What Size Wiper Blades For 2014 Honda Civic?

Having the right size wiper blades is crucial for safe driving, especially in bad weather. This article will provide a detailed breakdown of the recommended 2014 Honda Civic wiper blade size for both the driver and passenger sides. We’ll outline the different sizes needed for the sedan vs coupe models and tips for selecting quality replacement blades.

2014 Honda Civic Sedan Wiper Sizes

The 2014 Honda Civic wiper blade size needed for the sedan models are different for the driver and passenger sides.

Wiper Blade Size
Driver’s Side
26 inches
Passenger Side
22 inches

As shown in the table, the driver’s side requires a 26 inch wiper blade, while the passenger side needs a 22 inch wiper blade.

Driver Side Wiper Blade

The driver’s side on the 2014 Honda Civic sedan requires a 26 inch wiper blade. This is the length that properly clears the driver’s side windshield without streaking or leaving unwiped areas.

When purchasing a replacement for the 26 inch 2014 Honda Civic sedan driver’s side wiper blade, make sure to verify the length before installing. Using the manufacturer recommended size helps ensure optimal visibility and safety.

Passenger Side Wiper Blade

On the passenger side of the 2014 Civic sedan, you need a 22 inch Honda Civic wiper blade.

The shorter 22 inch length is specifically designed to fit the contour and dimensions of the passenger side. An ill-fitting blade can result in obscured vision and dangerous driving conditions.

Always check the exact measurements before buying new passenger side blades. Refer to your owner’s manual if unsure of the correct 2014 Civic sedan passenger wiper size.

2014 Honda Civic Coupe Wiper Sizes

The coupe models of the 2014 Honda Civic require different wiper blade sizes than the sedan.

Wiper Blade Size
Driver’s Side
24 inches
Passenger Side
19 inches

As shown in the table, you need a 24 inch 2014 Civic coupe driver’s side wiper blade and a 19 inch passenger side blade.

What Size Windshield Wipers For Honda Civic
What Size Windshield Wipers For Honda Civic

The coupe windshield dimensions differ, so using the sedan wiper lengths will not provide full, streak-free coverage.

Always verify the measurements before installing new wiper blades. Check your owner’s manual or the wiper assembly on your Civic coupe to confirm the correct lengths.

Selecting Quality Wiper Blades

Along with the right size, choose high quality blades for optimal performance. Here are some tips for selecting effective 2014 Honda Civic wiper blades:

  1. OEM blades – Original Honda wiper blades are designed specifically for your Civic’s windshield curvature. While more expensive, they provide a perfect fit.
  2. Rubber compound – Look for soft, flexible, natural rubber blades that glide smoothly over the windshield. Hardened rubber can cause streaking.
  3. Frame design – Curved, asymmetric frames follow the contours of modern windshields better than traditional flat frames.
  4. Coating – Graphite or Teflon-coated blades help the wipers glide effortlessly over the glass.
  5. Reputation – Trusted brands like Bosch, Rain-X, and Michelin have proven records of making durable, long-lasting wiper products.

Consider wiper lifespan, noise level, and severity of weather conditions in your area. With the proper 2014 Honda Civic wiper sizes and high-quality blades, you’ll stay safe on the road.

When to Change the Wipers?

Don’t wait until your visibility is dangerously compromised before replacing wipers. Follow these guidelines for when to swap out old blades:

  1. Check wipers every 6 months or so when cleaning the windshield. Look for cracking, splitting, and damage to the rubber.
  2. Expect to change your Civic’s wiper blades about 2 times per year, or more often if you drive in harsh weather regularly.
  3. If blades leave streaks or unwiped areas even when clean, the rubber is no longer making flush contact and it’s time for new ones.
  4. Some brands have wear indicators that make a squeaking sound when the rubber is worn out and ineffective.

Don’t take clear visibility for granted. With the simple periodic maintenance of installing new, quality 2014 Civic wiper blades in the proper sizes, you’ll stay safe on the road.

Can I Use a 16 Inch Wiper Blade Instead of 15 Inch?

The recommended wiper blade size for your vehicle is 15 inches on the passenger side. Using a 16-inch blade instead is not advisable for a couple reasons:

First, a longer 16-inch blade may not properly fit the contours of your windshield on the passenger side. This could lead to unwiped areas that obstruct visibility.

What Size Windshield Wipers 2014 Honda Civic
What Size Windshield Wipers 2014 Honda Civic

Second, a larger wiper can put extra strain on the wiper motor. The motor is designed to work optimally with the manufacturer recommended 15-inch blade.

For best wiping performance and windshield coverage, stick with the precise 15-inch size specified for your passenger side wiper. Check your owner’s manual or the wiper assembly on your vehicle to verify the proper length before purchasing replacements. Using the right size blade will provide clear visibility and safe driving.


The correct wiper blade lengths are critical for clearing visibility on a 2014 Honda Civic. Always check the specific measurements for your sedan or coupe model and year. For 2014 Civics, sedans need 26 inch driver’s side and 22 inch passenger side blades. Coupes require 24 inch and 19 inch blades. Choose high-quality rubber compounds from reputable brands for streak-free performance. Check and change your Honda Civic’s wiper blades at least twice yearly to maintain safe driving vision in any weather.

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