How Do I Remove The Center Console On Honda Accord?

The center console is the main control center inside your Honda Accord, housing the radio, climate control system, and other key features. You may need to remove the console for many reasons, such as replacing worn components, accessing wiring, or installing aftermarket electronics. Removing the center console on a Honda Accord can seem daunting, but it is quite straightforward when you know the steps.

In the guide below, I’ll outline the complete process in detail, using my expertise as a technician to provide authoritative, trustworthy advice. I’ll cover precautions, tools needed, step-by-step instructions, and reassembly tips. With this guide, you can safely and efficiently remove the center console on your Honda Accord.

Safety Precautions

Before beginning, follow these simple safety precautions:

  1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal to avoid electrical shorts.
  2. Allow the car to cool completely if recently driven to avoid burns.
  3. Work in a clean, spacious area for ease of movement.
  4. Place removed components in labelled bags/containers for the organization.
  5. Have the factory service manual on hand for torque specs and diagrams.
  6. Work carefully when dealing with delicate clips and connectors.

These precautions will help ensure a smooth, safe console removal process. Always prioritize safety when working on your vehicle.

Tools and Supplies Needed

Gather the following tools and supplies before starting:

  1. Standard and Phillips screwdrivers
  2. Interior trim removal tools
  3. Needle-nose pliers
  4. Zip-lock bags for organization
  5. Clean shop rags
  6. Factory service manual

These items will allow you to disassemble components efficiently, take care of fasteners, and protect delicate parts along the way.

Step-by-Step Center Console Removal

With proper preparation complete, we can now dive into the detailed steps for removing the center console:

Remove Access Panels and Components

The first step is to remove the access panels and components attached to the top of the console:

  1. Pry off the cupholder insert using trim tools. Remove any loose change/debris inside.
  2. Pull upward firmly on the parking brake handle to detach the cupholder housing. Unclip the LED lamp wires.
  3. Remove the rubber matt around the gear selector. Detach the trim piece by removing two Phillips screws.
  4. Disconnect the power outlet and unclip the connector.
  5. Remove the ashtray assembly by squeezing the metal retaining clips and pulling it out.

Taking off these pieces first provides access to fasteners and makes handling the console easier.

Disconnect Wiring and Linkages

With the upper components removed, you can now disconnect:

  1. Power window/lock switch wiring
  2. Any control panel ribbon cables
  3. Gauge cluster connectors (if equipped)
  4. The gear selector cable end by depressing the release tab

Make sure to unplug any harness clips securing cables as well. Label any disconnected connectors to ease reassembly.

Remove Mounting Screws

Several mounting screws attach the console to the vehicle. Remove:

  1. Two screws under the cupholder housing
  2. Two screws inside the covered armrest storage
  3. Two screws under the forward lower edge

Keep screws organized for reinstallation later.

Lift Out Console

With all fasteners removed:

  1. Shift the transmission into neutral using the release tab on the gear selector.
  2. Lift on the rear of the console, sliding it back and up around the gear selector.
  3. Maneuver it around the parking brake and out of the vehicle.

Take care not to force it, which could crack the plastic housing. The console is now fully removed!

Reassembling the Center Console

Reinstallation is the reverse of removal:

  1. Set the console back into position, properly routing the gear selector and parking brake through.
  2. Reattach all mounting screws and tighten them snugly.
  3. Reconnect wiring harnesses and control cables. Double-check all connectors are fully seated.
  4. Snap interior trim components like the cupholder, ashtray, and rubber mat back into place.
  5. Reinstall the access panels removed initially.
  6. Reconnect the battery once everything is assembled.
  7. Test controls like power windows and locks to ensure proper operation.

Taking care during reassembly will get your center console back into reliable, working order. Refer to the factory service manual if needed.

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While it may seem complicated, removing the center console on a Honda Accord is straightforward when you follow the proper steps. Using the process I’ve outlined, you can now safely remove the console confidently using my years of experience for guidance.

Always focus on organization, caution, and patience when disassembling vehicle components. Let me know if you have any other questions about removing interior parts on your Honda – I’m happy to share my expertise!

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