How To Make Honda Accord Faster?

The Honda Accord is known for its reliability and efficiency, but with some modifications, it can become a high-speed performance machine. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide steps to make your Honda Accord faster.

The Honda Accord can be customized for increased speed and power, although this may reduce fuel economy. With the right modifications, you can unlock the performance potential of your Accord while maintaining its inherent reliability.

How To Make Honda Accord Faster?

  • High-Performance Chips
  • Aftermarket Exhaust
  • Forced Induction
  • Suspension Upgrades
  • Cold Air Intake
  • High-Performance Brakes

High-Performance Chips

Upgrading the engine computer is one of the easiest ways to make your Honda Accord faster. The stock ECU is designed for emissions compliance and fuel efficiency, not raw power.

A high-performance chip optimizes the air-fuel ratio and ignition timing for maximum horsepower. This allows more air and fuel into the engine, increasing output. Chips are an affordable and straightforward performance upgrade.

Some popular performance chips for Honda Accord:

  • Hondata FlashPro
  • KTuner
  • Trifecta Advantage

Chips offer HP gains of up to 30+ on naturally aspirated Accords. For turbocharged models, gains of 60+ HP are possible. Professional installation is recommended.

Aftermarket Exhaust

The stock Honda Accord exhaust system is quite restrictive for performance applications. Switching to a larger diameter aftermarket exhaust allows the engine to expel gasses faster.

Less back pressure means the engine can inhale a denser air-fuel mixture, resulting in higher RPMs and horsepower.

Popular exhaust upgrades for Honda Accord:

  • Cat Back exhaust system
  • Axle-back system
  • Headers
Honda Accord Faster

Full catback exhausts offer the biggest power gains. Opt for stainless steel or titanium for increased durability. Expect HP improvements of 10-25 depending on the exhaust setup.

Forced Induction

For major horsepower gains, consider adding forced induction to your Honda Accord faster via:


Turbos use engine exhaust gasses to spin an impeller that forces extra compressed air into the engine. More air allows more fuel to be burnt, drastically increasing power.

Turbos excel at producing big power gains while maintaining good fuel efficiency. HP gains of 100+ are possible. Kits start around $2,500 installed.


Superchargers use a belt driven by the crankshaft to spin an impeller that pushes air into the engine. This allows for more air and fuel to be combusted.

Superchargers provide instant power delivery. However, they sap more power from the engine. Expect gains of 50-75+ HP. Quality kits start around $4,000 installed.

Forced induction mods require extensive engine reinforcement and tuning. Not for novice mechanics.

Suspension Upgrades

To handle the fast Honda Accord at higher speeds, suspension upgrades are recommended:

  • Lowering springs – Lower ride height for improved handling and stability
  • Sway bars – Reduce body roll in corners for flatter handling
  • Strut bars – Improve chassis rigidity and steering response
  • Coilovers – Fully adjustable suspension for track-ready handling

Focus on improving acceleration, cornering, and braking. A professionally installed and tuned suspension transforms the handling dynamics of the Accord.

Cold Air Intake

The stock Honda Accord airbox is very restrictive to airflow. A cold air intake kit draws in colder, denser outside air for combustion.

The improved throttle response and power delivery make cold air intakes a popular and affordable bolt-on mod. Expect gains of 6-10 HP.

Popular cold air intakes:

  • Injen cold air intake
  • AEM cold air intake
  • K&N cold air intake

A larger MAF sensor may be needed on turbo Accords to fully utilize an intake. This improves tuning.

High-Performance Brakes

Fast Hondas need brakes that can haul them down from high speeds. Brake upgrades recommended:

  • High-performance brake pads – More bite and less fade
  • Steel braided brake lines – Improved pedal feel
  • Big brake kit – Larger rotors and calipers for heat dissipation

Start with pads and lines first. For repeated hard use, a BBK with two-piece rotors is ideal. This improves stopping distances on fast and furious Honda Accord builds.

Summary Of Mods To Make Honda Accord Faster

Here are some top modifications covered in detail above to transform your sedate family sedan into a fast Honda Accord:

HP Gain (est.)
Performance Chip
20-60 HP
Catback Exhaust
10-25 HP
Cold Air Intake
5-15 HP
100-200 HP
50-100 HP
Make Honda Accord Faster

Combine multiple mods like a chip, intake, and exhaust for cumulative gains. For serious speed, forced induction is a must. A built engine and supporting mods are needed to reliably handle huge power.

With the right modifications, you can unlock the performance potential of your Honda Accord. Just remember – drive safely and responsibly!

