Can You Put A Spoiler On A Honda Accord?

Yes, you can install an aftermarket spoiler on a Honda Accord to enhance its appearance and aerodynamics. With some basic tools and mechanical skills, Honda Accord spoiler kits can be mounted on the trunk lid or rear window. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share my years of experience and expertise in selecting, buying, and installing Honda Accord spoilers.

My Experience With Honda Accord Spoilers

With over 15 years of experience working on Hondas, I’ve helped install countless Honda Accord spoilers. I’m very familiar with the different styles and brands available in the aftermarket scene.

In my expert opinion, a tasteful Honda Accord spoiler upgrade can really transform the look of these popular vehicles. A subtle lip spoiler or factory-style wing can give it a sportier stance. More aggressive options like tall GT wings are ideal for tuned street racers.

I always advise Accord owners to carefully research brands and materials first. Poor fitment or cheap materials can ruin the installation. I tend to recommend proven Japanese or American brands made from ABS plastic or polyurethane.

Choosing The Right Honda Accord Spoiler

There are many types and styles of aftermarket Honda Accord spoilers to consider:

Rear Trunk Lid Spoilers

These mount directly to the Accord’s rear trunk lid. They come in subtle low-profile lips to tall pedestal wings:

  1. OEM-style spoilers closely resemble the factory Honda wing. More affordable ABS plastic options range from $100-$300.
  2. Polyurethane lip spoilers add a racy diffuser look for $250-$400. Painting is required for a seamless fit.
  3. Carbon fiber wings are lightweight and exotic looking but cost over $500 to install.

I recommend factory-style ABS plastic spoilers as the easiest to install with great looks.

Rear Window Spoilers

Mounted above the rear window for a rally car look. Choices include:

  1. Low-profile lips minimize drag and cost $150-$250 unpainted.
  2. Tall wings make a bold statement, starting around $300 painted.

These require expert installation but really stand out. I suggest color-matching the paint.

Front Lip Spoilers

Attached below is the front bumper to reduce lift and enhance steering response. Options range from:

  1. Polyurethane lips for a subtle change, around $150 unpainted.
  2. Carbon fiber splitters for maximum style at $400+ installed.

Front lips require bumper removal, so leave this to the experts. Matching the paint is also advised.

Buying a Quality Honda Accord Spoiler

Avoid cheap Honda Accord spoilers that won’t fit right or stand the test of time. Here are my top tips for purchasing:

  1. Stick with reputable brands like AeroFlow, WingsWest, Skunk2, Seibon, and Vorsteiner. Check Honda forums for real owner reviews.
  2. Ensure it’s made for your specific Accord generation for proper fitment. Most are year and model-specific.
  3. Carefully measure your trunk dimensions for rear spoilers to guarantee ideal sizing.
  4. Read the product description to understand what’s included and if painting is required.
  5. Compare deals online for the best pricing on the exact spoiler style you want.

Buy the right spoiler the first time and avoid frustration down the road. Patience here pays off.

Installing a Honda Accord Rear Spoiler

Once you’ve selected the ideal rear spoiler, here are the detailed steps to professionally install it:

Installing a Honda Accord Rear Spoiler
Installing a Honda Accord Rear Spoiler

Gather the Proper Tools

You’ll need the following basic hand tools:

  1. Safety goggles – always wear eye protection when drilling or grinding.
  2. 10mm socket wrench – for removing trunk trim pieces.
  3. Phillips head screwdriver – for prying off interior panels.
  4. Power drill with bits – an 8mm bit for mounting holes and a 10mm for wiring pass-through. Use a fresh bit for clean holes.
  5. Clean rags – have plenty to wipe away dust and debris during installation.
  6. Isopropyl alcohol – use a bottle with a spray nozzle to thoroughly clean the trunk lid.
  7. Honda Accord spoiler kit – includes specific mounting hardware, 3M adhesive tape, and wiring harness.

Make sure you have all the tools and materials handy before starting work. Rushing to get a missing item mid-install can lead to damaging your car.

Disconnect the Battery

Locate the battery in your Accord’s engine bay, typically on the driver’s side. Use the 10mm socket wrench to loosen the bolt on the negative (black) battery cable terminal. Disconnecting the battery avoids any electrical shorts and ensures your safety.

Remove the Trunk Interior Trim

Open up the trunk and prop it open with the support rod. Locate all the plastic interior trim pieces around the sides and underside of the trunk opening. Carefully pry off each panel using a flat-head screwdriver, starting with the perimeter clips. Work slowly and patiently to avoid cracking the brittle plastic. Set the panels aside in a safe place.

Thoroughly Clean the Trunk Lid

Now, you can access the bare trunk lid. Use the isopropyl alcohol and clean rags to vigorously wipe down the installation area. Remove all dirt, wax, grease, and oily residues so the 3M adhesive tape sticks properly.

Test Fit the Spoiler

Unpack the new rear spoiler from its shipping box. Carefully place it centered on the trunk lid to test fit it. Align the spoiler edges parallel with the trunk opening. If needed, make small adjustments to center it. Use a felt tip pen to mark the mounting holes.

Honda Accord Spoiler
Honda Accord Spoiler

Drill Mounting Holes

Using the center punch marks you made, take the power drill and carefully drill 8mm holes straight through the trunk lid. Hold the drill steady and use smooth pressure. After drilling, inspect the holes and use pliers to remove any rough metal edges or burrs. Clean away metal shavings.

Feed the Wiring Harness

Look for the pre-drilled wiring hole on the underside of the spoiler. Pass the spoiler’s wiring harness through this hole and route it through the 10mm hole you drilled near the edge of the trunk lid. Pull enough length to attach it later. Use zip ties along the hinge to secure the harness neatly in place and avoid pinching it.

Bolt on the Spoiler

With help from an assistant, carefully align the spoiler’s mounting holes with the corresponding holes you drilled. Before bolting, apply the 3M adhesive tape strips included with the kit to the spoiler’s base and trunk contact areas. Then, install the mounting bolts through each hole and securely tighten them down with a wrench. Don’t over tighten.

Reconnect the Electricals

Take the spoiler’s wiring harness and locate the corresponding brake light wires under the trunk liner. Use wire strippers to expose clean wire and attach connectors. Verify the brake lights illuminate before buttoning up. Reinstall all the interior trunk trim pieces you removed. Reconnect the battery after everything is complete.

Follow these steps carefully, and you can install a Honda Accord rear spoiler yourself like a pro. Take your time, and don’t rush this project. Added patience pays off in long-lasting quality and appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do Honda Accord Spoilers Actually Improve Performance?

Yes, adding a properly designed spoiler can increase downforce, improving high-speed stability. A trunk lid spoiler also reduces rear lift and drag for better fuel economy.

Will A Spoiler Void My Honda Accord’s Factory Warranty?

Generally no. Basic bolt-on parts like spoilers don’t void the powertrain warranty. But damage during installation could void that coverage.

Can I Paint A Polyurethane Honda Accord Spoiler Myself?

Yes, you can paint a polyurethane spoiler yourself using proper automotive paint techniques. But getting a color-matched factory finish requires pro-paint skills.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Honda Accord Spoiler?

DIY installation ranges $100-$500 for the parts. Pro installation at a body shop typically costs $400-$800, including parts, labor, and paint.

Is It Difficult To Install A Honda Accord Rear Window Spoiler?

Rear window spoilers require expert installation to drill holes and secure them properly above the rear glass. Leave this mod to professional Honda technicians.

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