic release systems from working. Clean the electrical contacts with electrical contact cleaner spray.

Following the full replacement procedure and these additional troubleshooting tips will get your Honda Accord’s hood latch working smoothly again. Just take your time, work carefully, and thoroughly test operation during and after the repair.

What To Do If Your Hood Latch Fails?

If the hood latch on your Honda Accord fails, preventing you from opening the hood, there are a few options. Try tapping on the latch while pulling the release lever, as impact can help release a stuck latch. Spray lubricant like WD-40 into the latch mechanism to free up the components. If the latch is damaged, replace it with a new one matching your Accord model year. Replacement latches usually cost $25-$75.

How Do You Manually Open The Hood Of A Honda Accord?

With a faulty latch, you can manually open the Honda Accord hood by having someone pull up on the hood while you use a screwdriver to pry up on the secondary latch inside the grille. Push the screwdriver into the slot on the safety latch and lift until the hood pops open slightly. Use care not to damage the paint or components.

How To Fix A Hood Latch On A 2002 Honda Accord?

On a 2002 Accord, remove the grille and headlights to access the secondary hood latch. Remove the 10mm bolts securing the latch and unplug the release cable. Install a new latch, reconnect the cable, and reinstall using new bolts. Grease the latch joints, close the hood fully, and test the release handle to ensure smooth operation.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Broken Hood Latch?

The average cost to replace a faulty hood latch is $120-$250 for parts and labor. Doing it yourself costs between $25-$75 for a new replacement latch assembly. Honda OEM latches provide the best fit and quality. Add around $30 for basic hand tools if you need to purchase tools to do the repair.

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A stuck closed hood on your older Accord doesn’t have to result in an expensive trip to the mechanic. With a few basic tools and a new latch assembly, most owners can complete this DIY repair. You can safely replace your faulty Honda Accord hood latch in an afternoon if you follow the steps outlined in this guide. 

Taking the time to properly diagnose problems, clean mounting areas, and test operation will ensure that the door opens smoothly once more. Just make sure to lubricate components and clean and maintain them on a regular basis to avoid future corrosion problems. With a new quality latch installed, you can be confident that your Accord’s hood will function properly for many years.

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