Choosing The Right Mods

Not all modifications make sense for your Honda Accord faster goals and budget. Follow this guide when selecting mods:

Goal – Determine if you want moderate gains for street use or maximum power for racing. This affects mod choices.

Engine – Turbo engines respond best to bolt-ons like intakes. Naturally aspirated engines need forced induction.

Usage – Daily driven cars need reliability. Track cars can sacrifice longevity for power.

Budget – Prioritize bang-for-buck mods first. Power adders are expensive. Build up in stages.

Supporting Mods – Heat and stress rise with power. Fuel, cooling, engine, and drivetrain upgrades are crucial.

Match mods to your specific Accord and goals. Work with reputable tuners experienced with Hondas. Avoid “tuner special” bolt-ons with no gains. Research and plan ahead.

Installation And Tuning

Proper installation and tuning are vital to maximize performance gains and reliability from your upgrades.

  • Use experienced mechanics for difficult installs like turbocharging.
  • Tuning optimizes mods to work together. Get professional tuning for major mods.
  • Aftermarket ECUs like KPro allow complete control of engine parameters.
  • Log data during dyno tuning to optimize for power and drivability.
  • Street tune on safe roads to refine driving characteristics.

With properly installed and tuned upgrades, your Honda Accord will be transformed into a fast and furious Honda Accord sleeper.

Maintaining Your Modified Accord

Here are some tips for maintaining a modified fast Honda Accord:

  • Use full synthetic oil for less friction and better protection
  • Upgrade oil coolers if running forced induction
  • Inspect all components for wear frequently
  • Replace fluids and filters more often than factory intervals
  • Immediately investigate any new noises, leaks, or issues
  • Extended warranties help cover costs of blown motors
  • Keep spare sensors, gaskets, seals for common failure points

More stress on the engine means more diligent maintenance is required. But taken care of properly, a modified Honda Accord can provide years of boosted reliability and performance.

Is It Worth Modifying My Accord?

While modifying your Accord can be very rewarding, it requires careful cost-benefit analysis:


  • Dramatic increase in acceleration and top speed
  • Unlock hidden performance potential in engine
  • Improve handling dynamics with suspension mods
  • Fun way to make your Accord unique
  • Sense of pride building your dream car


  • Reduced fuel economy and reliability
  • Mods can be very expensive (forced induction)
  • Decreased drivetrain longevity
  • Potential repairs and downtime
  • Higher insurance costs
  • Reduced resale value in some cases

Carefully weigh the advantages and drawbacks before modifying. For many owners, the joy of customization outweighs the costs. Set a realistic budget and stick to your goals. Ultimately, building your perfect fast Honda Accord is an exercise in passion.

Legal Considerations

Modifying your Honda Accord may impact:

  • Emissions – Mods may cause excess pollution. Get tuning to pass testing.
  • Insurance – Inform your provider of modifications that significantly increase power or value.
  • Warranty – Most mods void the factory powertrain warranty. Some providers offer mod coverage.
  • Registration – In some states, highly modified cars must be classified as kit/rebuilt cars and re-registered.
  • Safety – Illegal street racing with excessive speed is extremely dangerous. Focus on legal track events.

Check your state laws and insurance policies. Performance mods are best kept street legal and driven responsibly.

FAQs – Making Honda Accord Faster

How Much Hp Can I Add To My Stock Honda Accord?

Naturally aspirated engines can gain 50-75 HP from bolt-ons and tunes before diminishing returns. Forced induction can potentially double HP to 300-400+ depending on supporting mods.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Add More Hp?

Performance chips, intake, and cat-back exhaust mods provide the best bang-for-buck. Expect combined gains of 30-50 HP.

Do I Need To Upgrade My Transmission?

The manual transmission can handle up to 400 HP. The auto transmission may need upgrading beyond 250 HP.

How Often Should I Change The Oil On A Modified Accord?

With forced induction or over 250 HP, change oil every 3,000-5,000 miles for max safety.

Can I Pass Emissions Testing With Engine Mods?

Proper ECU tuning will optimize parameters to pass emissions while maximizing power.

Making your daily driven Honda Accord genuinely fast requires careful planning and intelligent mod selection. But the smile it puts on your face stomping the throttle will make the effort and cost worthwhile!


With the right combination of mods like intakes, turbocharging, and suspension work, you can transform your reliable Honda Accord into a powerful street machine.

Follow the tips outlined in this guide on choosing complimentary modifications that align with your budget and goals. Work with experienced tuners to properly install and tune your upgrades.

While making your Honda Accord faster requires effort and money, the end result is an insanely fast sleeper sedan you built yourself that puts a grin on your face every time you drive it! Just be sure to maintain it properly.

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