How To Reset B1 Service Light Honda Civic?

The B1 service light on a Honda Civic indicates that it’s time for scheduled maintenance, like an oil change or tire rotation. Resetting this light is easy to do yourself after completing the required maintenance. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to reset the B1 service light on your Honda Civic.

What Does The B1 Service Light Mean?

The B1 service light on a Honda Civic indicates that your vehicle is due for an oil change and inspection. This is part of Honda’s Maintenance Minder system which tracks driving conditions and alerts you when regular maintenance is required.

Specifically, the Reset B1 Service Light Honda Civic comes on when the engine oil life drops below 15%. It is advisable to have an oil change performed once this light comes on, as dirty oil can cause damage over time. Resetting the light is easy and allows you to keep track of when your next oil change is due.

When To Reset The B1 Service Light

You should reset the Reset B1 Service Light Honda Civic after having the indicated service performed on your vehicle. This includes:

  1. Oil and filter change
  2. Tire rotation
  3. Air filter replacement
  4. Checking drivetrain, suspension, brakes and more

Resetting the light will allow the Maintenance Minder system to start tracking when the next maintenance is due. If you don’t reset it, the light will just stay on constantly.

How To Reset B1 Service Light Honda Civic?

Resetting the Reset B1 Service Light Honda Civic only takes a few minutes. Here are the steps:

  1. Turn Ignition to ON
  2. Go to Maintenance Info Screen
  3. Reset Oil Life to 100%
  4. Turn Ignition Off
How To Reset B1 Service Light on Honda Civic
How To Reset B1 Service Light on Honda Civic

Turn Ignition To On

Ensure the ignition switch is in the “ON” position, but do not start the engine.

Go To Maintenance Info Screen

Locate the Maintenance Info button on your dashboard and press it repeatedly until the engine oil life percentage is displayed.

Reset Oil Life To 100%

Press and hold the Select/Reset button for about 10 seconds. The oil life should reset to 100%.

Turn Ignition Off

Turn the ignition switch to the “OFF” position. The Reset B1 Service Light Honda Civic is now reset and you can start the engine.

What If Reset Doesn’t Work?

If the Reset B1 Service Light Honda Civic did not reset to 100% after holding the Select/Reset button, there may be other issues:

  1. Dirty or clogged sensors – Debris buildup on sensors can prevent a proper reset. Clean sensors thoroughly and attempt reset again.
  2. Faulty buttons – If buttons are damaged or unresponsive, they may not be sending the proper reset signal. Test buttons and replace if necessary.
  3. Computer issues – Sometimes a computer software fault inhibits resets. Try disconnecting the battery briefly to reboot the system.
  4. Wiring problems – Faulty wiring between buttons and computer can cause reset failures. Inspect wires and connections.
Reset B1 Service Light Honda Civic
Reset B1 Service Light Honda Civic

If you are still unable to get the Reset B1 Service Light Honda Civic to clear after trying these steps, bring your vehicle to a professional Honda technician for diagnosis and repair.

How Often Should Oil Be Changed?

The Reset B1 Service Light Honda Civic is intended to come on every 7,500 miles or 6-12 months, indicating it’s time for an oil change. However, your driving habits and conditions can affect necessary change intervals.

Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Mileage – Change oil every 7,500 miles if you primarily drive on the highway. Reduce to 5,000 miles for city driving.
  2. Months – Change at least every 6 months, sooner if driven in dusty or dirty conditions.
  3. Extreme weather – Change more frequently (every 3-4 months) in very hot or cold climates.
  4. Towing/hauling – Towing or frequently carrying heavy loads requires more frequent oil changes, as often as every 3,000 miles.

Keep an eye on your Honda’s oil life percentage indicator and have an oil change as soon as it reaches 15% or sooner. Use high quality oil for optimum engine protection.

Oil Change Interval Guidelines

Driving Type
Miles Interval
Month Interval
Extreme weather

Table: Recommended oil change intervals for a Honda Civic based on driving habits and conditions.

Why Should The Light Be Reset?

