2010 Honda Civic Tire Size

The 2010 Honda Civic was offered in multiple trim levels that came equipped with different tire and wheel combinations. The tire size varied from P195/65SR15 on the base models up to P215/45R17 on higher trims. The wheel sizes ranged from 15″ to 17″ inches. Knowing your specific 2010 Honda Civic tire size will ensure you get the right replacement tires.

In this article, we’ll break down the different 2010 Honda Civic tire sizes and wheel options available on each trim level. We’ll also provide a helpful tire size chart to make it easy to find the correct tire size for your specific Civic. Whether you drive a base model DX or a sporty Si, read on to learn about your Civic’s tire size.

2010 Honda Civic Trim Levels And Tire Sizes

Here is a helpful tire size chart showing the 2010 Honda Civic tire size for each trim level:

Tire Size
Wheel Size
DX Coupe
16 in.
LX Coupe
16 in.
EX Coupe
16 in.
Si Coupe
17 in.
DX Sedan
16 in.
LX Sedan
16 in.
EX Sedan
16 in.
Si Sedan
17 in.
Hybrid Sedan
15 in.

This chart shows the most common 2010 Honda Civic tire size for each model. Note that there may be some variance if certain packages or options were added that included larger wheels.

Details On 2010 Honda Civic Tire Sizes

Now let’s take a closer look at each of the 2010 Honda Civic tire sizes and some additional details:


  1. Section Width: 195 mm
  2. Aspect Ratio: 65%
  3. Construction: Radial
  4. Rim Diameter: 15 in.

The P195/65SR15 tire size was equipped on the Hybrid sedan only. This 15″ tire provides an emphasis on fuel economy versus handling performance. The narrower tires have less rolling resistance which improves MPG.


  1. Section Width: 205 mm
  2. Aspect Ratio: 55%
  3. Construction: Radial
  4. Rim Diameter: 16 in.

The P205/55HR16 was the most common 2010 Honda Civic tire size, found on the DX, LX, and EX models. This 16″ tire strikes a balance between fuel efficiency, comfort, and handling. The aspect ratio of 55% indicates a lower profile sidewall for improved cornering.


  1. Section Width: 215 mm
  2. Aspect Ratio: 45%
  3. Construction: Radial
  4. Rim Diameter: 17 in.

The largest 2010 Honda Civic tire size was the P215/45R17 equipped on the sporty Si trims. The 17″ wheel and tire combo emphasizes handling and performance. The 215 mm width provides a larger contact patch for better grip and the 45% aspect ratio delivers responsive steering and cornering. This is an aggressive tire for a sporty drive.

Finding The Right Tire Size

When it comes time to replace your 2010 Honda Civic tires, make sure you get the same tire size as the original manufacturer’s specs. The tire size information is usually found on a placard inside the driver’s side door jamb. You can also find it in the owner’s manual.

Replacing your tires with the same size ensures proper load-carrying capacity, speed rating, overall diameter, and fit on the wheel. Using the wrong size can lead to early wear, reduced handling, and even safety issues.

Many online tire retailers allow you to search for tires by entering your vehicle’s make, model, and year. This will filter results to your exact tire size. You can also use the tire size chart in this article to look up your Civic’s specs. Getting the proper 2010 Honda Civic tire size ensures optimal performance and safety.

What Tires Go On A 2010 Honda Civic?

The 2010 Honda Civic came equipped from the factory with several tire size options depending on the trim level. The most common was the P205/55HR16 found on DX, LX, and EX models. \

The Hybrid came with P195/65SR15 tires while the Si performance trims had P215/45R17 tires. When replacing tires, it’s recommended to stick with the same factory size specification for proper fit, handling, and safety. Refer to the door jamb sticker or owner’s manual for the exact tire size. 

Reputable tire retailers can look up tire compatibility by entering your Civic’s year, make, and model. Always replace tires in complete sets of 4 for even tread wear.

What Rims Fit A 2010 Honda Civic?

The 2010 Civic came with wheel rims ranging from 15-17 inches depending on the model. Most trims had 16-inch wheels, while Hybrid had 15-inch and Si had 17-inch. Replacement wheels should match the same diameter, width, offset, and bolt pattern to properly fit the hubs and clear brake calipers. 

Custom wheels are available in sizes up to 18 inches for the Civic but may require other modifications. Consult a mechanic to ensure new wheels properly fit before purchase.

Can 4 Tires Fit In A Civic?

Yes, the 2010 Honda Civic trunk and rear seat area provide enough interior cargo space to carry 4 standard passenger car tires. The tires can be stacked two on the rear seat floor and two in the trunk. The rear seats fold down to accommodate larger diameter tires if needed. Place towels or mats to protect the interior. 

Secure the tires with cargo nets or straps to prevent shifting during transport. Go slow over bumps and turns. Remove the spare tire to make more cargo room if necessary.

Is It Ok To Buy 2 Tires Instead Of 4?

It’s not recommended to replace just 2 tires, as this can lead to handling issues from tread wear mismatch between old and new tires. If 2 tires are worn out, it’s advised to replace all 4 tires for balanced traction and even wear. 

Replacing in pairs can also cause differential strain. Check the owner’s manual for requirements on tire replacement – most automakers recommend replacing all 4 at once.

Can I Mix Tire Sizes On My Car?

Mixing tire sizes is not advisable on the 2010 Civic, as it can negatively impact handling, ride comfort, speedometer accuracy, and differential gear wear. Tires should be replaced in full sets of 4 with the same size tires as the original factory equipment. 

Consult your owner’s manual or tire retailer for the proper replacement tire size. While it may be possible to upsize tires, consistency is key to preventing issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Stock Tire Size For A 2010 Honda Civic?

The stock tire size depends on which trim level. Most come with P205/55HR16 tires on 16″ wheels. The sport Si uses P215/45R17 tires on 17″ rims and the hybrid has P195/65SR15 tires on 15″ wheels.

What Tire Pressure Is Recommended For A 2010 Civic?

Honda recommends inflating 2010 Civic tires to 32 psi in front and 30 psi for rear tires. Always check the driver’s door jamb sticker or owner’s manual for the proper inflation pressure.

How Much Tread Depth Should My Tires Have?

The minimum tread depth for the 2010 Civic should be at least 4/32″. It’s recommended to replace tires before they reach 2/32″ of remaining tread. Always replace tires in full sets for even wear.

Will A Different Tire Size Fit On My 2010 Civic?

It’s not recommended to stray from the factory tire size. Different sizes can affect handling, fuel economy, and wear. Stick with the same size for the best performance.


The 2010 Honda Civic came equipped with three tire sizes ranging from 15″ to 17″ wheels depending on the model. Understanding your correct tire size is important when purchasing replacement tires. Refer to the tire chart in this article or check your door jamb sticker. With the right tire size, your Civic will get many more miles of safe, comfortable driving.

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