It’s important to remember to reset the Reset B1 Service Light Honda Civic so that the Maintenance Minder system can accurately calculate when the next oil change is due. Here are some key reasons:

  1. Track oil life – Resetting allows the system to start counting down from 100% to monitor oil life.
  2. Maintenance schedule – System provides maintenance recommendations based on diagnostics and driving data.
  3. Warning indicator – B1 light comes on as a reminder when service is due. Reset to clear light.
  4. Prevent damage – Changing oil on time prevents premature engine wear and damage.
  5. Warranty requirements – Honda may require oil life reset to maintain warranty coverage.
  6. Resale value – Provides service record that shows vehicle was properly maintained.

Resetting the light is fast and easy to do. It keeps the Maintenance Minder working as intended by Honda engineers.

What To Do If B1 Service Light Won’t Reset

If the B1 service light won’t reset using the Select/Reset knob, there could be a few different issues. Here are some things to try:

  1. Confirm maintenance is complete – Double check that all required maintenance has been performed, like an oil change. The light will not reset if maintenance is still needed.
  2. Battery reset – Disconnect the battery for 20-30 minutes to do a hard reset on the system.
  3. Dealer reset – Take your vehicle to the dealership and have a service technician reset the light. There may be an underlying issue.
  4. Replace selector knob – If the knob is damaged or faulty, replacing it can fix the issue. Purchase an OEM replacement knob.

If you’ve tried all of the above and the Reset B1 Service Light Honda Civic still does not reset, there is likely an electrical issue with the Maintenance Minder system. Have a professional technician diagnose and repair the problem.

Honda Maintenance Minder Details

Honda’s integrated Maintenance Minder system is designed to indicate when specific maintenance is due based on your actual driving conditions. Here are some details on how it works:

  1. Uses onboard computers and sensors to monitor engine operating conditions.
  2. Tracks factors like engine RPM, temperature, oil life, emissions and more.
  3. Uses algorithms to calculate ideal maintenance intervals.
  4. Reset B1 Service Light Honda Civic comes on when the system determines oil change is due.
  5. Other letters/numbers indicate needs like tire rotation, brake fluid change etc.
  6. Maintenance codes displayed on your dashboard’s intelligent Multi-Information Display.
  7. System can even provide reminders for major services like transmission fluid changes.
  8. Resetting light allows the system to recalculate when the next service is needed.

Following the Maintenance Minder suggestions is the best way to keep your Honda running optimally. Be diligent about regular oil changes when you see the B1 service notification.

Maintenance Codes And What They Mean

In addition to the B1 service light, you may see maintenance codes that identify the specific service needed. Here are the common Honda maintenance codes and what they indicate:

Maintenance Needed
Tire rotation
Air filter replacement
Cabin air filter replacement
Automatic transmission fluid change
Oil and filter change
Brake fluid change
Cooling system service
Replace spark plugs

When you see any of these codes along with the B1 service light, make sure to have that maintenance performed before resetting the light.

DIY vs Professional Reset

Resetting the Reset B1 Service Light Honda Civic is simple and can be done yourself in just a few minutes. However, you still need to have the required maintenance done properly.

For oil changes, air filters, and spark plugs, a DIY approach can save money if you know what you’re doing. More complex services like transmission, brake, or cooling system flushes should be left to professional technicians.

Unless you have the skills and equipment, it’s best to have a trusted mechanic perform scheduled maintenance. But the light reset itself is easy to do on your own once they are finished.


The Reset B1 Service Light Honda Civic is an important indicator that vital maintenance is due, usually an oil and filter change. By resetting the light promptly once services are performed, you enable the Maintenance Minder system to accurately calculate your next maintenance interval.

Resetting the light is a fast and simple process – just hold the Select/Reset button for 10 seconds when the B1 light is displayed. Be aware that driving with this light continuously on can lead to engine damage. Refer to your owner’s manual if you have difficulties resetting the light, and see your Honda dealer if necessary. Proper oil changes keep your engine running smoothly for years to come.

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